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Sheriff Michael Thompson was a sheriff at Brownsdale, Kentucky that befriended Trogs for his own benefit.


Michael Thompson was a native of Brownsdale, Kentucky and already work in the police department for many years. At some point, he learned the presence of the Trogs by unknown means. He eventually found the last population of the species living in the Mammoth Cave. Realized that they were hungry and had a fondness with human flesh, he realized that letting these creatures in hungry will drove them to the town and attack people. He later formulated a plan to protect the town by himself. He managed to befriend them by making human sacrifices every month for them. For this purpose, he hunted many people that he felt would never be missed like hippies and drifters. He either dropped or directed them to somewhere near the Mammoth Cave, and let the Trogs killed them.

Sometime in 2015 (during Season 10, as noted in novel), his plan gone awry when the Trogs unexpectedly attack Marley and Fallon Dietz which went to Mammoth Cave under the direction of Thompson, mistaken them as usual sacrifices offered by Thompson. Knowing that it will lead to the disclosure of Trogs presence to public and subsequent revelation of the missing person cases near Mammoth Cave, Thompson later devised a plan to put all blame Owen Meyer, their relatives, for their missing.

Supernatural: The Usual SacrificesEdit

Sam, Dean, and Beau together investigated the suspicious missing person cases in Mammoth Cave. They later found the connection between the missing persons and Thompson roles on it. They also investigated past records of Mammoth Cave's Search and rescue missions, in which surprisingly always led by Thompson. They later realized that Thompson hiding something to them.

Feeling uneasy about it, Thompson later managed to keep his eyes on them. He also managed to stalk and followed them from behind. When finally Sam, Dean, and Beau found the residuals of remains of the missing persons in the one of chambers of the Mammoth Cave and learned about the Trogs presence, Thompson ambushed them.

Thompson later revealed to them that he did it for sake of protecting his town from these creatures by periodically feeding them, to keep them always in check and saving the town from behind the scene. However, the death of Dietzes sisters is unexpected, and considered as a loose end. Unable to deal with any loose end anymore, he captured all of the three and brought them as sacrifice to the Trogs.

The Trogs later came to them and prepared to devour all of the three under Thompson command. However, Sam, Dean, and Beau managed to escape and fight back. Sam and Dean killed some of Trogs and Beau managed to flee to set up some grenade and explosives to collapse the cave. Enraged because some of their pack members killed, the Trogs managed to rampaged indiscriminately, including Thompson. The Trogs managed to devour him. But before the Trogs killed him, Beau set off a grenade, killing them and collapsing the cave, buried Thompson along with the rest of the Trogs.


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