Mike Schneider was a citizen of Superior, Nebraska. He was the father of baby Amara, who was, unknown to them, the embodiment of the Darkness.


Mike Schneider was with his wife Janie, who was in labor, at the Nuckolls County Medical Center when the Darkness was released. After Janie gave birth, she began hemorrhaging, unfortunately the doctors couldn't stop the bleeding, and she passed away. As Mike went outside to collect himself, he saw a truck with rabid road workers arrive at the hospital and start attacking everyone in sight. He ran back inside the hospital and sought refuge with his newborn daughter in a supply closet, but was infected by the blood of a rabid.

As Sam Winchester was searching the abandoned hospital, he came across a rabid road worker furiously bashing a supply closet door, which contained Mike and his newborn daughter. As the rabid began approaching where Sam was taking cover, a cry came from the supply closet, and the rabid continued trying to break through the door, until it dropped dead. Sam told Mike the rabid was dead, and slid his FBI badge under the door to show him it was safe. Mike related what happened to the Winchesters and Deputy Jenna Nickerson, revealing that he was attacked and can feel himself changing into a rabid. Sam and Dean argue whether to kill Mike or just let whatever is affecting him run its course and kill him, or try to find a cure. Mike tells them he's not looking for a cure, as he knows what is going to happen to him, and just wants to save his daughter. He hands his daughter to Jenna and goes off on his own to wait out the sickness.

When another truckload of rabids arrive at the hospital, Sam offers to act as a distraction while Dean and Jenna make their escape from the hospital. As they reach the exit, Mike confronts them having almost fully succumbed to the Darkness, and tells them his daughter's name is Amara before he begins choking on his own blood and eventually dies.



  • It is unknown if Mike had named his daughter "Amara" or was informed of the name by the Darkness herself, who was possessing his daughter. The name is known by Metatron and God.
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