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I'm simpler than you think. I figured out one thing about this world - just one pretty much. You find a cause and you serve it. Give yourself over and it orders your life. Lucifer and Yellow Eyes ... their mission was it for me. [...] Obviously these things shift over time. We learn, we grow. Now, for me currently, the cause is bringing down the King. [...] I know what I'm supposed to do. And it isn't screw with Sam and Dean or lose the only angel who'd go to bat for me.

This unnamed demon, known only as "Meg" after the woman she was originally seen possessing, was a loyal follower of Lucifer. She worked for her "father" and fellow Lucifer-loyalist the Prince of Hell Azazel in Season 1, at which point she met and became enemies with the Winchester Family. She was among Lucifer's demonic servants in Season 5.

Following Lucifer's re-imprisonment in his cage in Swan Song, Meg sought vengeance on Crowley for having helped trap Lucifer and taking his place as King of Hell; to this end, she made an uneasy alliance with Sam and Dean, needing more allies as her fellow loyalists were hunted down by Crowley's forces. She also formed a romantic attraction to the angel Castiel who seemed to share this to an extent. Meg also teamed up with Sam, Dean, Castiel and Crowley to stop the Leviathans.

Meg was captured by Crowley at the end of Survival of the Fittest and was tortured by him for a year, but refrained from giving him the information he wanted from her, instead passing it on to the Winchesters and Castiel when they came to her rescue. She fended Crowley off long enough for the boys to retrieve the Angel Tablet and escape before he killed her.

Years later, the Shadow, the being that controls the Empty where all angels and demons go upon death, assumes Meg's form on multiple occasions to communicate with Castiel and the Winchesters.



Hi. I'm Meg. I'm a demon.

This demon was originally a human. Her soul was condemned to Hell for unknown reasons. Upon her death, her soul went to Hell and was transformed into a demon. There, she trained as a master of torture under Alastair

She was the "daughter" of Azazel and thus the sister of Azazel's "son" Tom. Both this demon and Tom served their father and his cause of freeing Lucifer from his cage and aiding the archangel in his war against God, the Host of Heaven, and humanity. Although her brother did not seem to care for her, she was apparently quite close to Azazel, who took her to visit Lucifer's Crypts with him, locations which most demons did not know and had not been to.

At some point, the demon was released from Hell. She possessed a college student named Meg Masters (from Andover, Massachusetts), who was horrified by the demon's actions in her body: for example, cutting the human Meg's hair and dressing her "like a slut." She first possessed the human Meg in either 2004 or 2005; her possession of Meg went on for about a year and this demon eventually adopted Meg's name for herself. 

Season 1[]

Meg meets Sam.

Meg first came into contact with the Winchester Family when she encountered one of Azazel's "Special Children", the hunter Sam, in Scarecrow. Sam had gotten into an argument with Dean and was thus separated from his family at the time. She pretended to be startled when he came up from behind her and touched her on the shoulder while she sat by the side of a road and listened to music. When he asked where she was going, she deflected the question, teasing him by saying he might be a "some kind of freak." When a man pulled up in a van and offered to give her a lift, she accepted his offer; Sam asked, "You trust shady van guy and not me?" to which she playfully replied, "Definitely." It was later implied that she killed the driver off-screen.

When Sam was at a bus station and on the verge of calling Dean, Meg suddenly reappeared and distracted him. He told her that he was headed for California, leading Meg to feign surprise and claim that she, too, was going to the same place. They formally introduced themselves to each other with a handshake before getting to know one another over food and drinks. Meg claimed that she had to get away from her family because they were too controlling, a sentiment Sam could empathize with.

Meg tried to keep Sam away from Dean, but he became worried when Dean didn't answer his phone for hours and decided to go help him despite Meg's entreaties to stay with her. She was later seen hitching another ride before telling the driver to pull over so she could "make a call." She then killed him with a knife, collected his blood in a goblet, and contacted Azazel to ask why he had her let Sam (and Dean) go when she could have "taken them both."

Meg at the bar.

In Shadow, Meg laid a trap for the Winchesters intended to ensnare John, who was getting too close to finding a way to kill Azazel. She used witchcraft to gain control over daevas which she then used to kill two people in Chicago, Illinois who had both been born in Lawrence, Kansas, the same as Sam and Dean, in order to lure the Winchesters in to investigate.

While investigating, Sam recognized Meg at a bar, much to his surprise. She greeted him with an enthusiastic hug. He asked her why she was in Chicago, which she waived off by saying that she had gotten bored in California. She was annoyed when Dean continuously pretended to cough to gain their attention, and when Sam finally introduced him, she berated Dean for "dragging" Sam with him rather than let his brother do what he wanted, to make it seem as though Sam complained about Dean behind his back and thus make Dean hurt and angry. Meg apologized to Sam, offered to meet up with him later, and gave him her number and the name and background of the real Meg so that she would check out when he looked up her information.

Sam remained suspicious of Meg's turning up during a case by chance when he had thought he would never see her again. He staked out her apartment; aware of his presence, Meg changed clothes in front of the window, liking having him watch her. She then went to an abandoned warehouse and feigned another "call" to Azazel to tip Sam, who was following her, off to the fact that she was working with the demon responsible for his mother and his girlfriend's deaths. Sam and Dean called John in for help, as Meg had planned.

Supernatural116 606.jpg

When Sam and Dean tried to ambush Meg, she had the daevas overpower them before she tied them up. The boys, not yet aware of her true nature, asked her why she was helping demons, which she claimed was out of love and loyalty. She explained her plan to them, including that they were merely bait to catch their father; although Dean scoffed at the idea of her capturing John because he was "too good," she revealed that his sons were his weakness and that he was already in town to help them. Meg straddled Sam's lap and started to kiss him to have "a little dirty fun" with him unable to stop her.

Meg noticed Dean trying to cut himself loose from his ropes. She threw his knife away before returning to Sam, only to find that Sam had taken advantage of her distraction to free himself: he headbutted her and pushed her altar over. Free from Meg's control, the daevas lashed out by dragging her out a window and causing her to plummet down to her apparent death seven storeys below. After the Winchesters left, Meg regained control of the daevas using an amulet. She sent the creatures to attack Sam, Dean, and John, who had reunited in their motel room, but Sam temporarily dispelled the daevas with flares and the hunters fled.

"Does that make me a bad person?"

After the Winchesters found the demon-killing Colt in Dead Man's Blood, by Salvation the demons began making desperate efforts to claim it from them and kill them. In the guise of a repentant sinner, Meg entered the church of Jim Murphy, an old family friend of the Winchesters. She soon revealed herself as a demon and mocked the pastor before chasing him into his weapons room, catching a knife he threw at her and using it to kill him.

The next day, Meg captured another one of the Winchesters' friends, Caleb, and tied him up to hold hostage. She called Sam (who was shocked to find out she was still alive after "Shadow") and demanded to speak to John. When John pretended that he didn't have the Colt, Meg killed Caleb, letting John hear his friend die over the phone. She threatened to kill the rest of his friends if he didn't give her the Colt, which John reluctantly agreed to. When she told him to meet her at midnight, he protested that it was impossible to reach the location she picked in time, but Meg didn't relent, saying, "Well, I guess your friends die, don't they? If you do decide to make it, come alone," before hanging up.

Meg and Tom waited for John at the warehouse. Meg was somewhat disappointed when John did manage to make it in time, as she had hoped to kill more of his friends. She once more ordered him to give her the Colt. He demanded to know how he was supposed to avoid getting killed by her once he did, to which Meg sneered that if he was as good as he was said to be, he'd figure something out. He threatened to just shoot her, but she didn't care, saying that there were more demons to take her place and causing Tom to present himself to back her up.

When John finally handed over the Colt, Meg gave it to Tom to inspect and he shot her to test it, shocking Meg. They realized it was a fake Colt (as he had given the real one to Sam and Dean to use on Azazel) and advanced on John while Meg threatened to kill him and his sons. He ran off with the demons following. They were momentarily diverted when he blocked their path with holy water, but Tom eventually managed to capture him. Meg answered John's ringing phone to taunt Dean by saying that he and Sam had "really screwed up this time"—they were never going to see John again. Angry and worried, Dean hung up on her.

Meg being interrogated.

The following episode, Devil's Trap, had Meg track Sam and Dean down to Bobby Singer's house. It is implied that she killed Bobby's dog, Rumsfeld, when she arrived. Furious and anxious to obtain the real Colt, she confronted the hunters, only to realize that she had walked right under a Devil's Trap. The hunters tied Meg to a chair and salted the doors and windows to ensure no other demon arrive to save her before they began interrogating her about where she had taken John. She continuously taunted Dean and insisted that she had already killed his father, enraging him to the point that he hit her in the face. She was irritated when they decided to perform an exorcism on her as part of the interrogation. Hearing the exorcism agonized her, and she promised to kill Dean and Sam and continued to lie that John was already dead. Eventually, however, she revealed that John was being held in a building in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Meg Exorcised.

Dean decided to finish the exorcism in order to save the real Meg from possession. The demon was sent back to Hell while her host perished of injuries acquired during the time she was possessed. The real Meg Masters confirmed the demon's information on John's location, but told them that she had wanted them to also know it was a trap. Azazel was furious about Meg's exorcism and later tried to torture Dean to death for his role in it as revenge.


Even though she herself was a demon, Meg suffered terribly in Hell, which she described as "a prison, made of bone and flesh and blood and fear." She clung to her desire to gain revenge against the Winchesters for sending her back to Hell, planning to climb out eventually to torture Dean "nice and slow, like pulling the wings off of an insect." Her thirst for vengeance was so great that it overrode her loyalty to Azazel and his plans.

Meg learned about a binding link which locked demons inside their vessels even if an exorcism was used on them and a spell which made the earth shake violently. As it was revealed in Caged Heat that Meg had apprenticed under Alastair, it is possible that she studied under him at this time. She also claimed to have encountered John in Hell.

Season 2[]

In In My Time of Dying, when John is bargaining with Azazel to save Dean's life in exchange for the Colt and his soul Azazel actually hesitates out of resentment for Dean exorcising Meg and killing Tom.

The brand Meg burned into Sam's arm.

In Born Under a Bad Sign, Meg managed to escape Hell through means unknown. She possessed Sam for over a week and in the process learned all of his thoughts and emotions, including his dream of having a normal life and his fear of turning evil. She punished both brothers by forcing Sam to commit evil acts, thus framing him to force Dean to kill him as John had ordered him to before his death. She also burned a binding link into Sam's arm.

A week after she first possessed him and left without a word to Dean, a blood-soaked "Sam" called a worried Dean in order to help figure out what had happened to him because he claimed he couldn't remember anything. They retraced his steps, finding a number of uncharacteristic behaviours from "Sam", the most damning of which was the cold-blooded murder of a fellow hunter named Steve Wandell that had been captured on camera. However, Dean refused to believe his brother had turned evil, even when "Sam" begged him to kill him.

Meg possessing Sam.

When she saw that Dean still wouldn't kill Sam, Meg decided to ramp things up and knocked him out before tracking Jo Harvelle down; "Sam" asked Jo for a beer and claimed he wanted to patch things up between them after she learned her father had died as the result of a mistake John had made. Meg started to taunt Jo about the "torch" she was still carrying for Dean, saying that he only thought of her as a schoolgirl or a little sister, before grabbing her arm and saying that she cared about Jo a lot and could be "more" to her. Jo ordered "Sam" to leave, but instead he waited until she had her back turned before grabbing her from behind and knocking her unconscious by slamming her head into the bar. Meg tied Jo up and forced her to recount what she knew about Bill's death at knife-point before taunting Jo by saying that John had actually killed Bill himself to put him out of his misery after Bill was badly injured. Dean arrived and demanded "Sam" let Jo go, but he insisted that Dean either kill him or he would kill Jo. Dean suddenly used holy water on "Sam" and found out that he was possessed.

Meg fled with Dean giving chase. She decided to kill him since he had learned Sam was possessed and would definitely not kill him, and so shot him in the shoulder and watched him fall into a river. Smirking, she left him to drown. Meg set her sights on Bobby for his participation in her exorcism. She once more pretended to be Sam in order to gain entry into his house and win his trust, but her ruse was exposed when "Sam" reacted in crippling pain to holy water-laced beer. Bobby knocked her unconscious, tied her to a chair, and drew up another devil's trap to keep her helpless. Dean, having been saved by Jo, arrived and hit Meg to wake her up.

Meg Escapes.

The hunters tried to perform another exorcism, but although it hurt Meg, she stayed inside of Sam due to the binding link and then used the spell she had learned about to crack the devil's trap. She started to beat Dean up and taunt him, but then Bobby used a hot poker to burn the binding link. Knowing she was now vulnerable, Meg quickly fled Sam through the fireplace, but did not go back to Hell. Knowing that she was still out there, Bobby gave Sam and Dean charms to prevent her possessing one of them again.

Season 4[]

In Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester, a spell cast by Lilith to break the 66 seals provokes the resurrection of various spirits of deceased people whom hunters, including Sam and Dean, couldn't save; that includes the real Meg Masters. As a side-effect of the spell Meg becomes a vengeful spirit seeking revenge against Dean for killing her. When trying to kill him, Meg mentions all that terrible things that the demon Meg made her do, describing it as being ridden for months by pure evil. She also states that the demon cut off her hair and dressed her "like a slut." 

Season 5[]

Meg returns in a new host.

In Sympathy for the Devil, When Dean works out the meaning of Chuck's message about the location of the Michael Sword, Bobby attacks him, revealing that he is possessed by a demon. At that point Meg arrives, she jogs Dean's memory to remind him of her in a new vessel while informing Dean that the demons want him dead so he can't stop Lucifer. She kisses Dean and orders the possessed Bobby to kill Dean with the Demon-Killing Knife, but just as he is about to strike, Bobby manages to battle the demon and stab himself in the leg instead. Sam returns and helps dispatch the other two demons, but Meg escapes by "smoking out" of her vessel.


In Abandon All Hope, Meg apparently found her host's body and joined Lucifer after her encounter with the Winchesters. She is present with Lucifer in the city of Carthage, Missouri when Lucifer performs the ritual to release Death. Meg confronts Sam, Dean, Ellen, and Jo in the streets of Carthage, flanked by a pack of hellhounds. Dean shoots at one of the invisible hounds and it attacks, chasing after him. Jo attempts to protect him and is grievously wounded. They retreat to a hardware store to regroup, Jo eventually dying from the wounds and Ellen sacrifices herself to kill the Hellhounds after them. 

Meg with Lucifer.

Meg returns to Lucifer's side to ask for further instructions. He tells her to leave the brothers be, and leaves her to watch over Castiel, whom Lucifer has trapped within a ring of burning Holy Oil. Meg gleefully revels in the fact she and her kind are "winning" and taunts the angel about it. Castiel counters with what the demon Crowley's told the Winchesters: that Lucifer cares little for demons and sees them as a means to an end that will be destroyed as soon as humans are eradicated.

Castiel throws Meg into Holy Fire to escape.

Meg does not believe him and comes forward to argue. Castiel telekinetically releases a large pipe from the ceiling above her and it swings forward, knocking Meg through the fire and into his arms. Castiel immediately tries to smite her with his touch, but his power fails him now that he is cut off from Heaven. Meg mocks Castiel, asking what he plans to do now that he is powerless. Castiel looks at her lips as though he might kiss her, but then throws her onto the fire, and as she screams in agony, he walks over her body to escape from captivity.

In The Devil You Know, when talking to Bobby about his possession Sam states how he was able to resist Meg's orders and wanted to know how to do it, considering saying yes so he could throw himself into Hell. Bobby however states that it is impossible and that "it's called possession for a reason" and inadvertently mentions Meg's possession of Sam saying "you of all people should know that that means".


After Lucifer's defeat Crowley became king of hell and began hunting down the Lucifer followers including Meg, who returns to the same body, despite the fact that she had been thrown into holy fire. She joins up with other Lucifer followers in order to hunt down Crowley and kill him to avoid being killed themselves. 

Season 6[]

Meg returns

In Caged Heat, Meg kidnaps Sam and Dean in order to force them to reveal Crowley's location. As Sam states, it was either "him or her."

Castiel kisses Meg.

Sam strikes a deal with her: she can torture and kill Crowley if Sam gets his soul back. Meg, the Winchesters and Castiel act on a tip from Samuel Campbell and locate Crowley's prison and infiltrate it, but are soon discovered by a hellhound pack that tears apart the demons with Meg. Meg tells the brothers she'll be supporting them from afar while stating she didn't know this event would happen. However, because of a spell she can't escape her vessel. Sam orders her to hold the hellhounds off. Meg complies and kisses Castiel to distract him as she steals his angel blade. Castiel, in turn, pushes her against the wall and gives her an even more passionate kiss in return as she questions this. Facing Sam and Dean's confused looks, he states he learned that from the Pizza Man, a porno he had been watching earlier.

Meg fights off the Hellhounds.

Meg kills the hellhounds with the angel blade, but is then captured by the demon possessing Christian Campbell, who begins to torture her. Meg laughs at the pain, saying her host is a girl who moved from Cheboygan Michigan to Los Angeles wanting to be an actress, and this probably wasn't even the worst thing to happen to her. While she is speaking, Dean kills Christian with Ruby's knife.


After trapping Crowley under a devil's trap, Meg tortures him to find out if he can restore Sam's soul. When he insists that he cannot, Dean hands the demon killing knife to her so she can kill Crowley, but he overpowers her and uses the knife to break the devil's trap. Castiel then appears with Crowley's bones, which he burns, killing Crowley (although in Mommy Dearest this was revealed to be a distraction so that Crowley could escape and continue working with Castiel to crack open Purgatory). In the moment, Meg escapes before Sam can kill her.

Season 7[]

Meg in the car with Dean and Castiel.

In The Born-Again Identity, Meg returns and finds Dean while he is in a convenience store, when multiple demons approach. They corner him, he kills one, but another almost kills him. Meg kills it from behind, causing the remaining demon to flee. She knows that he's with Castiel, who's now named Emanuel, bearing amnesia. Dean tells her not mention to him about his true nature, and she reluctantly agrees.

She, Dean and "Emanuel" go to get Sam, in the hopes that he can heal Sam. They get there, but there are numerous demons guarding the hospital. Meg tells him he's an angel and he asks, confused, if she's flirting with him. She insists it is his species, and Dean encourages him he can do it. He manages to kill all the demons there, which restores his memories. When they finally do enter, Cass tries to fix Sam, but has no luck since the 'wall' is nothing but dust. Then Cass thinks of something, that will supposedly get Sam back on his feet, he shifts Sam's hell memories to himself.

Near the very end of episode, Meg gets a position at the mental hospital so she can monitor Cass, under the alias [her name] "Masters". The boys, reluctantly, leave Cass in her care.

Meg and Castiel at the mental hospital.

In Reading Is Fundamental, Meg is bedside with Castiel, listening to music and reading a magazine waiting for Castiel to wake up. When Castiel awakes, she later calls Sam and Dean telling them that "their boy is awake" and if they want answers to start driving.

Once at the mental hospital, Meg greets the boys, and leads them to Castiel's room. She then tells them that Cass has been acting like "the naked man at the rave, totally useless". That is when Cass describes her as his caretaker, and all that thorny pain being so beautiful. Meg answers with not liking poetry and telling him to put up or shut up.

SPN 0528.jpg

Meg becomes curious of what the boys are up to, with having the Word of God, and wants to see the tablet. Dean interferes telling her to back off (twice). Meg becomes offended saying enough of this demons are second class citizens crap. Cass, visibly upset, says he doesn't like conflict, and drops the tablet, which breaks into pieces on the floor, as he vanishes. Meg tells Dean that Cass is probably down in the day room.

She then asks Sam again what they are up to but is ignored. Meg says OK, she'll just hit the road with her angel. Sam follows her and ask what she means. She asks, "We both call, who do you think Cass will come to? I'm guessing me. You heard him – thorny beauty, blah, blah. I'm the saint who stayed with him." She says Cass owes her. Sam asks her what she is going to do with a broken angel and she answers she's taking power where she can get it and that she has herself to look out for.

Sam then hears a noise, and him and Meg go check it out. Sam sees the tablet gone and is left bewildered. Outside Kevin has the tablet and is running away with it. Kevin is chased by Sam and ends up being knocked down by Meg. She asks what he is, if he's not a demon or chomper.

Meg holds the Angels back with an Angel Blade.

Back in Castiel's room, Sam is questioning Kevin about the tablet. Suddenly Meg shows her black eyes and tells Sam something is up. Kevin becomes frightened when he sees Meg's eyes, but Sam tells him it's okay. Then two angels appear, Hester and Inais. Hester sees Meg and throws her against the wall. Hester then says a demon whore and a Winchester, again, and orders Inais to kill the demon and her lover. Meg tries to say that Sam and her aren't lovers, but quickly cuts him with an angel blade. Hester angrily asks her where she got that. After Dean banishes all the angels, Sam asks her also where she got the angel blade and answers that a lot of angels have been dying that year.

She then tells the boys that they should all get going unless the boys want to deal with the angels again. Dean asks her if she said "we", and Meg says she is under the angel's radar and could use some safety in numbers.

After stopping at a store, Meg is outside reading a magazine and sees two demons. She comes when Sam ask where she is, and tells the boys to shut up about it (kidnapping Kevin) and ask why, who did they kidnap?

Later while on the road, Cass calls Meg on her cellphone. She answers saying it is her and lets Cass go first. Cass tells her he's in Perth surrounded by unhappy dogs. She listens to him more, and eventually says that he is in a dog race track in Perth. She then tells Cass their location and Cass shows up in the car. Cass ask Meg if she is hurt, but she tells him to shut up, looking uncomfortable, once more, at his attention.

SPN 1109.jpg

When they get to Rufus's cabin, Meg leaves to confront the two demons she saw earlier at the store. The two demons step out of their truck and one of them, Rosco tells Meg to better start talking and asks why he shouldn't haul her up to the King's cash window. She tells him that she has the angel who double crossed him. The demon doesn't believe her at first and asks where he is then. Meg then asks how many jerk she has to cut in. The demon tries to reassure that they didn't tell anybody, but then Meg kills both of them and walks off.

Arriving at Rufus's cabin, Sam and Dean are already waiting for her with a Devil's trap. Meg tells the boys she saved them by killing two of Crowley's men and could have gone the other way. She tells the boys that she has found a cause for herself and doesn't want to mess with Sam and Dean. Sam and Dean decide to trust her after Castiel confirms there is other demon blood on the knife and let her go.

Sam, Meg, Castiel and Dean.

However, Meg's actions draw the attention of the angels who show up. When Hester is about to kill Castiel, Meg stabs her in the back with her angel blade, killing her and claims someone had to do it as her reason for saving him.

At the end of the episode Dean says he couldn't find Meg and Castiel tells him she enjoys laying low.

In Survival of the Fittest, Meg is brought back into the fight by Castiel. She appears quite suddenly on the Winchester's doorstep, saying she had been laying low halfway across the world when Cass showed up and zapped her back. When Meg learns the boys have been trying to contact Crowley, she wants to back out. However, Crowley shows up at that exact moment. He starts to threaten Meg, when Castiel tells him to leave her alone. After warning the brothers that Dick knows what they're planning to do, Crowley tells Meg he's going to take her back to Hell and roast her until she's jerky. However, he won't do it until after Dick is dead, since he doesn't want to do anything to make Castiel not want to participate in the upcoming battle.

Meg throws Borax on a Leviathan.

When Castiel is planning on laying low so as not to cause so much destruction like he did last time, Dean reminds Cass that all this destruction is his fault and tells him he won't listen to Castiel until Castiel's mess is fixed. This means killing Dick. Castiel, hurt, teleports away, and Meg reprimands the Winchesters for telling their only salvation to leave; as Castiel can see the true faces of the Leviathans, and thus would be useful in spotting the real Dick Roman out of all the clones he has been using. Meg is surprised when Castiel reappears, with the Twister game set he has been longing for.

Meg captured by Crowley's demons.

The next day, the Impala zooms up the road, smashing through the barriers of SucroCorp and bursting into the organization's courtyard, shattering the massive glass sign. Three Leviathans emerge from the building and shoot at the car windows, aiming at the Winchesters - but Meg climbs out of the car. This reveals that the Winchesters had gained access to SucroCorp long before and Meg was purposefully causing a distraction by zooming up and crashing through the organization's doors. Meg shrugs off shots from the Leviathans and decapitates all of them, but was then captured by Crowley's demons and taken to the King.


At some point after figuring out where the Angel Tablet is, Crowley started torturing her in an attempt to extract the locations of Lucifer's Crypts from her, which she had visited before with Azazel. She kept their exact locations secret, but did eventually give out vague locations to get a break from being tortured and buy time to plan an escape. During the search in one of the towns, she was taken to the Murray Hotel and chained in the bathroom of one of the rooms.

Season 8[]

Meg is found by Sam and Dean.

After having learned where she is from interrogating one of Crowley's demons, Castiel killed the demons guarding Meg and freed her in Goodbye Stranger, who joked about him being "short for a Stormtrooper" in reference to a line from Star Wars. She was annoyed to learn that he, Sam, and Dean didn't even look for her after her capture despite her helping them against the Leviathans. As she is about to reveal that the demons want the angel tablet, contrary to Castiel's cover story, Castiel pleads with Naomi, asking if he has to kill her, something he has done with impunity up to this point. He is able to bargain for her life and she tells the Winchesters about the tablet.

While drinking a bottle of alcohol and letting Castiel bandage her wounds, Meg flirts with the angel, asking him if all of his memories have returned now. He appears to bashfully understand and says if she is referring to the kissing her in Caged Heat, he does remember, and it is a fond memory. She laments how she is "kinda good" now, but approves of Castiel being "kinda bad" calling it "all manner of hot." She tells him that if they both survive this, they should order a pizza and move some furniture around and asks if he understands. At first he seems confused, and then he understands. He begins to tell her yes when they are interrupted by the Winchesters.

At the warehouse where the crypt was located, Meg stands guard with Sam to demon-proof the building and defend it from Crowley's inevitable attack while Dean and Castiel retrieve the angel tablet. She is puzzled by her companions' references to trials, but they refuse to explain what they meant because they still don't trust her. She presses Sam for answers about what happened, getting him to tell her about having fallen in love with a woman and successfully had the normal life Meg knew he wanted before having to give both up. She jokingly asks how he met this unicorn. Although Meg jokes that she doesn't know why he would stop after running over a dog, she admits she understands how love could change someone. They then kill two attacking demons with Meg using an angel blade.

Meg is killed by Crowley.

When Crowley himself arrives, Meg turns to Sam and tells him to go. Save his brother. And her unicorn, confirming that she does love Castiel and is prepared to die for him. She remains loyal to the Winchesters when Crowley tries to convince her to turn on them; even though they plan to seal all demons in Hell forever (including her), saying she would help them simply because they planned to kill Crowley. They fight and Meg holds him off for a time, but Crowley quickly overpowers and beats her down, taunting her that he could torture her for eternity.

After Crowley notices Sam and Dean escaping to the Impala, Meg mocks him, saying that Castiel's absence means that he has already escaped with the tablet. While he is distracted, she stabs him in the shoulder with her angel blade, drawing his attention to her once more. In a fit of rage, Crowley stabbed her to death with an angel blade of his own.

Season 9[]

In I'm No Angel, when a human Castiel is on the run from Bartholomew and his followers he begins using the name "Clarence", the name Meg always called him. Sam and Dean later remark on him using Meg's nickname for him and note the irony of him naming himself after a famous fictional angel. 

Season 15[]

In Destiny's Child, after entering the Empty in search of Ruby, Castiel is greeted with "hello, Clarence" by what is apparently Meg. However, Castiel quickly realizes that the Shadow is just using Meg's form to communicate with him which it confirms. The Shadow adopts many of Meg's mannerisms during their conversation, but to a much more sadistic degree.

In Unity, after entering Death's Reading Room, Sam encounters the Shadow who is once again using the form of Meg. Sam is confused, but the Shadow explains that Meg is still dead and its just borrowing her face.

In Despair, the Shadow is still using Meg's form in the Empty when Jack appears in front of it and detonates. When the Shadow reforms after the blast, it immediately assumes Meg's form once more.

Powers and Abilities[]

Meg uses a spell to talk to Azazel.

Although a mere black-eyed demon, Meg was shown to be quite strong. She overpowered and even killed many hunters, and, when armed with the means of doing so, also killed other black-eyed demons with ease. She is also the first demon who is shown killing an angel as well as the first character to kill multiple hellhounds, though relying on an angel blade on both occasions. She incapacitated three Leviathans with ease (albeit after dousing them in Borax) despite Dick Roman claiming Leviathans could instantly wipe out demons.

  • Spell-casting - Meg had the knowledge of using the Goblet of Blood, used to contact other entities through a human's blood, as first seen in Scarecrow. In Shadow, she bound and controlled Daeva through the use of a black magic altar and a pendant. After returning to Hell, she learned about a binding link which could lock her into her host even if an exorcism was used on her, as well as learning about a spell which she used to break a devil's trap containing her, both of which she used in Born Under a Bad Sign.
  • Invulnerability - Meg could not be killed by conventional methods: she survived getting thrown out a seven-story window, shot point-blank in the chest, shot repeatedly by Leviathans later (something she just shrugged off), and thrown onto a ring of holy fire. However, she could be knocked out with sufficient force, as seen in Shadow and Born Under a Bad Sign, and was rendered both immobile and agonized by contact with holy fire. She was, however, vulnerable to the Demon-Killing Knife and Angel Blades.
  • Weather Manipulation - In Salvation, Meg caused a sudden wind on hallowed ground that ruffled Jim Murphy's hair and caused the candles around him to flicker.
  • Super Strength - In Salvation, Meg twice kicked open locked doors, one set of which was made of wood and had been barricaded shut. Her strength was great enough that even in a weakened state from torture in Goodbye Stranger, she was able to overpower another demon, though not Crowley.
  • Super Senses - She was able to sense that demons were approaching before they appeared in Goodbye Stranger.
  • Immunity - Meg could walk on hallowed ground. However, she was still vulnerable to other demonic weaknesses, such as holy water.
  • Demonic Possession - Meg could use humans as her hosts without their consent. Part of the time, her vessels were aware of what she was using their bodies to do, despite Meg remaining in control of their bodies. She could vacate her host if danger threatened unless wards were placed to lock her inside her host.
  • Telekinesis - Meg threw Bobby and then Dean into separate walls by looking at them in Born Under a Bad Sign.
  • Flight - When in her disembodied smoke form, Meg could fly.
  • Teleportation - Meg could vanish and reappear in different locations instantly.
  • Biokinesis - Meg tortured Crowley in Caged Heat by injuring him so badly with just a hand gesture that he fell to the floor and coughed up blood merely from Meg curling her hand.
  • Immortality - Meg could potentially live forever. She had been serving Azazel for over a hundred years when she died.
  • Superhuman Endurance - Meg was extremely resilient as shown in how she could withstand great torture. When the demon possessing Christian Campbell tortured her, Meg just laughed and taunted him saying her vessel had withstood worse even before being possessed. Meg was tortured by Crowley for a year and a half, something she seemed to fear happening, but held out and only told him some of what he wanted to know to get a break from the torture, but didn't tell him exactly where to look in his search and didn't seem mentally damaged by her ordeal though her vessel had numerous wounds.


As a mid-ranking black-eyed demon, Meg possessed all the weaknesses of other demons:

  • Meg trapped under a devil's trap.

    Devil's Trap - Meg can be captured in a devil's trap as shown when she has been captured in one three times. However, one of those times she managed to break free with a spell.
  • Exorcism - Meg can be exorcised as shown when Sam exorcised her from Meg Masters. She later took steps to prevent this when possessing Sam by putting a binding link on his body, but fled once the binding link was broken rather than be exorcised again.
  • Holy water - Meg could be harmed by holy water.
  • The Colt - Can kill essentially anything, including demons like Meg.
  • Jim Murphy's Knife - Meg avoided being hit by it, which implies that it could harm or kill her.
  • Demon-Killing Knife - Meg can be killed by the demon-killing knife.
  • Holy Fire - Meg found holy fire agonizing and was unable to move though she survived and was able to heal her vessel from her injuries after somehow getting out.
  • Angel Blades - Meg was killed by an angel blade.
  • Higher-Tier Demons - Crowley was able to effortlessly overpower and brutally beat Meg.
  • Angels - Meg can be injured and killed by angels. Hester telekinetically threw her into a wall with ease and Meg defended herself against Inias when he was ordered to kill her. She was subservient to the Archangel Lucifer.


Killed By[]

In order to buy time for the Winchesters and Castiel to escape with the Angel Tablet, Meg took on Crowley in a fight and was easily defeated. Spotting the Winchesters fleeing in the Impala without Castiel, Meg taunted Crowley about his failure and stabbed him in the shoulder with an angel blade. In response, Crowley stabbed Meg in the stomach with an angel blade of his own, killing her.


Like most demons, Meg is sadistic and has no qualms about murdering innocent people. She took possession of Meg Masters even though it later cost Masters her life as well as her sister's life. She possessed her second vessel while disregarding the woman's dreams to become an actress. Meg also possessed Sam so she could turn the Winchesters against each other by forcing Sam to kill their friends. She is also quite sexually flirtatious, and uses sex to her advantage (as Crowley often referred to her as “Whore”.) This is shown again when she flirts with and attempts to kiss Castiel on several occasions, and tells him she wants him to shag her if they survive Crowley’s threat. However unlike encounters with previous people, Meg genuinely has feelings for Castiel and wants to be in a relationship with him rather than to just use him to satisfy her sexual pleasure.

Meg is capable of loyalty, mainly towards Azazel and Lucifer, and later Castiel and the Winchesters, however, unlike most demons, Meg does not follow orders blindly and isn't afraid to question her leader's commands. She even went as far as to rebel against the new King, Crowley, despite the dangers she had to face as a result. Meg stated to the Winchesters that she is rather simple in some ways in that what she does is find a mission and stick to it. For her, it was originally Azazel and Lucifer's but she later shifted it to stopping Crowley.

Possibly because of her tenure as Alastair's student, Meg is able to withstand torture. She was captured by Crowley and remained in his custody for more than a year, yet she refused to give him the information he wanted. She further defied him by passing on said information to Sam and Dean almost immediately after they asked. Even when badly beaten by Crowley, Meg had enough endurance to taunt and stab him in a final act of defiance even though it got her killed.

Somewhat unique for a demon, Meg is capable of genuine affection, namely towards the angel Castiel. Although initially disdainful towards Castiel's antics during his illness and seemingly made uncomfortable by his affection, she gradually came to feel love for him, referring to him as her "unicorn". She proposed that they have sex should they survive the threat with Crowley and cared for him enough to send Sam away to save him, leaving her to face Crowley, and her probable death, alone.

Despite her initial animosity towards the Winchesters, Meg appeared to have developed a degree of fondness for them over time when they started working together. She saved Dean from ambushing demons, though this was to get protection from Crowley. When alone with Sam, Meg appeared to be genuinely interested in what happened with him and even sympathized with what Sam told her about Amelia Richardson. Due to her brief possession of Sam, Meg had an understanding of what drove him and what he truly desired as well. She was also hurt that despite her help in defeating the Leviathans, they didn't look for her. Meg possessed at least somewhat of a genuine loyalty to the Winchesters as shown when Crowley told her that they intended to lock away all demons, including her and it didn't change her mind about helping them.

Physical Appearance[]

Meg's appearance as a human as well as her identity is unknown, but as a demon, Meg manifests as a cloud of black smoke. She seems to prefer young women as her vessels. Meg usually dresses in black leather and did this with both of her primary vessels. She briefly wore a nurse's garb while staying at a hospital so she could watch over Castiel. While possessing Meg Masters, she cut the former's hair short and kept Meg Masters' naturally blonde hair. In her second vessel, Meg kept her hair long and black. In Goodbye Stranger, Meg's hair was blonde but this was due to Crowley, not her own choice and was something she hated.



  • "Well, I've lied... a lot. I've stolen. I've lusted. And the other day I met this man - a nice guy, you know? And we had a really good chat... sort of like this. Then I slit his throat and ripped his heart out through his chest (pause) Does that make me a bad person?"
  • "We're gonna win! Can you feel it? You cloud-hopping pansies lost the whole damn universe! Lucifer's gonna take over Heaven! We're goin' to Heaven, Clarence!"
  • "You're wrong. Lucifer is the father of our race. Our creator. Your God may be a dead-beat but mine, mine walks the Earth."
  • "Okay, officially over the foreplay. Satisfy me or I please myself."
  • "Knock yourself out. It's a host body. Some girl from Cheboygan. Moved to LA to become an actress. It's probably not even the worst thing that ever happened to her."
  • "Dean Winchester's behind you. Meatsack!"
  • "Look, I'm simpler than you think. I've figured one thing out about this world - just one, pretty much. You find a cause and you serve it. Give yourself over, and it orders your life. Lucifer and Yellow-Eyes - their mission was it for me."
  • "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?"
  • "Do I look like Google to you?"
  • " I miss the simplicity. I was bad. You were good. Life was easier. Now it's all so messy. I'm kind of good, which sucks. And you're kind of bad -- which is actually all manner of hot. We survive this... I'm gonna order some pizza and we're gonna move some furniture around." - Meg to Castiel.
  • "Wait, hold on. There's one part I don't understand. You hit a dog and stopped. Why?"
  • "Oh, I heard the rest. You fell in love with a unicorn. It was beautiful, then sad, then sadder. I laughed, I cried, I puked in my mouth a little. And honestly, I kinda get it."
  • "Go save your brother... And my unicorn." - Meg to Sam
  • (last words) "No Cass in the backseat. Your stone is long gone."



  • Meg was the secondary antagonist of season 1, an episodic antagonist in Season 2, a minor antagonist in Season 5, and an anti-hero for the rest of her appearances.
  • Though she was suspected by the Winchesters to be a demon in Salvation, she wasn't fully recognized as such by them until Devil's Trap when Bobby Singer identified Meg as a demon possessing a girl. He appeared surprised that the Winchesters couldn't tell this fact as well.
  • Meg used three vessels: Meg Masters, Sam, and an unnamed brunette woman from Cheboygan, Michigan who moved to Los Angeles to become an actress.
  • Meg was involved for the deaths of at least five hunters, four of whom (Jim Murphy, Caleb, Jo and Ellen Harvelle) were close friends of Winchester Family. While she was directly responsible for the deaths of Jim and Caleb, she was only indirectly responsible for the deaths of Jo and Ellen Harvelle, who were killed by her Hellhounds (and the resulting explosion) after Dean shot one of them.
  • Meg expressed an attraction to various characters: she attempted to seduce Sam in Shadow and Jo in Born Under a Bad Sign, kissed Dean in Sympathy for the Devil, and kissed Castiel in Caged Heat, later expressing genuine feelings for Castiel and a desire to have sex with him.
  • Meg worked for two Big Bads, Azazel and Lucifer; in both instances, she referred to said antagonist as her "father" with the antagonist addressing her as his daughter. Additionally, she served as an apprentice to recurring antagonist Alastair off-screen, as stated in Caged Heat.
  • Meg shared many similarities with Ruby: they were both black-eyed demons who served a season's demonic Big Bad and Lucifer, both originally appeared to Sam in the guise of a normal human, they had similar personalities, dressed similarly, had sexual tension with Sam, possessed intimate knowledge of witchcraft, formed alliances with the Winchesters, were captured and tortured during said alliance, and even shared a similar preference in hosts (first appeared possessing a blonde, later possessing a brunette). However, Ruby was discovered to be a double-agent and was killed by Sam and Dean while Meg stayed truly loyal to their cause and was killed by Crowley while helping them.
  • It is interesting to note that Meg and Ruby never appear in the same season. Meg disappears in season 2 and returns in season 5 after Ruby is killed at the end of season 4. Season 9 is the first season to not feature either of the two demons.
  • In Season 7, the face of Meg's host is noticeably swollen due to the medication her actress, Rachel Miner, had to take to treat a serious back injury obtained while filming Caged Heat.
  • In Shadow, Meg gave her phone number as [[1]] to Sam. In season 7, she still kept a cell phone to communicate with Sam, Dean, and Castiel.
  • Meg was the first demon to kill an angel on-screen.
  • Meg was the second of Crowley's captives whom he gave a makeover to, the first being Kevin Tran; Crowley dyed her host's hair blonde and had given Kevin a haircut between the seventh and eighth seasons. Despite being a blonde in her first vessel, Meg hated the makeover and said it was just another reason she wanted to kill Crowley. In reality, Miner had dyed her hair between seasons and Kevin's actor, Osric Chau, had gotten a haircut while working on another project before filming Season 8; Crowley was said to have done both in order to explain away the change in the characters' appearances.
  • Ironically, in the end Meg proved to be the most trustworthy of the Winchesters' demonic allies despite having been presented as an open antagonist for most of her appearances.
  • Although Meg's appearances were rare and she didn't appear at all in Season 3 or Season 9, she could be considered the longest-surviving minor recurring character, having first appeared in Season 1 and finally dying in Season 8. She was therefore the longest-surviving female character, although recently this title seemingly fell to Tessa, the Reaper.
  • Meg's actress, Rachel Miner, was diagnosed with MS, making it impossible for Miner to continue portraying the character. Though this happened around the time Meg was killed off, Miner has mentioned during panels that it was convenient timing but that the two were not related. She was happy that Meg died "fighting the good fight", and that she gave her life for Castiel, something she had been hoping would happen for quite awhile.
  • Meg's true name was never revealed. When asked by Dean in Born Under a Bad Sign, she said only that she has lots of names.
    • This makes Meg the longest lasting character whose true name was never revealed.
  • A petition to bring her back existed on where anyone could have signed for free.
  • Meg seemed fond of the body she possessed after leaving Sam: even after abandoning it in Sympathy for the Devil, she returned to it and apparently repaired the damage the Holy Fire did rather than get a new body.
  • Meg is the first demon to be trapped in a Devil's Trap by Sam and Dean and has in fact been trapped in one three times though she broke free once, something no other demon has ever been able to do from within a trap. The only other demon that has been trapped in one even more is Crowley. However, when she is trapped the third time, she seems more annoyed than bothered by the trap and makes no attempt to escape.
  • Meg is the only known demon to be exorcised and then return without outside aid such as a summoning spell.
  • While Sam and Dean had dealt with the Disaster Demon before and Azazel was their main enemy at the time, Meg is the Winchester's first real demon enemy as she actively tried to oppose them through season 1 while Azazel acted in the background and the Disaster Demon was a monster of the week rather than a major enemy.
  • She is one of the few demons to genuinely fall in love with another person. Cain fell in love with the human Colette, and Meg fell in love with the angel Castiel, her "unicorn". Castiel shared this affection, telling her that he was, in fact, sweet on her, though he didn't know why, and admitted that kissing her is a fond memory of his. He even began using her nickname for him, "Clarence", as an alias when in hiding as a human. 
  • Meg still used the surname Masters as seen in Season 7.