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This article is about a canonical individual whose real name is unknown, and is known only by a conjectural title, nickname or alias.

This unnamed woman acted as the demon Meg's vessel from Season 5 to her death in Season 8. Meg said that she was aspiring to become an actress.

Season 5Edit

Sympathy for the DevilEdit

Meg's vessel after Meg escapes

Meg's vessel after Meg smokes out.

Meg reappears after a year and a half wearing this girl's body. After Dean Winchester and Bobby Singer kill her demon minions, Meg flees the girl's body to avoid getting stabbed by Dean with the demon-killing knife herself, leaving the girl unconscious or dead on the floor.

Abandon All Hope...Edit

Meg has reclaimed the girl's body as her vessel and traps Sam, Dean and Jo and Ellen Harvelle with hellhounds. She later helps imprison Castiel in Holy Fire but he is freed when he throws Meg onto the fire and uses her as a bridge to escape. Meg survives but the fire is painful to her and she is unable to escape.

Season 6Edit

Caged HeatEdit

Meg returns a year and a half later to force Sam and Dean to help her hunt Crowley. Despite the damage the holy fire presumably did to the girl's body, Meg continues to possess her, having apparently healed her injuries. During the hunt, she is tortured by the demon possessing Christian Campbell and tells him that the girl was from Cheboygan, Michigan and wanted to be an actress and taunts him with the fact that the torture isn't worse than anything the girl had gone through in her life. When the group is faced by hellhounds, Meg tries to flee the girl again but is blocked by Crowley's spells. While Meg flees once more after Crowley's "death", she takes the girl with her this time.

Season 8Edit

Goodbye StrangerEdit

Meg is rescued by Castiel from torture by demons loyal to Crowley and due to the torture, the girl's body has taken a beating. In the end, protecting the Winchesters and Castiel from Crowley, Meg is killed by him with an angel blade. If the girl was still alive inside her body, she was killed too. The girl's lifeless body is last seen lying with the bodies of all the other demons slain by Sam and Meg to buy Dean and Castiel time to escape with the Angel Tablet.


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