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She's a Reaper. Works with Billie. (...) She's been watching me.

Merle is a reaper who was tasked by Death to watch over Jack Kline and make sure he complies to the rules set by her in their plan to kill God. After helping Jack, the Winchester brothers, Castiel and Jody Mills in their plan to save Kaia Nieves from the Bad Place, she is killed by Billie for not following the rules.


In Galaxy Brain, when Jack tries to reach Billie, Merle appears to him instead. She tells him Billie is busy to talk. Jack tells Merle that he had tried to call her when Kabaiel was about to kill him to which Merle replied that Billie was busy at that time and that perhaps she knew he could handle it or that Castiel would save him. Merle then proceeds to tell Jack to calm down and just follow the rules: lie low, wait for instructions and not use his powers under any circumstances in order to prevent God from finding him. When Sam Winchester comes to check on Jack, she disappears.

Later, she appears after Jack decides to rescue Kaia. She berates Jack for wanting to ruin the plan just to save one single life, comparing him with the Winchesters. Merle even says Jack can try, but she will tell Death. However, Jack replies that, in the meantime, he would open the rift to the Bad Place, knowing Billie would not like to be warned about it when it is too late. Before that threat, Merle suggests she can just stop him, but Jack invites her to do it, but then warns her Billie would not react well once she came to her to report it. Jack then gives Merle a third option: help them find the safest way to rescue Kaia so that Billie doesn't has to know. Despite still finding the idea stupid, Merle decides to help, by fixing the warding on the bunker temporarily to prevent God from sensing Jack, along with Castiel.

After Kaia is rescued, Merle says that, despite not caring about Kaia being safe, the mission was a success. When Sam asks her if God didn't sense anything, she replies that, if that happened, they all would be dead. At that moment, she is stabbed by Billie's scythe. Billie justifies that action by saying Merle failed to do her job by keeping Jack in line and that their team is only as strong as the weakest players.


If I cared for a second about saving that girl, I guess I'd say that was a victory.
— Merle
in Galaxy Brain

Like most Reapers, Merle didn't care much about the well-being of humans, only caring to do their jobs and follow the rules. This is showed when she warned Jack to not use his powers to save Kaia or else she would warn Billie or stop him herself. However, after Jack presented her reasons for her not to do it and help them instead, she ends up doing it, despite the fact she ended up being killed by Billie for that.

Powers and abilities[]

Merle possessed the common abilities of a Reaper.

  • Invisibility - As a Reaper, Merle is naturally invisible. She can become visible at will as she did with Jack and the Winchesters to communicate with them.


Billie kills Merle with her scythe.

Merle possessed all the common weaknesses of a Reaper.

  • Death's scythe - because the scythe can kill the incarnation of Death, it can also kill her. Billie used the scythe to kill Merle.



  • Merle is the first character to be killed on-screen by Billie.
    • She was killed through the use of Death's scythe which has been used to kill another Reaper in Season 4 and Death in Season 10.