Miranda Bates was a sergeant in the United States Army, and served as military police in San Diego.


After Abaddon had a group of demons possess three sailors on a bus, leaving their dead vessels behind, Sergeant Bates was in charge of the crime scene. When Agents "Stark" and "Banner" of the FBI, in actuality Dean and Sam Winchester, came to investigate, she informed them it was a military case, not a federal case. Dean called his supervisor, Kevin Solo, but Sergeant Bates thought he sounded too young, and threatened to arrest the Winchesters and spank Kevin. He then mentioned a recent trip she had taken to Cabo, and told her that if she didn't give the Winchesters access to the crime scene, he would forward the pictures to her superior. She later brought the brothers surveillance footage which showed Abaddon getting off the bus.



  • Actress Carmen Moore previously portrayed a doctor in the season 5 episode "The Devil You Know".
  • Sgt. Bates' actual rank on her uniform is that of a Private First Class. Her long braid would also be against military regulations, where women's hair must be put up above the collar. The vessels on the bus taken by the demons are wearing Navy uniforms. It's highly unlikely that Navy SEALs (as implied by Dean's later quote) would be riding a bus in public in uniform. That being the case, any other Navy personnel in those uniforms would most likely be some sort of ship crewmen, and not very qualified to fight hunters.
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