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Metatron's Faction refers to a group of angels that were loyal to the former Scribe of God Metatron in the war to rule Heaven.


After causing the Fall of the Angels,[1] the Scribe of God Metatron begins to grow bored in Heaven alone. As a result, he decides to bring angels back to Heaven under his command as the new God, or "X" as he dubs himself. To this end, he recruits the angel Gadreel as his second in command. Under Metatron's orders, Gadreel murders the Prophet Kevin Tran[2] and commits a series of angel murders before being expelled from Sam Winchester.[3]

Over the following months, Gadreel continues recruiting angels to Metatron's side. Amongst the angels he manages to get to join with Metatron is Ingrid. Metatron eventually adopts the tactic of having Gadreel use the Horn of Gabriel to draw in angels and then to slaughter those who refuse to join him. Metatron's angels manage to capture Castiel and Metatron tries to get Castiel to amass his own faction to stand against him as the villain of Metatron's story. Metatron is ultimately forced to trade Castiel for Gadreel, but succeeds in getting Castiel to form an opposition force.[4]

Castiel is able to amass a massive force which captures Ezra, one of Metatron's faction. From Ezra, the Winchesters learn that Metatron has a secret portal, a ground force and an elite squad with a secret mission of some kind. Ezra's subsequent murder reveals that Metatron has someone on the inside of Castiel's faction as well. In response, Castiel meets with Gadreel in an attempt to convince Gadreel to become a spy for him to even out the odds. Metatron sends two assassins to kill Castiel, but the attempt fails.[5]

As a tactic against Castiel, Metatron begins a series of suicide bombings using Oren, Constantine and Tessa whom he has brainwashed into working for him while believing that they are working for Castiel. The suicide bombings kill Esther, one of Metatron's own followers and Tyrus, the leader of the largest independent faction left. Metatron's tactic succeeds in turning Castiel's faction against him and they join forces with Metatron. Tyrus' faction also joins with Metatron and he gains all of the angels under his command. However, his immoral and increasingly violent actions cause Gadreel to defect to Castiel's side.[6]

With all of the angels now on his side, Metatron uses broadcasting equipment set up by Neil to broadcast to every angel over "angel radio" that he is going to Earth and the Heavenly Portal is closed until his return. Hearing the message, Gadreel lets Castiel and Sam Winchester know that Metatron is now after humanity since he has the angels worshipping him.

With Gadreel now on their side, Sam and Castiel embark upon a plan to defeat Metatron once and for all. As part of the plan, while Dean Winchester uses the First Blade and the Mark of Cain to fight Metatron on Earth, Castiel and Gadreel will make their way into Heaven to destroy the angel tablet and return Metatron to being a normal angel. Though the Heavenly Portal is guarded by Asariel and Purah, Castiel and Gadreel are able to slip through by pretending that Castiel is Gadreel's prisoner, taking inspiration from Star Wars.

In Heaven, Hannah and Ingrid see through the trick and lock Castiel and Gadreel up in Heaven's dungeon. Castiel and Gadreel attempt to convince Hannah, Castiel's former second in command to join forces with them. After Gadreel sacrifices himself to blow up Castiel's cell, Hannah rejoins Castiel's side. Hannah takes Ingrid captive and helps Castiel slip into Metatron's office to search for the angel tablet.

After Castiel finds and destroys the angel tablet, Metatron returns to Heaven where he binds Castiel to his chair. Unaware that Castiel has activated the broadcasting equipment that Neil set up, Metatron brags about how he is just using the angels for his own ends and doesn't care about them at all. Metatron's confession is broadcast across "angel radio" and all angels turn against him, including Metatron's own followers. The angels capture Metatron and free Castiel who chooses to imprison Metatron rather than killing him.

Following the defeat and imprisonment of Metatron, Metatron's Faction disbands.[7]

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