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This article is about a character appearing in the animated series, which is not canon. You may be looking for the live-action series counterpart, if any.

That's the thing about brothers. No matter how much they may fight, they still love each other.

Michael was a deputy chief and the younger brother of Rod.


Early History[]

When Michael and his brother were young, they lost both their parents. The two of them have been on their own ever since.[1]

Two years ago, a bank robber was making his way from New Orleans to Michael's town in a Black Chevy Impala. With Rod in command, the town's police set up roadblocks and sealed off the roads in preparation. Not long after a Black Chevy Impala came cruising down the highway. The driver in the Black Chevy Impala lost control of his car, went off the road and died. The real bank robber, however, was caught in another town, and the dead driver was just an innocent man. The cops, along with the entire town buried the case and the dead driver came back as a ghost, killing people solely from their town.

Supernatural: The Animation[]

In Ghost on the Highway, Michael's older brother wrongfully arrests Sam and Dean and places them in a holding cell, due to the two brothers driving a Black Chevy Impala. Michael realizes what has happened and breaks Sam and Dean out. On their way out, Sam asks why Michael has helped them, and Michael says that they can keep innocent people in jail and that the killer may not be even human anymore. Rod later figures out and confronts Michael, and the two ensue in an argument. Michael ensures Rod he told Sam and Dean nothing about the murders.

Sam and Dean come back, bugged by what Micahel said about the killer. They ask him to tell them everything he knows. They meet in Jone's Diner but soon leave as Rod arrives. They slip out unnoticed and head on to the road in a cop car, and stop on the road. Sam and Dean reveal that they are hunters to Michael, and Michael tells them the whole story.

Unluckily for them, Rod finds them and confronts the three with a shotgun. Michael pleads for Rod to listen but Rod pushes Michael aside and aims his gun at Sam and Dean. The ghost driver then appears and is about to run them over, but Michael hops in the cruiser and divert the ghost driver away from Sam, Dean, and Rod. The ghost driver kills Michael soon after.

Sam, Dean, and Rod manage to settle their difference and decide to end the ghost driver once and for all. They attempt to destroy everything tethering the ghost driver to Earth, but fail as the ghost driver begins to pursue them. Sam and Dean, along with Rod, hop in the impala and try to flee but the ghost driver begins to run them off the guard rail until Michael returns in the police cruiser and hits the ghost driver. Both disappear in a burst of white light. The ghost driver is put to rest.

Michael overpowers the ghost driver.

Sam, Dean, and Rod head back to the spot where Michael died and they find his ghost. Rod tells Michael he knows he hasn't been the best brother, but he doesn't know what he could do with him. Michael wipes away his brother's tears, smiles, and disappears.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • White Light - Highly unusual for a ghost, Michael possessed the ability of blasting a white light, which he used to overpower the ghost driver.