You know your brother wants to go to the Darkness. He needs to go, but I can keep you safe. Both of you. Forever.
— The Soul Eater to Sam Winchester
in Safe House

This unnamed Soul Eater was an ancient spiritual entity that lived in another dimension and fed on human souls. It operated in Michigan.


At an unknown point in time, this particular Soul Eater took up residence inside a house soon to be owned by Mary Henderson. On the family's first night there, the Soul Eater approached Mary's son Will and dragged his soul back to its nest, leaving behind a cold room and an unconscious body with a handprint left on the ankle.

Hunters Bobby Singer and Rufus Turner picked up Mary's case and interviewed her at her house. Although the two initially suspect a ghost, Bobby correctly deduces that culprit as a Soul Eater. Bobby decided to use a Celtic Monster Trapping Sigil, which he had used on another Soul Eater.

As the hunters worked on drawing the sigil, the Soul Eater emerged and dragged Bobby's soul back to its nest where Bobby encountered a few other victims, along with Will. The Soul Eater took possession of Bobby's body and tried to prevent Rufus from finishing the sigil. Rufus succeeded and the Soul Eater was trapped inside its nest, while Bobby and Will were able to escape.

The Hendersons promptly sold the house. In 2016, the house was bought by Naoki Himura. While renovating the house, Naoki accidentally smudged the sigil trapping the Soul Eater, allowing it to escape and capture her daughter, Kat.

Sam and Dean Winchester took up the case and soon discovered that Bobby and Rufus once worked on it. Using the Men of Letters' archives, the brothers discovered a sigil that could kill the Soul Eater for good.

However, two sigils had to be drawn, one inside the nest and one inside the house. Dean volunteered to be taken to the nest and the Soul Eater dragged him there, allowing it to use his body. While Dean drew the sigil inside the Soul Eater's nest, the Soul Eater itself approached Sam in Dean's body to try and prevent Sam from finishing his task.

Like last time, the Soul Eater was overpowered long enough for Sam to complete the sigil after Dean and annihilate the Soul Eater, eradicating it from Dean's body while the souls it had captured were set free.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

As a Soul Eater, it was an extremely powerful being with many powerful abilities some of which are unique to the species.

  • Reality Warping - This Soul Eater possessed a unique and somewhat very large power to create its own dimension called "The Nest". Its nest resembled the house it resided in.
  • Soul Extracting - This Soul Eater had the ability to extract a human's soul from its body.
  • Possession - This Soul Eater could leave its spiritual realm and possess the body of a soul who is trapped within its "nest".
  • Electromagnetic Interference - Its presence caused lights to flicker.
  • Thermokinesis - It could lower or drop the surrounding temperature with its presence.
  • EVP - It could create many voice phenomenons like footsteps or creaking wood to lure their targets.
  • Super Stamina - It appeared to have a large amount reserve of stamina, considering the amount of power it used to create their nest. It also had the ability to indefinitely go without sustenance of human souls even for many years when it was sealed.
  • Telekinesis - It was able to move objects without touching it.
  • Invisibility - It could not naturally be perceived, unless in its own pocket dimension. When in, physical world, only its hands were visible.
  • Teleportation - This Soul Eater displayed ability to move from place to place. It used their ability to move from their own nest to physical world.



You know your brother wants to go to The Darkness. He needs to go. But I can keep you safe. Both of you. Forever...
— The Soul Eater to Sam Winchester

The Soul Eater's primary goals were the survival of itself and its nest. It cared little for the humans it terrorized, as shown by its casual abducting and indirect killing of the souls it took.

When confronting both Rufus and Sam, the Soul Eater tried to pursue them to enter its nest either by urging them not to hurt their friend whom he was possessing, or promising safety once they arrived at the nest.

The Soul Eater was apparently capable of reading minds as it knew Rufus by name after possessing Bobby and knew about The Darkness and Dean's attraction to her while possessing Dean.

Physical AppearanceEdit

While manifesting in its nest, the Soul Eater took on a humanoid form, with pale skin and a dark gray hood. It lacked eyes, with the whole area around its eye sockets was completely black.

While possessing a human vessel, the Soul Eater's eyes lacked irises, appearing completely white.



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