Death is not the end.
Michelle quoting her mother, to Dean

Michelle Tilghman is the wife of Corbin Tilghman.

Background Edit

Michelle and her husband get kidnapped by a pack of werewolves while hiking on their honeymoon. Hunters Sam and Dean Winchester manage to rescue them from their captors, however, one of the captors shoots Sam in the abdomen during the fight.

To save Sam, Dean orders the couple to remain with Sam while he goes in search for help. Since there are still werewolves outside, the four relocate to a ranger station. Corbin is unhappy with keeping Sam around since he thinks Sam is slowing them down, and he worries about his wife who is sick and injured. While Dean is busy making a stretcher and Michelle is resting, Corbin smothers Sam seemingly to death. He then forces Michelle and Dean to leave in order to escape the other werewolves.

By morning, the three reach the Urgent Care Center. Corbin refuses to tell the truth about the werewolves, much to Michelle's dismay. Michelle later visits Dean to thank him for his help. Her words encourage Dean to seek out a means to contact Billie in hopes of getting Sam back. Michelle is unable to talk Dean out of it, and she, along with Dr. Kessler and Sheriff Ben Anderson struggle to stabilize Dean. Once he wakes up, Sheriff Anderson puts him under arrest, though Michelle quickly frees him.

The trio soon hear Dr. Kessler's screams and discover her dead, with Corbin, now a werewolf, attacking the Sheriff. Corbin tells a frightened Michelle that he didn't want this, but he wishes to turn Michelle also so they can be together. Dean intervenes and ends up in a struggle with Corbin, who gains the upper hand and proceeds to choke Dean. Corbin is shot dead by Sam Winchester, who arrives at that moment.

In the aftermath, the brothers sit with Michelle. Michelle insists that her husband wasn't a killer and she's aware he did what he did for her sake. Dean understands and reassures her that things will go back normal after this, though Michelle disagrees, saying that because of what she saw, "There's no normal after that."

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