Mindy Morris was the wife of Lester Morris.


Mindy was discovered cheating on Lester when Lester came home one day to find her having sex with a stranger. The two got into a heated argument and Mindy demanded for a divorce, adding that she wanted 50% of everything they owned.

Lester was disgruntled and would rather sell his soul then give Mindy any of his belongings. He sold his soul to a Crossroad Demon named Dar in exchange for the murder of his wife. Crowley decided to send Dean Winchester to do the job in order to curb the latter's lust for blood.

Dean went to the house one night and saw Mindy working in the kitchen. As he was about to go inside, Lester arrived hoping to watch the murder scene to confirm that Mindy would indeed die.

After speaking with Lester, Dean concluded that Mindy was only cheating on Lester because he cheated on her first. Lester defended himself by saying "men aren't built for monogamy". Dean refused to kill Mindy and instead chose to kill Lester.


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