The Archangel Michael is the oldest sibling of Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel, which presumably makes him the oldest angel in Creation and the very first angel to have been created by God. He was the Viceroy of Heaven and the Supreme Commander of the Heavenly Host (God's Army of Angels) before he fell into the Cage along with Lucifer in the fifth season finale. As the highest-ranking archangel, his commands are issued to the higher ranking angels to disperse the orders down across the angelic chain. During the War In Heaven in the distant past, Michael banished Lucifer from Heaven on God's command, later restricting him to a Cage bound by The 66 Seals. On Earth, he appears first to Dean using John Winchester as a vessel where Michael informs him that anyone in the Winchester bloodline is capable of being his vessel, even though he mentions that Dean Winchester is his one true vessel. He eventually occupies Adam's body while confronting Lucifer, who was using Sam as a vessel in the fifth season finale. When he falls into the Cage, Heaven loses stability and is currently hosting a conflict between Raphael and Castiel, amongst other angels.

Season 5

Anna dead

Michael kills Anna

Michael makes his first appearance in "The Song Remains the Same". After Anna Milton injures Mary and kills Sam Winchester by stabbing him in the stomach, Michael converses with John Winchester from Heaven, and tells him that he can save his wife Mary if he allows him to take possession of his body. John says "Yes," allowing Michael to inhabit his body. When Anna is about to kill Mary, Michael calls out to Anna. Anna turns around and immediately realizes that Michael is possessing John. Michael lays his hand on Anna and kills her by setting her ablaze. Uriel then calls out to Michael and apologizes, saying that "He didn't know," most likely referring to that he didn't know Dean was Michael's true vessel. Michael says goodbye to Uriel and sends him away with a snap of his fingers.

Michael talks to dean

Michael, while possessing a young John Winchester, talks to Dean.

Michael then turns to Dean and says that this conversation is long overdue. Dean demands that Michael heal Sam, but Michael tells him that they need to talk first. Dean asks Michael how he could possess his father since he was his "one and only" vessel. Michael corrects Dean stating that he is his true vessel and that he can inhabit the body of all those that share the Winchester bloodline due to the fact that he and John were descendants of Cain and Abel. He then explains to Dean that even though Lucifer defied their Father and betrayed him, he doesn't want to kill him as much as Dean wouldn't want to kill Sam. Michael then says regardless of the fact that he raised Lucifer and still loved him, he is going to listen to his Father and kill Lucifer. He then explains to Dean that he will eventually say "Yes" to him because free will is an illusion and that his choices, regardless of what they may be, will lead him a step closer to his destiny that was planned out by God.

Michael tells a saddened Dean to cheer up because, unlike his brothers, he won't leave him a drooling mess after he's done "wearing him". He then tells Dean that he will erase John and Mary's memories of the whole incident and that they won't remember anything about angels, him, or Sam. Michael walks over to Sam's body, heals him, and then sends him back to his own time. Michael then walks to Dean, telling him that he'll see him soon before sending him back to his own time.

Michael in adam

Michael possessing Adam Milligan so he can fight Lucifer

In the season 5 finale "Swan Song", Michael's appears at Stull Cemetery in Lawrence, Kansas in possession of Adam's body in order to face Lucifer in the final battle of Armageddon. Lucifer tries to convince Michael that they shouldn't fight because God made Lucifer the way he is, because he always wanted the Devil. Michael isn't convinced and the two prepare to fight just as Dean drives down into the cemetery and interrupts them. As Dean tries to talk to Sam, Castiel and Bobby appear and Castiel hits Michael with a holy oil molotov cocktail in order to send him away temporarily. After Lucifer makes Castiel explode and breaks Bobby's neck, he begins to beat Dean. This continues until Sam reclaims control of his body and opens the portal to Hell. Michael returns and tells Sam that he can't jump in because he has to fulfill his destiny by killing Lucifer. Sam then pulls Michael with him as he falls into the portal, trapping Adam, Lucifer and Michael in Hell.

Powers and Abilities

Immortality: Michael, like all celestial beings, is not subject to time, aging, or diseases, and doesn't need to breathe, eat, or sleep to sustain himself. Michael does, however, like all celestial beings because they're all siblings of one another, age and mature, as he is the oldest and most powerful angel in all of creation.

Angelic Possession: Michael, like all celestial beings, requires a human vessel in order to physically interact with humans on Earth, as it is a law that applies for all angelic beings.

Invulnerability: Michael, like all archangels, is highly resistant to all forms of harm whatsoever, and can't even be harmed by other beings or angels, unless something angelic is involved, or if he is fighting another archangel.

Super Strength: Michael, like all angels, dramatically increases the physical strength threshold of his host.

  • Overpowering: Michael can easily overpower other angels, deities (other than God himself), humans, creatures, and possibly Lucifer, with his might.

Healing Factor: When Michael's vessel does get damaged by something angelic, he can heal the wound(s) instantly.

Teleportation: Michael, like all celestial beings, can vanish and reappear anywhere in time, space, and any place on the face of the Earth.

Telekinesis: Michael can move people and or objects just by thinking.

  • Pyrokinesis: Michael can ignite any object or thing by physical touch.

Resurrection: Michael, like all archangels, can easily revive dead people.

Memory Manipulation: Michael can remove or restore memories of humans.

Holy White Light: Micheal like other archangels can obliterate buildings and beings completely.

Superhuman Intelligence: Much like Lucifer, Michael possesses an immense amount of knowledge of the Universe.



Season 2

Season 5


  • His name means "Who is like God."
  • Michael is considered the "Viceroy of Heaven," meaning the ruler of Heaven in God's stead.
  • He is the only angel in the Bible named as an Archangel; the rest were named in different interpretations of the Bible and other biblical scrolls, or given the title by the Catholic Church. Hence why he is considered THE Archangel.
  • Many exorcisms invoke the name of the Archangel Michael, to defeat and banish the demon.
  • In the final judgment, Michael is shown as the weigher of souls.
  • Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael are the only angels who are also saints.
  • Michael holds the keys to Heaven and Hell.
  • He is the Archistratege of God ('Archistratege' being a military rank of the highest degree, superior to a field marshal or grand admiral).
  • Michael is known as the 'Prince of the Seraphim' (the Seraphim being the highest order of angels).
  • He is often shown as the angel who spoke to Moses as a burning bush, delivered the Ten Commandments to Moses, and fought with Lucifer over Moses' body and won.
  • In the Apocalypse, Michael leads the army of Heaven and defeats Lucifer and the Antichrist.
  • It is unknown what happens to Michael at the end of Swan Song as he (in Adam's body) fell in with Sam (with Lucifer) into the portal to Lucifer's Prison. What happened to him will possibly be explained in the next season.
  • According to what has already been revealed, Michael is the third most powerful creature in the universe, after Death and God.
  • He is one of two main antagonists of season five, the other being Lucifer.

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