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Mildred Baker is a woman living at Oak Park Retirement Living.


In 2005, Mildred saw a ghost and believed it was real.

Season 11[]

Mildred spotted Dean when he visited the retirement home and instantly felt an attraction. Later that day, she spoke with Arthur but suddenly Arthur started hearing noises. She watched in horror as Arthur slammed through the window and was followed by a banshee.

Sam and Dean, dressed as FBI agents, came to investigate the following morning. Mildred explained to them what she saw and how Arthur acted. She begged Dean to stay and comfort her.

Sam arrives at her doorstep and confesses he isn't an FBI agent but a hunter who hunts monster. Mildred says she knew all along since the brothers were "too cute" to be FBI agents. Sam reveals what monster attacked Arthur and warns that due to Mildred's illness, she may be next. He promises that he and his brother will protect her.

While Sam discusses over the phone the plan to lure the banshee out, Mildred has a sign conversation with Eileen. She admits to preferring Dean over "the tall one" since she isn't much of "mountain climber".

Dean and Mildred await for the banshee to come out that night, with Mildred as bait and Dean staying guard. Mildred tells Dean that the key to happiness is to follow one's heart. Their conversation is suddenly disrupted by the banshee, but instead of attacking Mildred it goes for Dean.

Mildred assists in defeating the banshee by pressing her hand onto a sigil, causing it to fly backward and hit the wall, where Eileen stabs it with a golden knife.

Case closed, Mildred walks Dean to the Impala. She tells him that from all her years of being on the road, she learned how to tell when someone had their eyes on another. She admits she is jealous of Dean's "lucky lady". As the brothers drive off, Mildred tells Eileen that the boys looking even cuter walking away.

Powers and Abilities[]


Mildred is a happy-go-lucky kind of woman, and has strong liking for Dean Winchester. She is strong-willed (judging by the banshee not choosing her as target) and is confident in herself. She also likes to crack jokes.