Memory Manipulation is the ability to erase, modify, or restore a being's memories.

Characters with this ability

Primordial Entities

  • Cosmic Entity - When Castiel woke up in the Empty, it went through his memories.
  • Death - Was able to set up a "wall" inside Sam's mind that prevented him from remembering his ordeal in Hell.
  • God - When he resurrected Castiel the third time, he suppressed his memories, albeit temporarily.
  • Archangels
    • Michael - He was able to erase John and Mary's memories of Anna Milton's attempt to kill them and with just a snap of his fingers, erased an entire diner's memories of him obliterating Lilith.

Angelic Beings

  • Seraphim
    • Castiel - Castiel allowed Sam and Dean to remember the events of the alternate timeline that was created with Balthazar prevented the Titanic's sinking. He erased the memories Lisa and Ben's memories of Dean, after Dean asked him for a favor. He also showed Michael all the visions of God's betrayal
    • Zachariah - He could remove others memories, implant false ones or return them.
  • Angels
    • Naomi - When Castiel was returned to Earth, he was unable to remember speaking with her.
    • Gadreel - Gadreel erased Sam's memory that they met in his mind and also that he gave Gadreel permission to possess his body
  • Reapers
    • Tessa - She was able to restore Dean's memories previously erased by Azazel.


  • Azazel - Was able to erase Dean's memory of his conversation with Tessa upon resurrecting him.
  • Dagon - Was able to manipulate the memory of a doctor to say that Jack was alright to Kelly Kline.
  • Crowley - Was able to "scrub" Kevin's short term memory. 


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