Powers and Abilities

Humans, monsters, even angels, are insects, atoms, compared to us.
— Michael to Jack
in The Spear
I'm telling you, this guy is not the same Michael that we once knew. He's much more powerful.

Like his other self in the main reality, Michael is the oldest and most powerful archangel. According to Lucifer, he is "much more powerful" than the main reality version of Michael and is referred to as the "Ranking Deity" of the alternate universe. He is the most powerful archangel seen on the show to date, even with him not at full power, he can still defeat Gabriel and the main reality Lucifer with little effort and kill his reality Lucifer. After possessing Dean, his true vessel and the Michael Sword, Michael gained access to his full power, which was enough to allow Dean to challenge the super-charged Lucifer, with Dean's defeat being owned to Lucifer's far greater fighting skills.

  • Lower Tier Nigh-Omnipotence - As he is the oldest and most powerful angel in his universe, Michael is tremendously powerful. Lucifer has noted that Michael is even more powerful than the Michael of the main reality, being referred to as the "Ranking Deity" of the world after God. Even for an Archangel, Michael's powers are extraordinarily large. Testament to his power is that he is capable of defeating his universe Lucifer and killing him and easily beating the main Lucifer. The thought of him invading the main world caused Asmodeus, one of the Princes of Hell, despite the latter gaining considerable power from feeding on the Grace of the Archangel Gabriel, to get scared and make plans to procure a Nephilim to have a chance to defeat him. His impending invasion also caused another archangel, Gabriel, to get scared and refuse to fight him. Michael indeed later quickly defeated and killed Gabriel in their altercation with little effort. His immense power combined with his ruthlessness and tactical intellect makes him so dangerous that even Billie, possessing the power of Death, showed to be quite fearful of him and even seemed confident that he could kill God himself when he catches back up to him. According to himself, he locked away the Death of his world and enslaved the reapers.
    • Angelic Possession - Like all angels, Michael requires a vessel to walk the Earth and their permission to do so. Michael also knew a way to reenter the body of Dean after he left him earlier even without consent.
    • Astral Projection - Michael is able to display his wings
    • Clairsentience - He could detect that Lucifer was indeed Lucifer, saying that he could "feel it". Michael was also able to sense the location of the rift and made it to the area it was located as well as immediately sense Gabriel's presence inside his vessel. When he made it to the Main Universe, he could also sense that there were very few angels left in it. While awaiting the attack of his foes, he could detect Castiel's approach and located him easily.
    • Electromagnetic Interference - The lights began to malfunction upon Michael's arrival outside the Men of Letters bunker. 
    • Flight - Michael possesses a pair of large wings which gives him the ability to fly. His landing caused a large eruption and left behind a crater in the ground that killed several nearby hunters. He can also fly even without his wings, as shown when he levitated himself off the ground before landing down upon arriving on the Bunker.
    • Super Stamina - He does not require food, water, oxygen and sleep to sustain his being.
    • Super Strength - Michael, as the strongest Archangel of his universe, is tremendously strong, much stronger than all other Angels of his universe, as shown by the fact that he had managed to overpower and defeat his universe's Lucifer, claiming to have torn him apart, as well as being able to effortlessly fling and overpower powerful angels of his universe such as Zachariah across a room. In his altercation with the main reality Lucifer, Michael proved to be able to overpower the latter easily, easily deflecting blows from Lucifer and swiftly beating him into submission and twisting his arm with little effort on his part. He later displayed even greater superiority towards the main reality Gabriel, overpowering and killing him with little effort. He was also able to easily overpower and fling the extremely powerful Nephilim son of Lucifer, Jack, to his prison, though Jack could not fight back due to Michael's warding. Michael later knocked out the Seraphim Castiel with a single punch to the face and instantly overpowered Sam and Dean without any effort. Inside his true vessel, Michael's strength is enhanced to the fullest. He granted Dean the strength needed to challenge the super-charged Lucifer, allowing him to easily kick him across a church, grapple with him on equal footing and stagger him a bit with his punches. He effortlessly defeated an entire pack of vampires to experiment on them and later on killed the ones who escaped and casually rendered a werewolf completely helpless to resist by choking and lifting her with a single hand before easily throwing her across the room. When he fought Kaia, a single kick from Michael was able to knock her down and stun her enough for her to drop her spear easily and with only a few blows, he was able to inflict bruises that has not healed as of now. While in a female vessel, Michael was still easily strong enough to overpower Castiel and badly beat him to a bloody pulp with only a few punches as well as drag and toss him to his room like a ragdoll as well as effortlessly knock Dean away and disarm him with a single blow before he casually lifted him off the ground with a single hand.
      Michael Vs Lucifer

      Michael overpowers Lucifer the second time

    • Energy Blasts - When Lucifer and Michael dueled for the second time, Michael could conjure up powerful bluish energy blast to weaponize against Lucifer. Lucifer had difficulty blocking the energy projections and another energized blast was sufficient enough to overpower Lucifer and break through his invulnerability to injure him and cause him to bleed.
    • Supernatural Perception - Michael is able to see things that are naturally invisible to humans. He could easily tell that Lucifer is what he claimed to be, but could not figure out why. Michael also quickly sensed Gabriel inside his vessel and managed to differentiate him from his reality's Gabriel. He also seems to be able to see souls when they are departing to the afterlife, as he openly professes his enjoyment of witnessing the human soul leave the body, calling it "beautiful".[1] He was also able to perceive the presence of Violet, a Reaper whereas Jack and Castiel couldn't see her.
    • Localization - He is able to find humans, monsters and angels without the help of anything. This was seen when he answered the prayers of a man or when he appeared to a vampire, despite not being told of where she was.
    • Telepathy - Michael is able to read many of Lucifer's memories regarding his reality.
    • Mind Control - At the same time he read Lucifer's Mind, Michael was able to forcibly compel him to tell Michael about the main reality.
    • Healing - Michael is able to heal the wound he inflicted on Lucifer after removing his grace.
    • Photokinesis - With a concentrated blast of white light, Michael was able to blast down the door to the Men of Letters bunker.
    • Portal Creation - With Lucifer's help, Michael was able to open up a rift to the Main Universe using the Demon Tablet Alternate Reality Rift Opening Ritual to pursue his ambition of killing the Winchesters and taking over their world.
    • Reality Warping - To make himself more menacing to Castiel and the Winchesters in their encounter in the gas station, Michael made his footsteps sound heavier as well as emitting an angelic high pitched ringing despite being in a vessel. In Nihilism, he was also able to create a new suit for himself out of thin air.
    • Terrakinesis - Michael can bend the earth to his liking. In Let the Good Times Roll, he mentally provoked an entire gas station to shake violently and later boosted the intensity of the quake so much that it caused the windows to shatter and knocked over Team Free Will.
    • Biokinesis - Michael was able to cause Sam and Jack internal pain by simply pointing his hands at them. He later tortured Sam, Castiel and Jack internally, although Castiel was able to break free due to his rage.
    • Power Granting - While Dean acted as his vessel but remained in control of himself, Michael was able to grant Dean several of his abilities, making him capable of challenging the super-charged Lucifer and killing him. Using angelic grace, he was able to rid several monsters of their weaknesses and used it to enhance their powers.
      • Teleportation - Michael's presence gave Dean the power to teleport from the Men of Letters bunker to the church where Lucifer was located.
      • Localization - Dean was able to sense the location of Sam, Jack and Lucifer.
      • Astral Projection - While confronting Lucifer, Dean was able to display Michael's wings.
      • Super Strength - Michael's presence granted Dean great enough strength to challenge the super-charged Lucifer, able to easily kick the archangel across a church with great force with just a kick, grapple with him evenly and stagger and harm him with his punches.
      • Flight - Michael's presence granted Dean the power to levitate in mid-air and fly which Dean was able to use to fight Lucifer in the air.
      • Invulnerability - Michael's presence granted Dean enough durability that he was able to take blows from the super charged Lucifer that flung him with great force without suffering injury despite the blows normally being fatal. However, he suffered some injury from close range punches though they didn't cause him serious injury. He also survived an attempted smiting completely unharmed.
      • Regeneration - After mortally wounding Lucifer and falling to the ground, all of Dean's injuries from his fight with Lucifer instantly healed.
      • Archangel Blade Wielding - Michael's presence granted Dean the power to wield an archangel blade against Lucifer to the point of killing him despite the fact that only an archangel can kill another archangel with the blade.
    • Teleportation - After the death of Lucifer, Michael was able to teleport away from the church the fight had happened in. He was later able to teleport to Jamil's house and later to Anael without any effort. 
    • Smiting - Michael is able to smite monsters by just flashing his eyes, even without looking at them, an ability unseen by any other angel.[2] 
    • Telekinesis - Simply by flashing his eyes blue, Michael was able to telekinetically fling a man across a room. He has also shown be able to telekinetically throw humans and angels around with simple hand movements.
  • Nigh-Omniscience - As an ancient primordial angel, Michael possesses a vast wealth of knowledge of not only his universe but the main one as well, after reading Lucifer's mind. After crossing over to the main universe, he immediately found Castiel and the Winchesters in a remote gas station and later found them again in the Men of Letters bunker, all on an earth far different from his. He was also already fully aware of Dean's role as his "Sword" undeterred by the fact that he came from a universe where Dean was never born. While possessing Dean, he accessed the latter's memories and was able to identify Garth as Dean's friend. Though trapped in Dean's mind, when Michael emerged, he displayed knowledge of the Ma'lak Box and Dean's aborted plan to use it.
  • Immortality - As an archangel, Michael has an infinitely long lifespan and is almost impossible to kill.
    • Invulnerability - As an archangel, Michael is invulnerable to almost any harm. Punches from Lucifer and Gabriel, despite their incalculable physical strength, barely affected Michael and he was barely knocked back and completely unhurt by an energized blast thrown at him by Lucifer. When a lot of bullets were shot against him, he was completely unharmed. While in the vessel of Dean Winchester, his true vessel, his invulnerability is enhanced to the fullest, as shown when Dean fought the super-charged Lucifer, in which Dean, while in control, was able to take several blows from the Archangel without harm and only sustained minor injuries after a severe beating. Even a smiting proved to be unable to kill Dean, although it caused him some pain, allowing Dean, who was in control of the time, to turn the tides and kill Lucifer. However, his invulnerability still has limits as he is still vulnerable to Alternate Kaia's spear, which can harm him for reasons unknown. He was also briefly knocked out by hitting his head on a rock after being tripped up by Alternate Kaia, though Michael was caught off guard and completely recovered within a mere second. Although a Molotov with Holy Fire caused him visible pain, he managed to quickly recover without any lasting damage.
  • Intimidation - Due to his status and powers as the strongest Archangel, combined with his ruthless personality, Michael commands such an intimidating presence that he terrifies even the strongest of angels, along with the Winchesters, and even Lucifer. A Reaper found him unsettling after he told her of what became of her people in his world. Billie, possessing the power of Death, broke the rule of non-intervention because of Michael's threat to the world.
  • Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant - The greatest and oldest of the angels, with eons worth of fighting experience, Michael is terrifyingly accomplished in hand-to-hand combat. During his fight with Lucifer, Michael was able to soundly out-fight him, easily deflecting his blows, only being hit twice, and landing several powerful blows that stunned Lucifer before he quickly restrained and captured him. He later easily dodged Gabriel's blade strikes without bothering to use his own sword and swiftly intercepted Gabriel's attempts to stab him and with a single swift maneuver, disarmed Gabriel of his blade, twisting his arm and stunning him in the face before using his blade to kill him. When he fought Sam, Dean and Castiel, all armed with weapons, Michael made short work of them, easily punching and knocking out Castiel before he could even attempt to slash him, swiftly knocked out Sam before he could shoot with 2 punches and effortlessly countered Dean's attempt to stab him and disarmed him of his Angel Blade before pummeling and subduing him with a choke-hold, with only the arrival of Jack preventing Michael from killing them. He also easily parried the attacks of the Alternate Kaia wielding her spear and quickly knocked her down and gave her a vicious beating, only being wounded when he was caught off-guard. Although not without visibly more effort and a bit more time than what it took to best the Alternate Kaia, Michael was able to fight off the assaults of Dean wielding the Spear and eventually disarm him, at which point he easily countered his attempted punch and choked him, only being overpowered when Dean managed to suddenly reclaim the weapon due to Sam. While inside of Dean's mind where Michael had no powers and was on even ground with his opponents, his fighting prowess was shown when he easily overwhelms Sam, Dean and Castiel all at once, although Dean's rage at Michael notably made him easily predictable. Only when they caught him by surprise were the three able to briefly overpower Michael and throw him into the bar cooler and lock it, effectively trapping him within Dean's mind.
  • Master Strategist/Tactician - Unlike Lucifer who was stubborn and impulsive with the powers of an Archangel, Michael is a master strategist with nearly limitless supernatural power. This attribute alone makes him even more dangerous than a super-charged Lucifer. He also attempted to gain possession of the spear owned by the Alternate Kaia, which can hurt him to prevent it from being used against him, further showing his strategic intellect. He later came up with a way to break Dean's spirit to end his resistance, shown by leaving his body but leaving a way back in and destroying the spear after Dean possessed it. He also destroyed the Hyperbolic pulse generator, another weapon that could impede his plans before unleashing his monster army. Michael also revealed that when Dean was having dizzy episodes, this was him spying on their plans. During his attempts to stop Team Free Will from saving Dean, he attempted to manipulate them into thinking that Dean doesn't care about them and persuade Dean to accept the possession. This shows that his tactical genius also extends to manipulating people as well, though his plan didn't succeed. 
  • Master Leader: Michael is an excellent leader, as displayed by how he effectively led the angels to victory during the Apocalypse and terrorize his world unchallenged and later when he led the army of monsters he enhanced to overwhelm the hunters, with his leadership being so prominent that when Michael was imprisoned, they all quickly scattered.


Despite his sheer power and status as an archangel, Michael has some weaknesses of his own.

  • Holy Fire - Holy fire can trap Michael at least temporarily. After Dean placed a line of holy fire in front of him, Michael could not cross until it went out. A Molotov made with holy oil could cause him pain. When Sam set him alight with holy fire, he expressed pain for a moment, allowing Castiel to cuff him.
Michael Stabbed

Michael stabbed with Kaia's spear

  • Alternate Kaia's Spear - For reasons unknown, this spear can injure Michael as seen when he was stabbed in the shoulder by her. When Dean slashed Michael with the spear, it caused him harm before Michael repossessed Dean and destroyed the weapon.
  • Archangel Blades - Can kill an archangel in the hands of another archangel.

Jack exorcises Michael

  • Jack - Out of all characters shown to challenge him, Jack has proven to be the only one capable of not only hurting Michael, but killing him as well. Without the warding's of Michael's fortress, Jack was easily able to blast Michael across a room with telekinesis and inflict great pain on Michael that damaged his vessel to the point that his eyes bled. Jack also had the power to kill Michael. After such an attack, Michael was too weak to defeat a super-charged Lucifer in his damaged vessel. In Ouroboros Jack managed to exorcise Michael from his vessel and effortlessly incinerate him using the power of his soul. However, doing so caused Jack to burn away his entire soul, leaving Jack in a soulless state.
  • Archangels - Although they are no match for him, it has been seen that other archangels are able to somewhat harm him, as shown when he faced off against both Lucifer and Gabriel of the main universe. Both of the single blows that Lucifer and Gabriel managed to land caused Michael some pain and staggered him. Also, an energy blast that Lucifer send at him was able to knock him back.
  • Enochian Magic - The Enochian Magic that was keeping Jack alive while he was without his grace allowed him to use enough of his Nephilim powers to exorcise and destroy Michael.
  • Weak Vessels - While in a vessel that is not his true vessel, Michael is very powerful but not as strong as he could be. While in Dean Winchester, his true vessel, Michael is stated to be more powerful than he has ever been before.
  • Hyperbolic pulse generator - It had the ability to expel him from his vessel. Michael destroyed it in his confrontation with Sam and Jack.
  • Supernatural Handcuffs - These cuffs could potentially render him powerless. Michael was confident that the cuffs would not hold him for long and he'd get free.
  • Strong-Willed Vessels - After Dean fought him in his subconscious, he locked Michael away in his mind. Dean was able to keep Michael locked away for a long period of time though the concentration required to do so was described as being unimaginable. Near the end, Dean was barely sleeping from the effort required. Michael was only able to break free after Dean was knocked unconscious by Noah Ophis, thus breaking Dean's concentration on holding Michael prisoner.
  • Ma'lak Box - Stated to be especially potent against archangels, the box is stated to be capable of holding even an archangel of Michael's level of power for eternity.
  • Lucifer's Cage - This cell can hold any angel, therefore including archangels, without any internal means of escape.


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