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Is there anything else I can help you with?
— Mercury to Dean
in Hammer of the Gods

Mercury was the Roman god of messengers. He was the desk clerk of the Elysian Fields Hotel in which the other Deities gathered to discuss the Apocalypse. He was the one who obtains blood from Sam and Dean, so Kali could bind them to her. He betrayed their location (and thus the location of the Winchesters) to Lucifer, resulting in his murder, alongside nearly all the other deities, save for Kali, who was saved by the archangel Gabriel.


Season 5[]

A police officer at Elysian Fields Hotel is confronted by Mercury, the officer tells him that he can't be here at night. Mercury says everyone has their role to play in the Apocalypse, even humans, and kills the man, serving him later as dinner. He later greets Sam and Dean as they enter the hotel, and takes blood from them without them noticing. Mercury then gives their blood to Kali.

During the meeting Mercury suggests that they talk to the Lucifer and Michael. Kali then uses biokinesis to chock him, resulting in him spitting up blood. Later on when Loki is revealed to be the archangel Gabriel, Kali “kills” him, Mercury then comments on how this is crazy.

Lucifer eventually arrives himself, as Mercury prayed to him revealing the Winchesters' location. Lucifer begins to explain how petty he finds the Pagan deities as they are always fighting and blaming things on themselves, claiming that they are worse than humans and demons and proceeds to snap Mercury's neck, killing him.[1]

Season 14[]

In Gods and Monsters, Lucifer's former vessel Nick experiences a flashback to Lucifer killing Mercury while Lucifer was possessing him.

Physical Appearance[]

Mercury was very slick and slim. He was dressed in a red dress suit and had black hair. He acted as the majordomo of the hotel the deities were convening in, assembling the meal and providing information from the service desk.


Mercury did not care for humans at all, feeling no remorse in killing, cooking, and capturing them. However, he was respectful and well mannered to other beings. He was also sensible and suggested that the deities try to talk to the angels rather than fight them. Despite this, he was disloyal to his fellow divinities and sold them out by calling Lucifer, a character flaw which the latter noticed and condemned him for.

Powers and Abilities[]


Mercury's presence positively influences some dead herbs growth.

Mercury extreme speed

Mercury using super speed.

Mercury was a powerful pagan deity who could overpower and rip apart humans without a smidge of difficulty and run overwhelmingly fast.

  • Biokinesis - He was able to restore a dead flower to its bloom.
  • Invulnerability - As a deity, Mercury could only be harmed by beings of great power, taking beings like Kali to harm him, and Lucifer and the other archangels are able to easily kill him.
  • Immortality - As a deity, Mercury could live forever.
  • Reality Warping - He could influence the environment around him, and was able to repair a shattered mirror and transform the Elysian Fields Hotel from an abandoned wreck, into a four-star hotel. However, he may have done this with his super speed.
  • Super Strength - Mercury could casually overpower a grown man and rip him apart with his bare hands.
  • Advanced Super Speed - Mercury could run or simply move his body extremely fast, faster than the human eye can see. He's so fast that he took a sample of Dean's blood without ever appearing to leave his position at the front desk.
  • Summoning Spells - Mercury once said at the meeting of the gods about the Apocalypse and the Archangels “we haven’t even try talking to them” and when Kali and Baldur contemplated to bring Lucifer to them, Sam told her “you need to squeeze some stuff from my ribs and he’ll come” meaning that Kali and the other gods didn’t know how to contact Lucifer. However, after a while, Mercury somehow magically summon Lucifer and sold out the gods location to him, implying he had knowledge of with spell-work than the rest of the gods did not.
  • Astral Perception - Mercury was able to immediately know who Lucifer was in his vessel Nick without ever seeing or meeting him before.




  • Mercury has influenced the name of many things in a variety of scientific fields, such as the planet Mercury, and the element mercury, which it was formally associated.
  • Actor John Emmet Tracy also portrayed Tom in the Season 13 episode The Big Empty.
  • In Roman mythology, Mercury is known to be a trickster god, however this was never mentioned in the series.
  • Mercury is the Roman name of Hermes the Grecian herald of the gods, and as well as as the god of travellers, thieves, merchants and orators. He is famously known for his blistering speed,
  • In Supernatural Mercury shows no qualms with the human sacrifices presented, and even seems smugly pleased with the slaughter - in classical mythology, The Greco-Roman gods openly despised human sacrifice and were disgusted by such.

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