Melvin Dodd was the sheriff in Monument, Colorado.


In 2008, after FBI agent Victor Henriksen got a tip from Bela Talbot about the Winchesters being in Monument, Colorado, he called in Dodd and his deputies to capture them. After catching the Winchesters, Henriksen released a man Dodd had arrested for a drunk and disorderly to clear the cells.

After Deputy Director Steven Groves arrived, Dodd, Henriksen and Deputy Phil Amici responded to a disturbance, only to find Groves dead, Dean wounded and Sam holding a gun. The three officers refused to believe the Winchesters claim that they didn't kill Groves, that he was possessed by a demon and had likely been dead already for some time.

Before Henriksen could move the Winchesters to Supermax, they lost contact with the deputies outside and Agent Calvin Reidy before the FBI helicopter exploded. As Dodd and Phil armed up and the power went out, Henriksen refused to go outside to check on their officers, knowing that they were already dead. Instead, he told Dodd that they were under siege and had to stay inside.

Dodd later decided to make a break for a SWAT facility in Boulder, Colorado with the Winchesters and attempted to remove them from their cells. Before he could, the demon that had possessed Groves possessed Henriksen and made Henriksen shoot Dodd in the head. The demon was eventually exorcised from a stunned Henriksen who was horrified that he had killed Dodd while possessed.

The day after the siege, Dodd was one of those listed as having been killed in the "gas explosion" that destroyed the police station.



  • The name "Melvin Dodd" is a reference to the characters "Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd" and "Melvin P. Thorpe" from "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas"
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