Meta Fiction is the 18th episode of Season 9. It aired on April 15th, 2014.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Metatron (guest star Curtis Armstrong) attempts to get Castiel to join forces with him. Still furious with Metatron, Castiel refuses, which sets a surprising plan in motion. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean capture Gadreel (guest star Tahmoh Penikett).


Metatron sits behind a typewriter, in an opulent library, and muses about what makes a good story.

In the Men of Letters bunker, Dean stands in the shower, slowly dragging his hands through his hair and over his eyes as the water pours over him. He then stands in front of the mirror and wipes away the steam. He looks into his own eyes for a second and sighs. His eyes then wander to his right arm and he rubs the Mark of Cain with his left hand.

In the war room, Sam reports to Dean that while he found some signs of demonic activity, there is no trace of Abaddon. As Dean rubs at the Mark, Sam asks if he is okay. Dean asserts that he is, and they get back to work.

In an abandoned factory, Castiel tries to locate the source of a pulsing sound. He catches his jacket on something and tears it, but continues to search for the origin of the sound. He enters a room and there are bloodied bodies everywhere, and the silhouette of wings burned onto the floor. On the wall is a sigil written in blood. Cass takes out his phone and takes a picture of it. Behind him Hannah, an angel, stabs at him with an angel blade. Cass disarms her and she begs for her life.

Hannah says that the angels were drawn to the place by the sound, where they were confronted by an angel – Gadreel – who said he worked for Metatron. Gadreel offered that those who joined Metatron and fought for him, would one day be allowed to return to heaven. Some had joined him and those that refused him had been killed.

Hannah recognizes Cass as the angel who stood against Bartholomew. When she asks him whether he will lead them against Metatron, he refuses, stating that he is no leader. Cass does say that he intends to exact revenge on Metatron.

Back in his motel room, Cass phones Sam and Dean. He explains what he found and sends them the photo of the sigil, adding that he found griffin feathers and bones of a fairy along with it as part of a spell to lure angels.

While Sam researches the spell, Cass and Dean catch up, with Cass admitting life on the road is difficult and that he misses his wings. Sam finds that the sigil was found at the scenes of some recent multiple homicides in Utah. Gadreel seems to be heading north so Dean suggests Castiel go to the town of Auburn while he and Sam head to Ogden. Dean mentions to Sam that they have a contact there that once helped them on a case with witches.

In Ogden, Gadreel enters a drug paraphernalia shop, which has a sigil on the window indicating it carries supplies for hunters. Gadreel asks the sales guy Ian for griffin feathers and fairy bones.

As Castiel goes to leave his motel room, which is decorated hunter style with clippings, and maps and research stuck to the wall, the TV switches on to a Casa Erotica video, where Gabriel appears, and then materializes in the room. Gabriel explains he wasn't dead, merely hiding in Heaven, but was tossed out along with all the angels. He says he came out of hiding when he heard that Metatron was using the Horn of Gabriel to trap and kill angels. He wants Castiel's help to take out Metatron.

He and Castiel drive off, and they call Sam and Dean, who have just found Ian's dead body, and leave a message. Gabriel explains to Cass that he doesn't want to run away anymore, that he wants to leave. He gets Cass to stop at a gas station, and while inside, a truck full of Metaron's minions arrives. Gabriel urges Castiel to leave and save himself while Gabriel holds them off. He argues that Castiel should lead the angels against Metatron.

As Castiel is about to leave, he notices that his coat, which was torn earlier, is no longer damaged, and realizes this is all an illusion. It fades away to reveal Metatron asking him "What makes a story work?"

Sam and Dean trap Gadreel in a ring of holy oil, and then take him to an empty building to interrogate. Sam becomes extremely angry, hitting Gadreel, so Dean suggests Sam go find Castiel, who isn't answering his phone, to help them.

Meanwhile, Metatron, frustrated that Castiel doesn't understand his references, implants in his mind the contents of every book, movie, and TV show he has consumed. He explains that he decided to use the trick with Gabriel to force Castiel into leading the angels in a rebellion against him. He planned to kill them, and then reward Castiel with a place in Heaven. Castiel again refuses, and Metatron this times offers him grace to replace the stolen one that is burning him up inside. Castiel again refuses. Metatron then gets word that Sam and Dean have Gadreel, so he appears to Sam and offers him a deal – Castiel for Gadreel.

Gadreel taunts Dean, claiming he knows what a low opinion Sam has of Dean. He even begs Dean to kill him. Taking a break in a dirty washroom, Dean splashes water on his face, and again stares at himself in the mirror, obviously feeling the effects of the Mark. His phone rings with a call from Sam, but he leaves it to return to Gadreel.

Sam returns to find both Dean and Gadreel collapsed on the floor. He convinces Dean that the trade may be their chance to capture Metatron.

At the exchange site, Sam and Dean try to trap Metatron in a ring of oil fire, but he simply blows it out. He is also able to wave away the protective sigils on the trunk of the Impala where they have Gadreel stashed. Metatron says it amuses him to watch the Winchesters and Castiel try and defeat him, which is why he hasn't killed them.

Later, the boys and Castiel discuss Metatron's God-like powers, and Castiel surprises them by understanding a Star Wars reference. As they move to say their farewells – Castiel is going to try and find Heaven while the boys pursue Abaddon – Cass notices something awry with Dean and confronts him about the Mark of Cain. Dean shrugs it off but Cass warns Sam to keep an eye on Dean.

Back in Heaven, Gadreel reports to Metatron that the way into heaven is again closed. He asks Metatron whether the Winchesters capturing him was part of the plan, and Metatron admits that it wasn't.

In the Impala, Dean stares straight ahead while Sam looks at him with concern. Back in his motel room, Castiel tears down all the research he had on the wall, and draws the Horn of Gabriel sigil. When he opens the door a group of angels stand there and he walks out to meet them. Metatron is, at the same time, typing a description of the very scene, ending with TO BE CONTINUED...


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  • It shares a similar title to the Season 7 episode Slash Fiction and the Season 10 episode Fan Fiction.
  • The words Metatron used to complain about Castiel's lacking knowledge of movies and books were almost identical to the words Meg used to complain about the same in Goodbye Stranger. Metatron rectifies this by implanting his knowledge of pop culture into Castiel's mind. In subsequent episodes, Castiel shows a better understanding of pop culture references.
  • Metatron reveals that Castiel's stolen grace is burning out, a plotline that continues through the rest of Season 9 and part of Season 10. This is rectified partially when Crowley gives Castiel Adina's grace in Soul Survivor and fixed completely when Castiel regains the remnants of his own grace in Book of the Damned.
  • This episode also marks the first appearance of Hannah, played by Erica Carroll, who also played a nurse in the episode Faith and a young mother in Something Wicked in Season 1.
  • This is also the first episode of the season to have an alternate title screen.
    • The regular title screen depicts flaming angel wings accompanied by the Supernatural logo and a loud, high pitched shriek.
    • The alternate title screen is depicted with a heavenly background, large white feathered angel wings instead of flaming ones, an angelic choir, and the word Metatron instead of Supernatural.
  • During the episode, its left unclear if Gabriel is an illusion created by Metatron or if he is actually alive. Though Gabriel is revealed to be alive in Season 13's Devil's Bargain, his story subsequently shows that he was a prisoner of Asmodeus from shortly after his "death" during the Apocalypse, confirming that this Gabriel was in fact fake. A further clue is that the Gabriel appearing here is in a weakened state and relies on human transportation like the other angels. Season 13 shows that Gabriel retains his wings and his power to teleport with only his diminished grace from Asmodeus rendering him weaker than usual.

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  • Fanfare-Rondeau by Jean-Joseph Mouret
  • The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore  by Frankie Valli



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Supernatural - Meta Fiction Trailer


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