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Meg's Hellhound Pack was a pack of hellhounds under the command of the demon Meg in Carthage, Missouri.


Meg's hellhounds chasing Sam, Dean, Jo and Ellen.

In 2009, during the Apocalypse, the demon Meg was stationed in Carthage, Missouri with a hellhound pack while Lucifer worked on a ritual to raise Death. After the Winchesters and Jo and Ellen Harvelle arrived in Carthage with the intention to kill Lucifer with the Colt, they were confronted by Meg. As Dean threatened Meg with the Colt, she revealed she hadn't come alone and her hellhound pack began growling at the hunters. Dean quickly realized they were hellhounds, something Meg confirmed, calling them Dean's "favorite." Meg then told the hunters that her "father" wanted to see them, but Sam refused. Meg told the group they could "make it easy" or "make it really easy", Dean refused and using the water kicked up earlier as one of the hellhounds had moved around, shot it with the Colt, killing the hellhound. The hunters then made a run for it, chased by the pack. After Dean was knocked to the ground by a hellhound, he was saved by Jo who opened fire on it with rock salt rounds, driving the hellhound away. However, a second hellhound attacked Jo in retaliation, ripping her side open before Sam drove it away. Keeping the hellhounds back with rock salt rounds, the hunters retreated into a hardware store where they laid down salt lines to keep the hellhounds at bay. While this kept the hunters safe, they were also trapped by the hellhound pack outside.

After learning from Bobby Singer that Lucifer would likely be trying to raise Death at midnight at William Jasper's Farm, Jo came up with the idea of using the propane, rock salt and iron nails in the hardware store to build a bomb and kill the hellhounds. Jo's plan is to stay behind while the others made a break for it and blow up herself and the hellhounds once the others are safely away and the hellhounds are in the store. While Ellen argues with her daughter, Jo recognizes that her wounds are fatal and that now that the hellhounds have the hunters' scent, they will never stop coming after them. Jo is able to convince her mother and the Winchesters to reluctantly support her plan.

Once the Winchesters have prepared the bomb, Ellen decides to remain with Jo, not willing to let her daughter die alone and knowing that someone will need to let the hellhounds in and Jo is incapable of moving. After the Winchesters leave, Ellen removes the chain and breaks the rock salt line before opening up the propane tanks on the bomb. As Ellen positions her finger over Jo's on the detonator, Jo dies of her wounds, devastating Ellen. The hellhounds all enter the store and one comes up to Ellen, ruffling her hair with its breath. Enraged, Ellen tells the hellhound "you can go straight back to Hell you ugly bitch" before using her and Jo's finger to depress the detonator. The bomb explodes, killing the hellhound pack and Ellen to the grief of the Winchesters.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • The Colt - One of the pack was killed by Dean Winchester with a shot from the Colt.
  • Salt - The hellhounds were temporarily held back by a salt line and were pushed back by salt rounds from shotguns. Most of the pack were also killed by a bomb made in part with salt.
  • Iron - Most of the pack were killed with a bomb made in part by iron nails.



  • While trapped in the hardware store, Sam notes that there are "eight or so" hellhounds in the pack.
  • This pack had the first hellhounds to die on screen.