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This article is about a character appearing in the animated series, which is not canon. You may be looking for the live-action series counterpart, if any.

Megan "Meg" Terry Masters (メグ・マスターズ) is a character from Supernatural: The Anime Series, a Japanese remake from the first two seasons of the original TV Series. She was a normal girl who was possessed by a demon.


In the episode Temptation of the Demon, Meg falls ill shortly before her mother Maria leaves for work. Maria was aware of the fever, but insisted that it was nothing, only to return and find that her daughter had fallen into a coma.

Horrified by the rare disease that was slowly killing her daughter, Maria constantly prayed to God for help, but instead her prayers were answered by Azazel, who insisted that he could save her and even proved it by growing a dead flower. But Maria, who was strong to her faith, refused.

Over time however, Meg's conditioned worsened to the point where she almost stopped breathing. Maria, left with no other choice, asked Azazel for his help, which he gave, thus saving Meg. However, he asked Maria for something in return: kill former marine Henderson, who was a friend of John Winchester.

Henderson's death was later discovered by Bobby Singer, and with the help of Sam and Dean, he found Maria and questioned her. However, Maria was possessed by a demon and tried to kill Bobby, only for him to shoot her twice. She later died of the wounds with a final prayer to watch over Meg.

In Devil's Trap, Meg returns possessed by the demon, and this demon leads several other demons to capture John Winchester in order to lure his sons. For a time however, she is given control over her body, and calls the Winchesters for help.

Later on in the episode, the demon to kill Sam with a knife, but is shot in the back by Dean, who used The Colt, killing both her and the demon inside her.



  • She is listed on the iTunes summary for "Devil's Trap" as Terry, however, her mother refers to her as Megan and Meg.
    • It may be that the demon's name is Terry.
  • She is loosely based on Meg Masters of the TV series. Unlike Meg of the TV series though, this version dies early in the brothers' career, whereas the original was a recurring character for several seasons.


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