These two unnamed angels served as assassins for Metatron's Faction following the Fall of the Angels.


In King of the Damned, after learning that Castiel is meeting with Gadreel, Metatron takes the opportunity to send two assassins to kill him.

As Gadreel and Castiel argue their points of view, the assassins enter the clearing and attack. Gadreel warns Castiel in time for him to block the female angel's attack and defeat her, ultimately killing her with his angel blade. The other assassin takes on Castiel's Guard who proves no match for him. The assassin kills the other angel and attacks Castiel, but is quickly killed by him.

Gadreel meets with Castiel the next day and insists that he had nothing to do with the attack. While Castiel believes him, Castiel uses Metatron sending assassins to ambush their meeting as proof of Metatron's untrustworthiness.

In Stairway to Heaven, Gadreel confronts Metatron about the attack by the assassins. Metatron insists that he saw his chance and took it, but ordered the two angels not to harm Gadreel.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

These angels appeared to be regular low-level angels, though slightly stronger than most.

  • Angelic Possession - Like all other angels, they required a vessel to walk the Earth and their permission to do so.
  • Immortality - As angels, they would live forever unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - As angels, they are invulnerable to most forms of harm.
  • Super Strength - As angels, they are stronger than humans, monsters and most demons. They appeared to be stronger than at least some low-level angels as one easily defeated and killed an angel with Castiel. However, they were no match for Castiel even when he was powered by burning-out grace.


They possessed all the common weaknesses of angels.

  • Higher-Tier Angels - They were subservient to and weaker than Metatron.
  • Angel Blades - They could be killed by an angel blade.



  • While speaking with Metatron, Gadreel states that Castiel's followers stopped the attack and saved Castiel and himself. However, Castiel took down the two angels single-handedly.
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