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Melissa Barrows (née Crane) is wife and widow of Kevin Barrows.


Early StoryEdit

Melissa was native of Braden Heights, Indiana, along with her husband Kevin Barrows. Sometime in 2015, before before of the events of Supernatural: Cold Fire, they gained a daughter, Noelle.

It was said that both of them already married for 4 years, but somehow cannot gain a baby, until one day a fertility clinic, Stanton Fertility Clinic opened in the town and opened their IVF facility, enabling them to have child.

Supernatural: Cold FireEdit

One day, Melissa successfully make Noelle sleep in her crib. Kevin and Melissa joked together about the baby, until suddenly the baby monitor gone static and Noelle cried but strangely, her voice turned weaken and weaken over time. Kevin checked Noelle's room to check what happened with her daughter.

He saw a woman figure standing on the side of the crib, with something sucked to the Noelle. Realizing his baby attacked and weakened significantly, Kevin tried to protect the couple's daughter. Noelle was saved, but Kevin died.

Police later come to the scene, after Melissa called them. Melissa expressed her disbelief. She testified to Sam and Dean, that the woman, can stab and injure Kevin, who was former athlete. When Kevin Barrows killed, Castiel later realized that the thing they encounter not only targeting men near pregnant woman, it also targeted infants and men that near woman that recently had childbirth.

When her parents accompanied her and discussed about the future funeral service of Kevin, Riza possessed her, altering her memory, and mental state. Suddenly she knocked the table and hit her mother's head with full force with a cookie jar, ranting various curses to "Ronnie". She suddenly unconscious, seemingly well and able to communicate, before later enraged and punched Cordero until his lip broken. Cordero tried to tased her, but Barbara get her consciousness again and begged to him to not to do it. When she calmed again, Cordero managed to restrain her with cuff and nylon ropes. He noticed strange delayed tempo of anger: bouts of rage, followed by a period of brief unconsciousness and calm, followed by another bout of homicidal rage. He also get same symptoms from Castiel and Captain Jamie Sands.

Dean later informed by Captain Jaime Sands about the strange behavior, collected by others. Dean later consulted Dr. Vanessa Hartwell about this. Dr. Hartwell denied about the involvement of drugs in the rage induction. When they realize the delayed tempo of anger, both Dean and Dr. Hartwell realized that the rage similar like labor pains.

In aftermath of the events, police chose to not attempted to solve the case, as no logical explanation would suffice. No charges filed, by either attacked family members and the officers. Cordero also forgave her and had no plans to charge them with assaulting a police officer.


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