You may be searching for Meg Masters (Demon), the demon possessing human Meg in most of the human's appearances...

Meg Masters was the host of a demon in the first season. After the demon was exorcised and Meg died, the demon returned as a recurring character and is referred to as "Meg" for lack of a real name.



Meg lived in Andover, Massachusetts with her family. She had a younger sister who looked up to her and whom she cared a great deal about in return. This sister "got lost" when Meg went missing during her demonic possession.

Meg was attending college when a demon possessed her around October 2005. She was conscious for some of her possession and was horrified by the many horrible things the demon forced her to do. She desperately wanted hunters Sam and Dean Winchester to help her but they did not realize she was possessed until it was too late to save her.

Season 1Edit

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Meg's final moments.

Meg was finally freed of her possession in "Devil's Trap" when she was captured and exorcised by Sam, Dean, and Bobby Singer around November 2006. She immediately began to hemorrhage and die from injuries sustained during her possession; ironically, the demon's presence had been the only thing keeping her body whole and functioning. The hunters tried to keep her comfortable for her last moments alive, and called an ambulance in the hopes they might still save her. She thanked them for helping her and offered them a clue as to where John Winchester was being held before she died.

Bobby turned Meg's corpse over to the authorities. When her sister saw her body, it drove her to kill herself.

Season 4Edit


The ghost of Meg Masters.

Meg's ghost was summoned as part of the Rising of the Witnesses (one of the seals holding Lucifer captive that Lilith broke) and sent after the Winchesters to kill them in retribution for her own death. She may not have truly held them responsible in her right mind (as evidenced by her gratitude towards them when she died) but the spell used to raise the Witnesses turned her vengeful, according to Bobby.

Meg confronted both brothers: she described the effects her possession had on her and her sister to a guilt-ridden Dean, and was outraged by Sam's alliance with the demon Ruby.

Meg's ghost disappeared when Bobby used a spell to dispel the Witnesses. She nearly succeeded in killing Bobby and stopping the spell, but Dean managed to finish it.[1]



  • Her hair was cut short and she was dressed "like a slut" by the demon while she was possessed.
  • She met with two fatal incidents that resulted in her demise upon the demon's exorcism. The first was being dragged out of a window in "Shadow", which is what Bobby mentions when he says she will die if exorcised. The second, which went unmentioned (seeing as how none of the hunters in the room were present to see it), was when Tom shot her in the chest with the fake Colt in "Salvation".
  • The demon that possessed Meg went by her name even when she was in a different vessel. In "The Born-Again Identity", the demon used Meg's full name as her alias when she started working at the mental hospital Castiel was left at after he absorbed Sam's hallucinations.
  • Meg is shown to have a tattoo on the back of her left shoulder in "Shadow." It is unknown if she got it herself or the demon did.
  • Meg is technically mentioned throughout the series since the demon possessing her appears as a recurring character and uses the name "Meg" and "Nurse Masters".
  • Meg is given a slightly different back story in the animated series. There, she is a girl who was in a coma and her mother Maria makes a deal with Azazel to get her out of it. Her name is also revealed to be Megan.


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