Mike Hooks was a 19-year-old college student going to Minesotta Tech.


At some point, Mike met and fell in love with Kylie Jennings, even getting a "Kylie Forever" tattoo on his hand to commemorate his love for her. According to Kylie, Mike was "the sweetest guy" who was shown to have no criminal record. He also loved to play tricks on Kylie that he knew would freak her out. The two went to Minnesota Tech together.

One day while preparing for a party off-campus, Mike and Kylie visited a thrift store. There, Mike put on a bunny head mask because he knew it would freak Kylie out. Immediately after putting on the mask, Mike became possessed by vengeful spirit Chester Johnson. Chester left in Mike's body without Mike having ever paid for the costume and leaving Mike's phone behind so Kylie was unable to reach him.

Possessed by Chester, Mike traveled to the house of Stan Hinkle, one of the men responsible for Chester's death. Using Mike's body, Chester broke a beer bottle and used it to stab Stan to death. Stan's wife Fran Hinkle discovered the scene and called the police. The police attempted to arrest "Mike", but Chester increased Mike's strength to the point that it took an entire team of officers to take him into custody.

While Mike was in police custody, the police were unable to remove the mask or identify Mike whose fingerprints weren't in any database. Rightly suspecting that something unnatural was up, local Sheriff Donna Hanscum called in hunters Sam and Dean Winchester who were able to determine that Mike was not demonically possessed. After a brief struggle between the Winchesters and the possessed Mike, the two hunters spotted Mike's tattoo and Minnesota Tech T-shirt which led them to Kylie. Kylie was able to identify Mike and the Winchesters became convinced from her story that the bunny mask was a cursed object.

As the Winchesters attempted to identify Mike, Donna decided to take Mike to the hospital in hopes that a bone saw could be used to remove the mask. Mike was sedated for the trip, but as Donna and Officer Doug Stover went to lift him into a police cruiser, Chester used Mike's body to attack the two. Unable to restrain Mike, Doug shot him twice from behind to save Donna. When the two police officers checked on Mike, they found him dead on the ground, the mask next to his body due to Chester vacating Mike when he was killed.

That night, the bunny mask was burned by Donna and the Winchesters who believed that they stopped the attacks in doing so. Donna was profoundly affected by Mike's death, recognizing that Mike was an innocent victim as well.


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