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Mirabel was an angel and a member of Ishim's flight.

Mirabel in 1901


Mirabel was a part of a flight of angels led by Ishim that included herself, Benjamin, Castiel and two other unnamed angels. In 1901, Ishim took his flight to Orono, Maine where he claimed that the angel Akobel had fathered a Nephilim with Lily Sunder and had to die along with his daughter, May. Confronting Akobel, Mirabel blocked a blow aimed at Ishim with an angel blade and then killed Akobel once Castiel had recited his crime and punishment. Mirabel stayed outside with the rest of the flight as Ishim went to kill the Nephilim alone.

Over the next century, Castiel eventually left the flight to command his own. Like the rest of the angels, Mirabel was expelled from Heaven and lost use of her wings as a result. In the years following the Fall of the Angels, two of Ishim's flight were killed, but Mirabel and Ishim chose not to inform Castiel, believing that he wouldn't care.

Following the murder of Benjamin, Ishim and Mirabel call Castiel for a meeting in a diner, asking that he come alone. Castiel admits to being impressed that the two have kept the same vessels all this time while he has switched from a female vessel to a male vessel since the mission 1901. Mirabel expresses visible unhappiness with Castiel due to his role in the Fall and after Ishim speaks down on Castiel, tells him about the murders of the other two angels in their flight.

Following the arrival of the Winchesters, Ishim orders Mirabel to check outside for anyone else who may have come with Castiel. As Mirabel checks the alley behind the diner, she is confronted by a vengeful Lily Sunder who quickly kills Mirabel with an angel blade. Shortly afterwards, Ishim finds Mirabel's body and is attacked by Lily who is eventually driven off by the Winchesters and Castiel.

Powers and Abilities[]

Mirabel appears to be a regular angel with all the powers of one.




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