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The Darkness' projection to communicate with Dean

Mental Projection is the ability to project one's thoughts into another person's mind.

Known users[]

  • Psychics
    • Andrew Gallagher - He was able to show Dean Winchester where the "special children" were trapped, albeit with a headache.[1]
    • Magda Peterson - Was able to project her thoughts into the minds of Olivia Sanchez and Ricky Copeland, making them repeat her words. However, this had the effect of scrambling their brains and killing them.
  • Seraphim
    • Castiel - Upon his return from Purgatory, Castiel attempted to reach out to Dean, causing images of him to appear on the side of the road and outside of a window. However, as Castiel was weakened, these images only lasted a very short time and were gone before Dean could investigate them.[2]
  • Archangels
  • The Darkness - The Darkness is able to project an image of herself and Lucifer into Dean's mind to pass a message to God and later to ask Dean to meet with her. Shortly after her release, the Darkness was able to project an image of her grown form inside her smoke cloud before apporting Dean a mile away where she projected a vision of the two of them standing in the middle of her smoke form to communicate with him.