"Do you have any idea what it would be like to be plucked from obscurity, to sit at God's feet, to be asked to write down His word? The ache I felt when He was gone, telling myself, "Father's left, but look what He's left us -- paradise." But you and your archangels couldn't leave well enough alone. You ran me from my home. Did you really think you could do all of that to me and there'd be no payback?"
— Metatron to Naomi
in Sacrifice

Metatron was an angel and the Scribe of God who recorded The Word of God. In Heaven, Metatron was personally selected by God to write down His word and then God disappeared. Eventually, out of fear that the Archangels would steal the information of God from him, Metatron left Heaven and hid among native American tribes and modern day Americans until discovered by the Winchesters in 2013.

In Season 8, learning that all the Archangels were either dead or in Hell, Metatron then sought to take vengeance upon the other Angels for forcing him to leave, using Castiel to make a spell writen on the Angel tablet, and emptied Heaven of all angels.

In Season 9, Metatron's actions caused many angel rebellions on Earth and upon his own disappointment of being alone in Heaven, Metatron started working to rebuild with Gadreel as his second in command, using the angel tablet to attain God-like power, accepting only the angels he sought fit and either killing or using those he didn't like. Once done so he attempted to become a deity to mankind itself, rallying many human followers until confronted by Dean himself. After Castiel shattered the angel tablet and tricked Metatron into revealing his true intentions, at the cost of Gadreel's self-sacrifice, Metatron was overthrown and locked in Heaven's dungeon, but not before he killed Dean and caused his transformation into a demon.

In Season 10, Metatron remained locked in Heaven's dungeon plotting his revenge until Castiel and Sam Winchester released him to help remove the Mark of Cain from Dean. They removed his grace, turning him human, but spared his life in exchange for the location of the rest of Castiel's grace after he revealed he didn't know how to remove the Mark. However, this is really a trick so that Metatron can get the grace himself and the demon tablet which he had stored in the same location, a library. While Metatron escapes with the demon tablet, Castiel gets his grace back and is left worried about what Metatron will do with the tablet and his freedom.



Although first presumed to be an archangel, Metatron himself revealed that he was simply a common angel with a secretarial position. He was chosen by God sometime before God's departure from Heaven. Metatron received instructions to write down the Word of God. Metatron stated that, before he was chosen to be the Scribe, he lived a life of isolation and obscurity among his fellow angels. As such, he was overjoyed to be chosen above all others as God's scribe. When God left, the archangels despaired, and soon after began conspiring to claim the universe as their own. This prompted Metatron to distance himself from Heaven, so as to protect the Word of God and to prevent the archangels from claiming the tablets. Metatron also left a personal note on the demon tablet. It mentions the angel taking leave of his master and letting humans take responsibility of the compendium of tablets.


Metatron's signature

Metatron hid himself along with the Native American Tribe of the Two Rivers, where he blessed the tribe with immortality in exchange for stories and books. However when talking to Gadreel later, he claimed that he never got used to them and had to isolate himself to keep sane. He noted the chaotic nature of humanity as fascinating but would be annoyed by the emotion and energy they expressed.

Season 8

Sam Trigger

Sam and Dean meet Metatron.

Sam and Dean eventually tracked him down, in his vessel Marv, and convince him to aid them. They learned that Metatron had been reading books and ignoring all the angel chaos since their arrival on Earth and Sam, going through the trials, wanted Metatron to kill him out of anger towards the scribe. After Dean gave him a lecture on how he should have been helping them, and his prophet Kevin Tran, he rescued the kid from being killed by Crowley and revealed that the third trial is to cure a demon. Metatron also gave warning to Sam and Dean that even if they succeed in closing Hell it will come with consequences and they must be ready to face those retributions.

Metatron had a plan all along to bade the time by until Heaven would ultimately fall, pretending to have a wanting to save it, Metatron would recruit Castiel to help him complete the 3 "trials" that would apparently close Heaven off, doing this, Metatron believed that he could close angels off into a space where they'd need to sort out their own problems. The first trial, to kill an angel/human hybrid called a Nephilim, went successfully. The second trial, to take the bow of a Cupid, was also a victory, Metatron is then captured by Naomi and brought to Heaven to be tested on so that Naomi could see into the scribe of heaven's eyes. Once she does, however, she becomes aware of Metatron's plans and warns Dean and Castiel that Metatron has been lying to them, at first they don't believe her, but once Kevin confirms (or at least tries to) that neither of Metatron's trials were even inscribed onto the angel tablet, Castiel travels to Heaven to find out, despite Dean telling him to wait while he saved Sam.


Metatron reveals his true motives.

Once Castiel arrives, Metatron reveals that Naomi was telling the truth, he captures Castiel and ties him to Naomi's operating chair and steals his grace as part of the third trial, revealed to be a spell to expel all angels from Heaven, rather than seal them in. With Castiel's grace gone, he is now human, the spell is complete and before Castiel is to fall, Metatron tells him to live a normal life, get married, have children, and once Castiel dies, and his soul reaches Heaven, to come back to Metatron, and tell him what his life was like as a mortal being, Metatron then seals Heaven off, and thousands of Angels fall from the sky around the world, the Men-of-Letters headquarters is put on red alert as the hierarchy of Heaven has collapsed, Metatron is last seen teleporting Castiel out of the operating room. Shortly afterwards, the angels fell.

Season 9

Metatron's spell caused the deaths of several angels, including Sophia, Azrael and Ezekiel. His spell also caused the angel uprising and civil war between Bartholomew and Malachi leading the creation of their respective factions. Metatron's spell also closed Heaven from all human souls destined to ascend there who would be stuck in the Veil and putting Reapers out of business. Some of these reapers like Maurice and April Kelly would side with Bartholomew while others like Tessa, still faithful to their mission, would become incredibly saddened and almost suicidal at being unable to help the human souls in pain.


Metatron eventually reappears on Earth. He confronts Ezekiel, revealing his true nature as "Gadreel", with an opportunity to serve as his second-in-command, and informs him that he can allow certain angels to return to Heaven. He reveals that he still has access to Heaven, and contrary to his earlier thoughts of enjoying being the only angel still there, he finds it rather boring He explains that they are going to be rebuilding Heaven with a select few angels allowed inside, and Metatron will rule as the new God (although he would simply be known as X). As a test of loyalty, he orders Gadreel to kill somebody he regards as a threat to their new order, and sends him after Kevin Tran. Gadreel kills Kevin and goes to rejoin Metatron.

In "Captives", Bartholomew's followers are trying to find Metatron by marking his sightings on Earth and recording the photos taken at each sighting.

In "Meta Fiction, Metatron continues to give Gadreel names of people to kill. Metatron has also "flipped a switch" in Heaven to prevent the continuation of Prophets after Kevin's death. Metatron also gave him that name of an angel who had abused Gadreel in prison. While at a bar, ironically with Gadreel's first vessel as the bartender, Gadreel arrives to give Metatron the tablets and is getting sick of killng humans and angels but Metatron gives him another which turns out to be a cellmate of Gadreel's in Heaven who he reluctantly kills. Metatron also tells Gadreel that his place isn't to question but to obey. Later Metatron is waiting at the bar again to a status update when Gadreel does not contact him. Gadreel does eventually arrive but in his angelic form and possesses his first vessel again. Metatron instantly assumes the Winchesters have set him back. 

SPN 1357

Metatron smugly gloats to Dean, Sam and Castiel.

In "Meta Fiction," Metatron has holed himself in a room with a typewriter, surrounded by Chuck's novels. He captures Castiel, bringing him to him under the illusion of a fictional scenario he created. In the illusion, the archangel Gabriel has returned to life to try and convince Castiel to lead the angels against Metatron. After Castiel breaks free from the illusion, Metatron tells him that he wants him to be the villain in his own story in which Metatron is the hero. Metatron then hears about his right hand man, Gadreel, being taken hostage by the Winchesters. Metatron proposes a trade, Castiel for Gadreel. When he arrives at the meeting place, he lets himself fall into a holy fire trap set by Sam and Dean to show that he can't get out of it, which he does. He then honors their deal but reminds them that no matter what they come up with, they can't win against him. Later, Metatron gets back to work and speaks to Gadreel who asks him if the Winchesters capturing him was part of Metatron's plan. Metatron explains that in a story, sometimes characters do surprising things but as long as he knows the ending, what happens on the journey is of little importance.


In "Stairway To Heaven," Metatron tries on a trench-coat similar to Castiel's and then meets with angelic faction leader Tyrus. Tyrus refuses to listen to Metatron's offer and points out that if Gadreel kills him, his faction will just join Castiel. He challenges Metatron to a round of bowling to see if he'll listen to the offer, but Metatron loses. As Metatron and Gadreel are leaving, Constatine arrives and blows himself up, killing Tyrus and injuring Gadreel. Metatron then contacts Castiel's faction and offers them all amnesty if they switch sides immediately, telling them about Castiel's fading grace and that he only cares about Sam and Dean. Metatron is pleased when Castiel's angels join him, revealing to a disgusted Gadreel that it was his plan all along and he planted the suicide bombers to draw all angels to his side. However, Gadreel is so disgusted by Metatron's actions, he switches sides.


Metatron finally exposed.

In "Do You Believe In Miracles?," Metatron makes a broadcast to all the angels across "angel radio" stating that he is going to Earth and the portal to Heaven will be closed until his return. Metatron, taking on a scruffy homeless appearance, resurrects a young woman hit by a truck and heals a homeless man of his diabetes, earning him human followers who look to him as their new savior. When an angel reveals the truth, Metatron nearly attacks him until his new followers do it for him and kill the angel with Metatron's angel blade. That night, Dean arrives and faces against Metatron with the First Blade. Metatron is amused since the angel tablet grants him great powers and he knows that Castiel and Gadreel are failing in their mission to break his link to it. Metatron easily overpowers Dean and stabs him with his blade, mortally wounding him and eventually killing him. At the same time Castiel shatters the tablet, breaking Metatron's connection to it and removing his added powers. Metatron quickly flees when Sam swings an angel blade at him. Metatron goes to Heaven where he traps Castiel in a chair and taunts him about Dean's death and how the angels are just "sheep" who will follow Metatron wherever he leads them no matter what he's done to bring them under him. As Metatron goes to kill Castiel, Castiel reveals that he broadcasted the whole conversation over "angel radio" and the angels storm the office and overpower Metatron. Rather than killing him for his actions, Castiel locks Metatron in Heaven's dungeon.

Season 10


Metatron in Heaven's prison.

In "Black", Hannah tells Castiel that Metatron is still locked up and that his prison door has been made permanent.

In "Reichenbach", Metatron is still imprisoned in Heaven's prison, confined to a straitjacket when Hannah goes to visit him regarding Castiel's stolen grace. Metatron offers to give the grace to her, but only if she releases him as he has had time to reflect on his actions and doesn't want to shut down Heaven anymore. Before Hannah can answer his deal, Castiel shows up and says "no", refusing to work with Metatron as he's made deals in the past that have gone bad. When Castiel is alone with Metatron, it's revealed that he hasn't changed as he vows to kill everyone whenever he is finally free from his captivity. 


Dean tortures Metatron.

In "The Hunter Games", Castiel has Ingrid bring Metatron to Earth for him and the Winchesters to question about how to remove the Mark of Cain, believing that as the Scribe of God, he would know. Metatron is amused when he learns that Dean is alive and not a demon, but has gone "nuclear." He agrees to tell them and tells Sam and Dean they need the First Blade which is hidden. Later, Dean visits Metatron and demands the rest of the spell, but Metatron refuses, saying he wants things each time he gives away a tidbit of information and there is a lot. Dean starts beating on Metatron who goads him, telling him it brings him further under the Mark's power each time. As Sam and Castiel try to break in, Dean starts cutting Metatron with an angel blade, seriously wounding him. Before Dean can kill Metatron, Castiel and Sam break in and Sam restrains Dean. Castiel decides to return Metatron to Heaven rather than risk his life, but Metatron leaves a possible clue that Dean mulls over: “Behold, the river shall end at the source!”


Castiel takes Metatron's Grace.

In "Inside Man", Castiel and Bobby Singer break Metatron out of prison after assuring him that he'll be Castiel's punching bag instead of Dean's this time. On Earth, Metatron taunts Castiel and Sam about how he has all the leverage, but Castiel removes his grace, making him human at which point Sam shoots him in the leg. Now vulnerable, Metatron cowers and admits he doesn't know how to remove the Mark of Cain and was lying before to buy himself some time until he could screw them over. Metatron explains that the Mark is God-level or Lucifer-level power and its not covered on the tablets. While Sam doesn't believe him, Castiel can tell that Metatron is actually telling the truth. When Sam goes to kill him, Metatron quickly tells them that he wasn't lying about there still being some of Castiel's grace left and offers to take him to it in exchange for his life. Castiel reluctantly agrees and he and Metatron take off in his car to find it while Sam returns to the Bunker.


Metatron escapes with the demon tablet.

During "Book of the Damned", Castiel and Metatron continue their road trip to retrieve Castiel's grace. Metatron starts to enjoy his new humanity, but annoys Castiel with his antics, resulting in Castiel punching Metatron. Eventually they stop for food which Metatron enjoys but turns out to be lactose intolerant and makes a mess. As they leave, Castiel and Metatron are attacked by an angry Cupid who nearly kills Castiel before Metatron saves him and kills the Cupid. However, this doesn't endear him to Castiel as he'd hoped. Reaching a library, Metatron reveals that it is where the grace is hidden as no one visits a library anymore. While Castiel is able to sense that his grace is actually there, he can't sense its location and Metatron reveals he doesn't know it either. Under threat, Metatron explains that he had another angel hide the grace, even from him so he couldn't give up its location under torture. However, he had the angel hide clues in the books and he and Castiel search finding the first clue: "what's the most insane thing a man can do?" Looking for a book with that title, Metatron tries to talk to Castiel about what he will do once he gets all of the remaining angels back into Heaven since Hannah has put it back in order. Castiel refuses to talk and Metatron uses the distraction to cast a spell to stun Castiel. Metatron reveals that the clues are actually book titles and that he's there to retrieve Castiel's grace as well as the demon tablet which is hidden there also. Metatron retrieves the demon tablet, but finds that Castiel has gotten to his grace first so he flees with just the tablet. Getting his grace back restores Castiel to his full power and rank as a Seraphim, but he and Sam worry about what Metatron could do with the demon tablet. Castiel also lies to Dean about how he got his grace back, saying that Hannah got it out of Metatron and not telling him about Metatron's escape despite the threat it poses.


So I'm a fake. Do you have any idea how much pan-cake makeup and soft lighting it took to get God to work a rope line? He hated it. And, you know, humans sense that. So they prayed harder and longer and fought more wars in his name. And for what?! So they could die of malaria? Leukemia? And all the while, blaming themselves! "Oh, if only I'd been more prayerful, God would have loved me! God would have saved me!" You know what?! God didn't even know their name! But I do. Because I've walked among them. And I can save them.
— Metatron in "Do You Believe In Miracles?"

For an angel, Metatron appeared to be quite human-like, openly expressing emotions such as joy, admiration, disdain and sympathy. He does not show the arrogance or pettiness that other celestial beings do. He admired humans, due to their use of free will, and particularly enjoyed their stories, seeing it as a great example of free will. Metatron views existence as his own personal story, with himself as the hero and his opponents as villains. He even purposely spares many of his enemies and encourages them to oppose him, simply so that they will be playing the roles he has assigned them in his story. 

However Metatron disliked other angels, and was fearful and suspicious of them, particularly of the Archangels. Metatron appeared benevolent and helped humans with his powers. However, he was suspicious when dealing with those he did not know. Metatron is also very logical and intelligent.

However, he has also proved to be very bitter, vengeful and manipulative with angels as well. It was revealed he wanted to expel all angels from Heaven as revenge for his own exile. So he tricked and manipulated Castiel into completing the "trials" and expelled every angel from Heaven. Despite this, he claims that he is "an entity of his word" and he does trade the Winchesters Castiel for Gadreel as they agreed. While showing respect for God and believing him to be a fair individual, Metatron shows disdain for God "publishing the first draft" and believes firmly on re-writing and working at something until it is perfect. Metatron also believes himself to be extremely funny and claims he even made God laugh twice.

Metatron later reveals that he had changed his mind, as he became lonely upstairs, and now plans to rebuild Heaven, now with a select few angels. He also reveals his opinion of humans isn't as high as he originally stated, revealing although he doesn't hate them, he does find them "chaotic" and "exhausting" due to their endless expression of emotions and desires and claims that isolating himself was the only thing that kept him sane while he was on earth. Metatron is also quite cruel, capricious and uncaring as he sacrifices several of his own followers to turn his enemies against Castiel and takes gleeful pleasure in watching a fallen angel be attacked by people who are defending him. Metatron's ultimate goal is to assign himself as the new God while completing his own story which he sees as his "masterpiece."

Metatron can be incredibly arrogant, much of it coming from the God-like power he attains. However, even without this, he is still arrogant, telling Castiel that no one will believe Castiel's story and those who did can be easily dealt with. He also indicates to Castiel that he believes he himself to be one of if not the best storyteller there is and shows great disgust for humans and little respect for other angels, dismissing them as sheep that will follow blindly. This proves to be his downfall as when Castiel causes him to broadcast his true beliefs and intentions over "angel radio," Metatron is too arrogant to realize that he's being duped and too shocked to react quickly.

After his imprisonment, Metatron became vengeful, declaring that he would one day get out and destroy everything in revenge. However, Metatron is revealed to actually be a coward at heart: after Sam and Castiel took him to the Bunker, he lied about knowing how to remove the Mark of Cain in order to save himself and when he lost all his leverage when Sam and Castiel removed his grace, Metatron cowered and admitted to all his lies, breaking easily.

Physical appearance

Metatron's true form was able to deteriorate the flesh off of Crowley's vessel. It is unknown what he truly looks like, however, as an angel, he does have at least two large, feathered wings. On Earth, he manifests in the embodiment of a middle-aged, pot bellied, bearded man.

Powers and abilities

"So, you took Abaddon's scalp, then you figured you'd take on little old nebbishy me. What could go wrong? And you're powered by the bone of a jackass, and it is just awesome, right? Here's a tip - next time, try to be powered by the Word of God."

Metatron has the power of regular angels as well as few rare ones that are exclusive to him as God's scribe, and is able to use them all despite leaving Heaven for a long time, similar to seraphim and archangels. Additionally, as the Scribe of God, he was able to erase any Enochian sigils planted to ward off angels. Apart from his powers, he was incredibly intelligent. He was able to avoid detection by Heaven's forces for thousands of years. Possessing at least the demon and angel tablets and being the King of Heaven (or, as he sees it, the new "God"), he has become explosively more powerful, gaining God-like powers such as being able to blow out a holy fire ring. After Castiel shattered the angel tablet, these extra powers were removed. As of now he has no powers as Castiel removed his grace, leaving him human.

  • Angelic Possession - Metatron possesses a human vessel to exist in corporeal form.
  • Cosmic Awareness - As the Scribe of God, he articulated several documents referred to as the Words of God. He, therefore, possesses an acute knowledge of many creatures, including demons, Leviathans, and even his own kind. He also possesses a keen sense of spiritual realms, although he had no knowledge of who the Winchesters were, that Michael and Lucifer were trapped in the Cage or that Gabriel and Raphael were dead, due to him purposely separating himself from Heaven, however he caught up quickly. He also said to know how to remove the Mark of Cain, but it's revealed to be a lie of his.
  • Teleportation - He traveled from Heaven to Earth to relinquish the tablets. He also teleported across the room when confronting Sam and Dean. He was able to teleport Kevin with him to safety. And since he was the one that caused all of the angels to fall, he may be the only angel left with unbroken wings and the only angel able to teleport after the fall.
  • Immortality - As an angel, Metatron does not age and is immune to any earthly disease and toxin.
SPN 132wfafa

Metatron healing Kevin.

  • Healing - Metatron was able to heal Kevin Tran after Crowley nearly strangled him to death. He also healed Castiel after having cut his throat with an angel blade to extract his grace (even the blood from the wound disappeared with not even a smear). Metatron was able to heal a young woman's injuries while resurrecting her and a man's diabetes.
  • Power Granting - Metatron was able to grant the Native Americans who gave him stories a much longer life than humanly possible.
  • Holy White Light - Metatron used this ability when saving Kevin Tran by burning Crowley. Interestingly, the Prophet's eyes lit up when Metatron arrived and used his white light. Whether this suggested Metatron temporarily possessed the prophet or merely channeled his power into the prophet is unknown.
  • Warding Removal- As the Scribe of God, Metatron can erase wardings and sigils without being affected by it. However, he cannot remove a symbol or sigil that is already affecting him, shown as the supernatural handcuffs work on him.
  • Removal of Holy Fire - When trapped in a circle of Holy Fire, Metatron was able to simply blow it out like a candle. He gained this power from the angel tablet and lost it when the tablet was broken.
  • Spell Casting - Metatron was able to cast a powerful spell to expel all angels from Heaven. He was able to cast such a powerful spell on a door requiring the solving of the riddle that Castiel couldn't break it no matter how hard he tried with his super strength. Even without his grace, Metatron was able to cast a spell that caused Castiel extreme pain.
  • Apporting - Metatron was able to send Castiel back to Earth after he stripped the latter of his grace. Metatron was also able to summon a pair of handcuffs with binding sigils on them to trap Castiel in a chair.
  • Telekinesis - Metatron was able to wham Dean and Sam into the Impala by shooting up his hands and open the trunk with a simple finger movement. He also threw Dean around the room during their fight.
  • Mental Manipulation - Metatron was able to give Castiel all of his knowledge of human culture such as books and movies allowing Castiel to understand them instantly. He also implanted an illusion into Castiel's mind.
  • Control over the Portal to Heaven - Metatron can go to heaven or allow other beings to go to heaven because he has control over where the portal to heaven is or will be. By having the portal constantly moving, it will remain undetectable by other angels.
  • Perception Alteration - Metatron was able to implant an illusion in Castiel's mind. He was also able to brainwash several of Castiel's followers into killing themselves.
  • Resurrection - Metatron resurrected a young woman killed after being struck by a car.
  • Super Strength - As a common angel, Metatron possesses such strength that he can overpower humans and is naturally stronger than humans, most Earth monster, and demons. The angel tablet seemed to have lifted his strength to an intense level, to the point where he was able to effortlessly overpower Dean even when armed with the First Blade. While stronger than humans and demons while at normal strength, Metatron was easily overpowered when a group of ordinary angels ganged up on him at the same time. He is also far inferior to archangels without the tablet.


  • Angel Blade - Once Metatron's extra power was removed, he became vulnerable to an angel blade again. This is demonstrated when he flees Sam swinging one at him and when Dean tortures and nearly kills him with one and when Castiel takes his grace with one.
  • The First Blade - It is revealed in Stairway To Heaven that the First Blade can kill Metatron along with any angel.
  • Death's Scythe - Can kill anything.
  • Loss of the Angel Tablet - Metatron's God powers are removed when his connection to the Angel Tablet is severed.
  • Supernatural Handcuffs - It has been shown that Metatron can be bound by the supernatural handcuffs.
  • Grace Removal - Like all angels, Metatron can have his grace removed and be turned human which is what has happened to him.
  • Mortality - As of now, Metatron is vulnerable to all mortal injuries after Castiel and Sam removed his grace.



  • Metatron is the main antagonist of Season 9, along with Abaddon.
  • Metatron is an Archangel according to Jewish cultures. He is also the highest of all Angels, and in some versions, was the human Enoch who rose to Heaven as an Archangel. In some cases, he is called "the lesser YHVH".
  • Metatron's name means a guardian, a leader or the sun's servant.
  • In Road Trip it is implied that Metatron has had more than one vessel during his centuries on Earth. 
  • The hotel room Metatron occupies in The Great Escapist , 366, is a reference to Biblical lore in which Metatron had a human incarnation as the prophet Enoch, who is said to have written 366 books in his lifetime.
  • When first learning of Metatron, Sam misunderstands his name to be Megatron, the main enemy of the Transformers franchise. This could have been an early indicator that Metatron was not a good guy.
  • According to Metatron, he apparently has made God laugh twice before.
  • Metatron is the second main antagonist to have killed Dean Winchester. First was Lilith when she set her Hellhounds on him in Season 3 but Metatron is the first antagonist to have directly killed him. 
  • Metatron is the third main antagonist not to be killed. The first being Lucifer who didn't die but got trapped back into his cage in Season 5 Swan Song. Then Crowley in Season 6 The Man Who Knew Too Much where Castiel let him go and killing Raphael, then in Season 8 Sacrifice where Sam was curing him but stopped because he would have died. Dean then kidnaps him.
  • He is one of the only six angels to have ever seen God. The other five being, the Archangels and the angel Gadreel.
  • Metatron is now human after having his grace removed by Castiel. This is ironic as he did the exact same thing to Castiel a year and a half earlier.
  • Metatron's vessel appears to be lactose intolerant.
  • Castiel got his grace back, ironically presumably using the information on popular culture Metatron had downloaded into his brain earlier to find the right book. This allowed him to get there before Metatron despite being stunned.
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