Melanie Golden is the granddaughter of one of the town's psychics.


Season 7Edit

Melanie works an "honest" life by travelling to hotels and conventions to read people. She was out of town working when her grandmother, Goldy, was killed. Back at her house, Melanie is approached by two FBI agents, who are Sam and Dean Winchester. They find her with a friend, who offers to stay but Melanie tells her she'll be okay alone.

Melanie correctly deduces that the agents are here to talk about her late grandmother, and explains that she was absent from town because of work. This surprises Dean, since she doesn't look like a psychic, due to a lack of crystals or pyramids. Melanie corrects him by saying she is off the clock and not a psychic.

To elaborate, Melanie explains she reads people by examining their body language, and was able to deduce that there is a lot of tension between Sam and Dean. Melanie adds that this is the reason she and her grandmother didn't get along, since Goldy preferred to go "full smoke-machine". When the brothers inquire about her grandmother's necklace, she admits she doesn't have it, and points towards the emporium, to Sam's surprise.

Later on, Melanie calls Dean to reveal that just like Nikolai, her grandmother had a vision of her death before it occurred. When she mentions the temperature drop, Dean reveals - much to Melanie's disbelief - that a ghost was responsible. Dean goes on to admit that he is not real FBI. Melanie then brings Dean to her friend, Camille, who had a vision of her own impending death. When the trio see a footage of a ghost, Melanie is shocked to see a real ghost and admits she saw that woman's photo in a museum. Sam and Dean are led to believe it's Kate Fox.

However, the real culprit Margaret Fox attacks Camille shortly after. Melanie tries to fight the ghost off using instructions Sam and Dean give her through the phone, but Melanie is ultimately forced to watch her friend die. Sam and Dean arrive at her house to comfort her. Dean stays behind to protect Melanie while Sam goes in search of Margaret's bones. As Dean battles Margaret's ghost, Sam is confronted by Jimmy Tomorrow, who is the man controlling Margaret and ordering her to kill various people out of jealousy towards their popularity.

In the end, Sam successfully kills Jimmy and dispatches Margaret's ghost, saving Melanie.

Melanie later visits Dean at the cafe to thank him for saving her. She offers to read his palm but admits the answer is still "hazy".



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