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Michael C. Quinn is the chief of the Clayton Falls, Colorado police appearing in Supernatural: Night Terror.

History[edit | edit source]

Chief Quinn and his wife had their daughter Lucy later in life and her birth was a surprise. When Lucy was five, Chief Quinn lost his wife to breast cancer. During this time, Chief Quinn left Lucy in the care of their neighbor Roman Messerly while he took his wife to her treatments. In 2010, Lucy lost her boyfriend Teddy in a car accident when Teddy, Lucy and their friends Steve Bullinger and Tony Lacosta were drunk. Chief Quinn may have intervened to keep the teens from getting into legal trouble since Lucy was his daughter, something that was at the very least believed by Teddy's grandmother. Chief Quinn appeared to be close with Falls Federal Prison warden Alden Webb to the point that Lucy called Webb "Uncle Alden." According to Lucy, Chief Quinn treated Officer Richard Jefferies like a son.

In 2011, on the one year anniversary of Teddy's death, the town suffered a series of incidents including a giant Gila monster chasing Gavin Shelburn and a headless horseman chasing Steve, Tony and Lucy, resulting in Steve's death in an apparent hit-and-run. Chief Quinn put no credence into the stories, including Lucy's due to his natural skepticism and belief that eyewitnesses are unreliable. When hunters Sam and Dean Winchester arrived in the guise of investigating a terrorist cell spreading a hallucinogen through town, Chief Quinn was skeptical of their story but allowed them to investigate, asking that they not disturb the peace of the town. Chief Quinn promptly called Bobby Singer who was posing as the Winchesters' boss to check on their story. According to Bobby, Chief Quinn didn't completely buy their story, but decided to "play out enough rope for you two to hang yourselves."

That night, Chief Quinn arrived personally on the site of the sinkhole at Mack's Qwik Mart. Chief Quinn helped to clear out nearby pedestrians while the Winchesters rescued a young boy trapped in the sinkhole. After the death of Tony Lacosta shortly afterwards, Chief Quinn argued with his daughter who insisted that Tony was killed by Teddy's 1968 Dodge Charger. Chief Quinn refused to believe Lucy, going so far as to suggest that someone killed Tony in revenge for Teddy's death, disgusting her. Despite the reports of his officers about the strange happenings all night, Chief Quinn continued to refuse to believe that anything unnatural was happening. Despite an offer of a ride from the Winchesters, Lucy decided to leave with her father if only to give him peace of mind. He also sent officers to check on Alden Webb after there was a report of insane serial killer Ragnar Bartch being on the loose.

The next day, Chief Quinn called Dean to ask the "agents" to meet him. Dean came alone as Sam visited Olga and explained his absence away as Sam talking to a witness. Though Chief Quinn now had a more open mind, he continued to refuse to believe that there was not some kind of rational explanation. With his officers now apparently affected by the "hallucinogen," Chief Quinn decided to call the Colorado State Patrol for some backup officers. Chief Quinn accepted Dean's suggestion that the officers patrol in pairs for safety. Chief Quinn informed Dean that he'd told Lucy to finish her shift at CJ's Diner and then stay there, but admitted that he didn't know if she would comply.

That night, the town fell under siege by the night hag for the third night in a row. Realizing that no matter what was happening he was outnumbered, Chief Quinn placed in a call to have the National Guard sent to Clayton Falls although it would take a day or so to arrive. As he left the municipal building, Chief Quinn was attacked by a rabid wolf that was one of the night hag's manifestations. Chief Quinn gut shot the wolf who ran off and disappeared.

He then made his way to CJ's Diner where Chief Quinn updated the Winchesters, Lucy and Josef Wieczorek on the situation. Though the Winchesters worried that Chief Quinn had been bitten by a Nazi zombie and would have to be put down, they were relieved to learn that he had just been bitten by a wolf. Knowing the wolves were rabid, the Winchesters and Wieczorek pushed Chief Quinn to get rabies treatment though he planned to have a necropsy done on the wolf that bit him. Though Chief Quinn refused to listen again about the nightmare manifestations, the Winchesters realized that he would get treated as a precaution once he couldn't find the wolf.

After getting his first treatment for rabies at County General, Chief Quinn returned to Clayton Falls shortly after Sam killed the night hag, having learned of the prison break but unable to contact Webb. By this point, the assertions of his daughter, half of his department, the disappearing wolf and the other extraordinary things he had seen had shaken Chief Quinn's skepticism and he was now willing to admit that something else was going on. As Chief Quinn made his way down Bell Street, he was shocked to see Ragnar Bartch running down the street yelling that he was invincible and it was his destiny to kill. Fed up with the craziness of the night and mistaking Bartch for another manifestation, Chief Quinn shot the insane serial killer through the head, killing him. To Chief Quinn's shock, neither Bartch nor his meat cleaver disappeared.

As dawn approached, Officer Jefferies reported to the Winchesters that only Bartch had managed to make it out of the prison compound in the escape instigated by the night hag and that Chief Quinn had taken care of Bartch. Everyone gathered was relieved to learn that Bartch had been taken care of before he could hurt anymore innocent people and Jeffries, Lucy and Wieczorek decided to claim to Chief Quinn that they had all missed the Winchesters leaving town so that the two hunters could miss the inevitable interrogation by Chief Quinn.

Personality[edit | edit source]

As the Chief of Police, Quinn is shown to have a naturally skeptical personality. He believes eyewitnesses to be unreliable and refuses to believe that there is not a rational explanation for everything despite his own daughter and officers telling him about the night hag's manifestations. Even after having seen some of them for himself, Chief Quinn refused to listen and only got rabies shots because of the practicality of not taking a chance on the wolf biting him being rabid rather than because he was told it was.

By the end of the night hag's rampage, Chief Quinn's skepticism was shaken by the fact that there was too much weirdness for him to ignore. Chief Quinn started to admit that something strange was in fact happening when he encountered Ragnar Bartch who he took to be another strange manifestation. After killing Bartch, who was in fact real, Chief Quinn was surprised by the fact that in the end, Bartch was real and not another crazy manifestation like he had been hearing about all night.

On a personal level, Chief Quinn loved his daughter Lucy deeply and clearly worried for her safety. According to Lucy, Chief Quinn believed in openly communicating with her in hopes that she would return the favor. Despite his love for his daughter, Chief Quinn refused to take her word on what she had witnessed anymore than he was willing to believe his own officers. He was willing to let the two "FBI agents" investigating the strange happenings see Lucy's statement and question her in hopes that it would teach her a lesson about making a "false" report.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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