Michael is an archangel that exists in the apocalyptic world of the alternate universe. He is described as the "victor" and "the Genghis Khan" of that world, having conquered it.

He is an alternate reality version of Michael.


According to Michael and Bobby Singer, both from this alternate reality, since Sam and Dean were not born in this universe, the apocalypse came resulting in Heaven and Hell being locked in an eternal war. Michael defeated alternate Lucifer, however, stating that he "tore apart Lucifer in the skies over Abilene".

Season 13

In The Rising Son, Michael shows up in front of Lucifer and Mary Winchester from the main reality after Lucifer effortlessly kills a group of angels who try to smite him and do not believe he is Lucifer. He learns they are from another reality and tells them of his Lucifer’s fate and attacks Lucifer who proves to be no match for Michael.

Michael decides to spare Lucifer for an unspecified purpose, saying he "needs him".

In War of the Worlds, he imprisons Lucifer and looks through his mind to look upon the world he came from. Seeing a chance at a better world, Michael decides to invade it and has Kevin Tran make a portal to enter the world. Kevin states the spell he's creating needs the essence of an archangel. Not wanting to waste his grace on it, Michael steals some of Lucifer's grace but leaves enough for future use. Kevin then does the spell, which is successful in opening a rift but Lucifer uses it as a chance to break free and jumps through it, returning to his world. Michael angrily tells an excited Kevin to fix this problem as he expresses fury at Lucifer's escape.

Following Lucifer's escape to the main reality, he rescues Castiel from hostile angels and warns him of the threat Michael poses, something he feels warrants them working together despite their past differences. Asmodeus also becomes aware of the threat from this Michael, stating if it was true he needed Jack to help him out.

Powers and Abilities

Like his other self in the main reality, Michael is the oldest and most powerful Archangel. According to Lucifer, he is "much more powerful" than the main reality version of Michael and is referred to as the “Ranking Deity” of the alternate universe.

  • Flight - Michael possesses a pair of large wings which gives him the ability fly. His landing caused a large eruption and left behind a crater in the ground.
  • Immortality - As an archangel, Michael has an infinitely long lifespan.
  • Invulnerability - As an archangel, Michael is invulnerable to almost any harm. Punches from Lucifer, despite his immense strength, barely affected Michael.
  • Supernatural Strength - Michael is strong enough to be capable of easily overpowering Lucifer and twisting his arm with little effort on his part. 
  • Master Hand To Hand Combatant - Michael has shown tremendous skill in hand to hand combat, managing to easily block all of Lucifer's blows, only being hit twice and quickly overpowered and restrained him.
  • Supernatural Perception - Michael is able to see things that are naturally invisible to humans. He could easily tell that Lucifer is what he claimed to be, but could not figure out why.
  • Astral Projection - Michael was able to display his wings.
  • Telepathy - Michael was able to read many of Lucifer's memories regarding his reality.
  • Healing - Michael was able to heal the wound he inflicted on Lucifer after removing his grace.


This Michael appears to share his counterpart's dislike for Lucifer and took pleasure in murdering his own brother. He was eager to grant the same horrible fate to the Lucifer who had traveled from the main reality and considered the chance to do so a "good thing". However, though his counterpart admitted his love for his younger brother, this version of Michael seemed to have no such feelings.

Physical Appearance

Michael's vessel appears as an African American man in his late-30s to early-40s with short black hair, black beard and dark eyes. He wears a long dark coat over a jacket and trousers. He possesses a single pair of large wings.



  • He is the second "alternate" archangel on the series, with Lucifer from the Season 5 episode, "The End", being the first one.
  • He is the only archangel and character to beat two different versions of Lucifer; one he killed from his reality, and the one from the main reality he physically beat in a fight.
  • The Michael in this universe is the only version of the archangel to reveal his wings in the series, as the Michael in the main universe never showed them. His wings are much larger than that of an ordinary angel's wings.
  • He is the second Archangel to take on an African American vessel with Raphael of the main reality being the first one.
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