Metatron is an Angel and the scribe who recorded The Word of God.

The Word of God was inscribed on multiple stone tablets in an ancient language that almost all beings, including angels, cannot read. One of these tablets containing the Word had instructions on how to kill the Leviathans should they escape from Purgatory and one tells of how to lock the demons in Hell forever. Metatron was later mentioned by Kevin Tran when reading the Word of God to Crowley.

While Kevin was reading the tablet on demons, the prophet saw a personal note by Metatron. It mentions the angel taking leave of his master and letting humans take responsibility of the compendium of tablets.

Although first presumed to be an archangel, Metatron himself revealed that he was simply an angel with a secretarial position. He was chosen by God sometime before God's departure from Heaven. Metatron received instructions to write down the Words of God.

When God left, the Archangels despaired, and soon after began to scheme about claiming the universe for their own. This prompted Metatron to distance himself from Heaven, so as to protect the Words of God and to prevent the Archangels from claiming the tablets.

He hid himself along with the Native American Tribe of the Two Rivers, where he blessed the tribe with immortality in exchange for stories and books. Sam and Dean eventually track him down and convince him to aid them. He rescues Kevin Tran and reveals that the third trial is to cure a demon.


For an Angel, Metatron appeared to be quite human, openly expressing emotions such as joy, admiration, distain and sympathy. He admired humans, due to there use of freewill, and particually enjoyed there stories, seeing it as the a great example of free will. Metatron also disliked other angels, and was fearful and suspicious of them, particually of the Archangels. His views may have clouded his perceptions, as he seemed to belive they all were conspiring to take over the unviverse, regardless of their actual motives not matching this description. Metatron was also very benevolent and helped others with his powers. However, he was suspicious when dealing with those he didn't know. Metatron is also very logical and inteligent.

Physical appearance

Metatron's true form was able to deteriorate the flesh off of Crowley's vessel. It's unknown what he truly looks like, but, on Earth, he manifests in the embodiment of a middle-aged, pot bellied, bearded man.

Powers and Abilities

Metatron had the power of regular angels, and able to use it all despite leaving Heaven for long time, similar to Seraphs. Additionally, as the scribe of God, he was able to erase any enochian sigils planted to ward off angels. As well as his powers he was incredibly inteligent and capable, able to avoid detection by Heaven's forces for thousands of years. His powers include, but are not limited to:

  • Cosmic Awareness - As the scribe of God, he articulated several documentations referred to as the Words of God. He, therefore, possesses an acute knowledge of many creatures, including demons, Leviathans, and even his own kind. He also possesses a keen sense of spiritual realms, although he had no knowledge on who the Winchesters were, that Michael and Lucifer were trapped in the Cage or that Gabriel and Raphael were dead.
  • Teleportation - He traveled from Heaven to Earth, to relinquish the tablets. He also teleported across the room when confronting Sam and Dean. He was able to teleport Kevin with him to safety.
  • Immortality - As an angel, he can live forever.
  • Invulnerability - As an angel, Metatron can't die by conventional methods.
  • Super Strength - Metatron, as an Angel, is naturally stronger than humans, Earth monsters, and demons.
SPN 132wfafa

Metatron healing Kevin.

  • Healing - Metatron was able to heal Kevin Tran after Crowley nearly strangled him to death.
  • Granting Longevity- Metatron was able to grant the Indians who gave him stories a much longer life than humanly possible.
  • Holy White Light - Metatron used this ability when saving Kevin Tran by burning Crowley.
  • Removal of Angel Warding - As the scribe of Heaven, Metatron can apparently erase the warding without being affected by it.


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