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Meet the New Boss is the season premiere of Season 7. It aired on September 23rd, 2011.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Castiel (guest star Misha Collins) doesn't kill Sam, Dean and Bobby (guest star Jim Beaver) but warns them not to interfere in his business. Assuming his new role as God, Castiel sets out to right some of the wrongs in the world. Dean decides they should bind Death (guest star Julian Richings) and order him to stop Castiel, but the former angel is one step ahead of them, leaving Dean to face a very angry Death. Meanwhile, Sam struggles to deal with the broken wall in his head.


Picking up where the Season 6 finale, The Man Who Knew Too Much, left off, Castiel, having proclaimed himself God, orders Sam, Dean and Bobby to "bow down and profess your love unto [him], [their] Lord or [he] shall destroy [them]". The trio look at him, dumbstruck. At last, Bobby begins to lower down until he is on his knees and urges Dean and Sam to do so. Still looking at Castiel in amazement, Sam and Dean start going down on their knees but Castiel stops them. He tells them to straighten up as all they have in their heart for him is fear, not love or respect. Sam tries to talk to him but he silences him, telling him that he literally "stabbed [him] in the back". Dean promptly launches into speech and begs Castiel to be the better man but the latter replies that "the Castiel you knew is gone". He then goes to taunt Dean, calling him a "brave little ant" and telling them that he does not need to kill them as they are now insignificant in his eyes and they were once his "favorite pets".

Cas addressing Sam's condition

Castiel then sarcastically asks Sam how he is feeling. He replies that he is "fine" but Dean starts yelling at Castiel telling him that he promised to make Sam better. However he replies that he said he would do so if they stood down, which they hardly did. Giving them a caveat, he then teleports away. Sam's nose starts bleeding and he falls to the floor, crunching glass under his hands. He has flashes of his time in Hell. Dean immediately goes to his side.

Meanwhile, Castiel is in Heaven, saying how anybody who sided with Raphael will be punished. He tells the remaining to accept him as their new God, since "[their] father left a long time ago". He says that he thought that the answer to the chaos in Heaven (after the averting of the Apocalypse) was free will but now he sees that they need a "firm hand", a "father". He tells them he is now their Father and to be obedient to him as his "children" or "this will be your fate". All around him, we can see dead angels littered on the ground. "It is a new day on Earth and in Heaven," he says, "Rejoice". Dean is in the Impala, fixing the roof, a little frustrated. Bobby comes to find him and they discuss Sam before switching to "God part deux". They can't find any sign of Castiel but they know that he will definitely surface sooner or later. However, they don't have any weapons or knowledge on how to deal with him as there aren't any books out there with the information. On a final note, Dean tells Bobby that he will "fix this car", pointing at the Impala "because that's what [he] can do" and that when Sam wakes up, "no matter what shape he's in, [they] glue him back together too" as they owe him that. Bobby agrees with him.

Taking a break from fixing the car, Dean is in the kitchen when Sam walks in and he is a little surprised that he is "walking and talking". Sam tells him that he is quite good apart from a headache and that he is just as surprised as Dean that he's doing fine. Sam asks Dean about the Castiel situation and he invites Sam to come help with the car while he fills him in. As Dean walks out, Sam hears some noises and turns to look around but doesn't see anything. He is a little freaked out.

At a church called Lady of Serenity, a man is talking to the assembly about the state of modern societies. Just as he says that "someone has to speak for God", Castiel walks in, telling him that "who says [he] speaks for God" and informs him that he is "utterly indifferent to sexual orientation" but on the other hand, he "cannot abide hypocrites like [him]". The man, a Reverend, is flustered and tells him to stay quiet but Castiel tells him to tell his flock where his genitals have been before he spoke for God." When the man asks for his identity, Castiel simply states "I'm God". The people begin to mutter. A man sitting in the pews makes to rise against Castiel but the latter looks at him witheringly and he promptly suffocates and thuds down on the pew.


Castiel's mosaic

"And he who lies in my name shall choke on his own false tongue and his poisonous words shall betray him. For I am the Lord, your God..."

As Castiel utters these words, the Reverend starts choking and frothing at the mouth until he falls down, dead. The assembly is bewildered and look at Castiel astounded. As he walks out, he hears a voice calling his name and he staggers, holding onto a pew for support. He looks at the mosaic window to see the image of Jesus. He rights himself, scorching the pew in the process and as he walks out, the image of Jesus has been replaced by that of him.

Sam is in Bobby's basement, looking for a tool when suddenly he hears noises and then manic laughter. Red lights begin shining everywhere. Looking around, he sees meathooks with flesh on them. He backs up against the table, holding the tool aloft. Bobby comes in to find him terrified and although a little taken aback to find Sam brandishing a tool in the air, he tells him to come up as "it's Cass, we think".

On the television, the death of over 200 religious leaders is being reported, saying that some are calling it an "act of God". A woman tells of how "[they] all saw him: no beard, no robe. He was young and... sexy. He was wearing a raincoat". Reports after reports of "act[s] of God" are cropping up on TV and radio: the death of "new age motivational speakers" in "freak lightning" and so on while Dean is working on the Impala.

Sam and Dean are working on the Impala when Sam hears about the death of motivational speakers and is surprised that Castiel would strike them. Dean replies that "he is off the deep end of the deep end. And there's no slowing down". Sam suggests trying to talk with Castiel again but Dean immediately shoots it down, saying that it's no use as "he's not a guy, he's God and he's pissed. And when God gets righteous, you get the hell out of the way". He states that Castiel is never coming back and talks about how he "has lied to [them], used [them] and cracked [Sam]'s gourd like it was nothing". Dean finds it pointless trying to bring him back as they "have spent enough on him". He ends the discussion by telling Sam to pass him the socket wrench, showing that he doesn't want to talk about this anymore.

In Tennessee, a huge trailer with all kinds of Enochian sigils painted on it, is sitting near a wood. A man is pouring himself a drink while listening to how an entire leper colony had been shut down after "miracle healing" in India. As he settles on the sofa facing the television, it crackles and shuts down.

Castiel finds Crowley

"Hello, Crowley", Castiel is standing inside the trailer, looking down at Crowley who has frozen in his seat, his glass halfway to his mouth. Castiel remarks that he looks "stressed" and Crowley merely lets out a "Bollocks".

Standing up, he says that the "jig is up", Castiel has found him but the latter replies that he "never lost [him]". He talks about the sigils saying how "these scratches, they're all useless". Crowley prepares to die but Castiel tells him that he doesn't intend to kill him. Instead he tells him to take up his job as King of Hell again and that he will direct him where to send the flow of souls. Crowley replies that Castiel will definitely be taking "the lion's share". He takes it that "Hell is being downsized" and Castiel replies in the affirmative. He says that he "would have done away with it completely but [he] needs to hold a threat over [his] enemies and [they] need to keep Michael and Lucifer in the cage". Crowley takes him up on his offer, realizing that it is not a "negotiation". As Crowley turns away to pour another drink, Castiel looks at his hand to find it blistered and instantly leaves with an "I'll be in touch".

Sam is in Bobby's kitchen reading a book when he hears some noises. He looks around but there's no one. He turns his attention back to the book when suddenly pieces of the ceiling fall down just in front of him. He looks up to see the ceiling cracking and a chain comes down and winds around his neck, yanking him up. He finds himself hoisted up, flailing as the chain around his neck tightens while he tries to loosen it. His foot makes contact with the large book on the table and it falls down.

Sam wakes up: it was just a dream (or hallucination). He looks around to find everything fine and after calming down a little, he calls for Dean and Bobby.

In the garage, Dean has finished working on the Impala and he and Bobby look at his handiwork, with Dean remarking that he "should do this professionally" considering the state of the car when it was crashed. Bobby starts talking about Sam and Dean tells him to "spit it out". Bobby muses how Sam is "even vertical" after all that has happened. Dean says that he hopes Sam is fine.

Sam overhears Dean

Sam is coming to the garage and as he enters he hears Dean talking about how their lives are all about "hits". He halts there, listening in on them. Dean says that if "Sam says he's good, he's good". When Bobby asks him if he really believes that, he says yes but then he concedes, saying no. He says it because they "never catch a break" and that he's "not gonna get [his] hopes up just to get kicked in the daddy pills again".

That's when Sam declares himself, coming in. They ask him how he's doing and he says he's doing fine. He informs them that "a publishing house literally exploded about an hour ago". He says that they have to do something, "the body count is really getting up there". They discuss whether they can find a weapon from the "angel arsenal Balthazar stole" but Dean says it's not going to work, still believing Castiel is God. But that there might be someone who can help them.

The three perform a demon summoning ritual to summon Crowley in the basement. He appears in a Devil's Trap they drew on the floor and is exasperated. He tells them that their "new boss" will be angry when he finds out that they have been "conspiring". Dean gets to the point and tells him that they need a spell to bind Death. He finds it ludicrous but Dean states that "Death is the only player on the board left that has the kind of juice to take Cass". He's scared of what both Castiel and Death will do to them if they get together and asks "why should [he] help on a suicide mission". Bobby asks him whether he really wants "Cass running the universe" and he looks sheepish.

A blind man is sitting on a sidewalk, begging when Castiel passes by, putting a coin in his tin. When the former thanks him, he tells him that he is a true believer and goes on to tell him how "people say [he] is wrathful. But [he] only punishes liars and those who forsake [him]. [He] is a just God." Touching the man's temple with his fingers, he returns him his sight and as the man looks up at him, he is shocked to find Castiel's face all blistered and raw.


Something is inside Castiel...

Castiel is looking at himself in the mirror, examining his face when he starts hearing the voices again, telling him it's "too late" and to "let [them] out." He unbuttons his shirt and looks at his belly as something, looking like hands, strains against his skin, trying to break free while he winces in pain. However, he firmly says no.

A package is delivered to Bobby's house and he opens it to find a parchment from Crowley, containing the spell to bind Death (along with a "goodbye forever" note). He says they have most of the things but they will need a few more things, such as "an act of God crystallized forever". He surmises that a fulgurite - sand hit by lightning, an act of God, at a right angle crystallizing into a perfect shape of itself - should do the trick. The only blip is that it's rare. However, he has managed to track a bidder with one only nine hours away. They drive over in the newly repaired Impala.

Bobby is deactivating the alarm at the house while Sam is looking around when the watchman spots them. He is promptly disposed by Dean with a blow to the head. All three get in and look around. Dean finds the fulgurite encased in a glass protection box in the study. He hears a gun cocking behind him and turns to find the owner of the house with a firearm pointing at him, with his wife looking over his shoulder.

When Sam and Bobby come in, they find Dean tying the couple - Dr. and Mrs. Weiss - to chairs. Having found the crystal, they start preparing for the ritual. Once everything in place - fast food for Death at hand as well-, Bobby chants the spell given by Crowley. Everything starts shaking and the glass cases shatter, the ceiling cracks, and then as soon as the chant is over, everything stills.


Death bound by Dean

"Hello... Death?" Death appears and is not so pleased. Dean appears sheepish and tells him to please hear them out. He offers him "pickled chips, best in the state". Death snubs it and assumes that they called him about Sam's hallucinations. Both Bobby and Dean are surprised and look at Sam. However, Death merely says that it's "one wall per customer" and demands that he be unbound. But they tell him that can't do it, "not yet". Dean tells him that "[they] need [him] to kill God." He is surprised and asks them why he should do that it. Dean tells him "[they]'re the boss of [him]... respectfully."

Castiel appears and starts to threaten them, saying that "[he] didn't want to kill [them] but now..." Dean cuts him off, telling him that he can't as they have Death bound to them. As long as they have Death bound to them, even if "God pulls the trigger", they can't die.

"Annoying little protozoa, aren't they?" Death says irritatedly, calling Castiel "God" with sarcasm. He goes on to comment that "[he] looks awfully like a mutated angel to [him]" and that "[his] vessel's melting; [he]'s going to explode." But Castiel brushes him off saying that once his work done, he will repair himself. However, Death is not so sure and he informs Castiel that "there are things much older than souls in Purgatory and [he] gulped those in too." Once more Castiel brushes him off saying that he "control them", to which Death coldly counters "for the moment."

Dean is perplexed and turns to Death for elaboration on what "older things" are in Purgatory. Death explains to everyone that "long before God created angel and man, he made the first beasts - The Leviathans" and then, he decided to lock them away as he believed they would destroy everything, thus, creating Purgatory. Now that Castiel has swallowed them, "he's the one thin membrane between the old ones and [Dean]'s home."


Castiel tells him it's enough and Death treats Castiel condescendingly, calling him "a stupid little soldier." Castiel questions Death why he says he is stupid: because he opened the door that God locked? "Where is he? I did a service taking his place." Death openly sneers at his minimal idea of “service”, meeting our petty justice, and Castiel returns he is simply cleaning up God’s messes. The situation and the two titanic entities threats and animosity escalating rapidly, Dean abruptly intervenes:

He sharply orders Death to “Just kill him now!" As Death raises his hand to touch Castiel, Castiel snaps his fingers and the binding spell is broken. Death half-heartedly thanks Castiel as he and Dean look at each other while Death moves to sit down on a chair, taking the fast food bag on the table. Castiel teleports away, and confronts a woman - Michelle Walker, a senator - as she is talking to a journalist about how she's "running again to save [her] constituents from the godless policies of her opponent." As she disappears into her office, Castiel teleports in near the door. He makes to go after her but his path is blocked by a young man, asking him on what grounds he was there. "Abuse of power [...] I am punishing a woman who causes poverty and despair in my name." He starts talking to all those around him how he is "a better God than [his] father." Just then the voice says "Cass..." and he starts laughing manically.

Death is still at the house, munching on the fast food Dean brought him. Sam subtly gestures Dean to talk to him. As Dean clears his throat and starts speaking, Death swiftly tells him to "shut up". He tells Dean that he is "not there to tie [his] shoe every time [he] trips" and asks him since how long he told Dean about the souls so that the latter could "stop that fool".

"Here we are again, with your little planet on the edge of immolation." Dean curtly replies that he has "been trying to save this planet." Death then retorts that maybe he "should spend [his] effort on a better planet." Dean then goes to tell him that they have a common goal: get Castiel to give up all those souls. As such, he decides to give Dean another chance. He tells them to compel Castiel to give up those souls and tells them that everything they need is at the lab. However, Bobby points out that the door can only opened during an eclipse and that it's over. Death calmly tells him that he'll make another, to their surprise. He instructs them to be present at "3:59 Sunday morning, just before dawn." Before leaving, Death firmly warns them that if they "try to bind [him] again, [they]'ll die before [they] start."

Castiel is lying unconscious in the senator's office, covered in blood. As he wakes up, he sees all the people on the floor, lying dead in their own blood. "No." He struggles to keep control as the voices speak inside him.

Dean tells Sam its hopeles

Dean is at the laptop in Bobby's kitchen with a glass of liquor as Sam walks in, getting ready to hit the road. But Dean refuses saying that "[they] can't bring the horse to water and [they] can't make it drink" so "why fool [them]selves". Sam tells him that he knows he thinks Castiel is gone and Dean says he is but Sam perseveres, saying that "he's in there somewhere" but Dean does not agree. As Sam tells Dean that he didn't give up on Sam all the times he "was pretty far gone", Dean is hurt that Sam is still lying to him: he had to find out from Death that Sam was having hallucinations. They begin to argue and Sam says that he didn't want to add to Dean's problems, considering everything else and that "it's under control." When Dean asks him what's exactly under control, he says that he knows "what's real and what's not." But Dean is unwilling to go after Castiel. Instead he tells Sam that he's gonna deal with all this by "stuff[ing] [his] piehole, [he]'s gonna drink and [he]'s gonna watch some Asian cartoon porn and act like the world's about to explode because it is."

Something pops up on the screen and Sam comes closer to see: "Massacre at the campaign office of an incumbent senator by a trench-coated man". They see a piece of security footage showing Castiel smiling at the camera before it goes static.

In Bobby's yard, Sam walks among a row of cars until he stops and looks up, praying to Castiel. He begs Castiel to please come to them but doesn't get any answer.

Sam walks in on Dean watching porn on the laptop with his glass in his hand. He pours Sam a drink and extends it towards him but Sam tells him to turn it off before. He snaps the laptop shut and Sam sits opposite him. Just as they clink their glasses and are about to drink, Castiel teleports in, all bloody and leaning against the wall for support. He tells Sam that he heard his call and that he needs help.

They are at the lab, with Castiel weak and sitting against a cabinet. He instructs Sam on where to find the jar of blood of a Purgatory monster. He then proceeds to talk to Dean, who is going about preparing for the ritual. He tells Dean that "[he] feels regret about [him] and for what [he] did to Sam" and that he "just wanted to make amends before [he] dies." Dean tells him that it doesn't make him feel any better.

Sam is searching for the jar of blood and finds it on a shelf. He turns to find Lucifer looking at him. Sam tells himself that this isn't real because Lucifer is in Hell. Lucifer admits that he is still in Hell, and Sam believes this to be one of his memories from when he was in Hell. When Sam tries to leave, Lucifer stops him, and tells Sam that Sam's theory is wrong. Lucifer tells Sam that he really never got out and that he is making Sam think he got out of the cage when in reality, Sam is still in there with him. Another form of torture.


Castiel releases the souls

As time is ticking away, Bobby asks where Sam is, and Dean goes looking for him, only to find the jar of blood on the floor. With time running short, he grabs the jar, and heads back. They put Castiel in front of the portal for Purgatory. As Bobby begins the spell, Castiel falls to his knees, and Dean comes help him up. Before the door opens, Castiel tells them he's sorry, and all the souls fly back into Purgatory. Once done, Castiel collapses. Dean checks on Castiel, only to find him cold. Believing Cass to be dead, Dean tells Castiel he should have listened.


The Leviathans take over Castiel's vessel.

Then Castiel's burns heal up and he wakes up. On his feet, Castiel thanks Dean and Bobby for their help, and admits he is ashamed of his actions. Castiel continues on by promising to find a way to redeem himself. Dean says they'd better go find Sam. Castiel suddenly gasps in pain; he tells them to run. Castiel tells them that the Leviathans are still inside him. Bobby and Dean begin to run, but are stopped by something else in Castiel's vessel. The Leviathans inside Castiel tells Dean that it's too late, that Castiel is dead, and that they run the show now. Leviathan-Castiel first grabs Dean and throws him into a wall, then grabs Bobby and throws him into a metal table alongside the wall. Smiling as black veins spread up his face, Leviathan-Castiel says they are going to have so much fun and begins laughing maniacally.


Main Cast[]

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  • Antagonists: Castiel and The Leviathans.
  • Misha Collins is billed as a "Special Guest Star". In addition, this is the first episode since the Season 4 finale, Lucifer Rising, in which he appears as a guest since he is no longer a series regular.
  • Death appears in this episode, bound by a spell to Dean. He is released by Castiel.
  • This episode is Castiel-centric as it shows the transition of Castiel from being an angel to a deity.
  • This is the first time Sam and Bobby interact with Death.
  • This episode takes place over a long time period, as evidenced by the repairing of the Impala.
  • During the scene in the junkyard where Dean states "He lied to us, he used us--" Jared Padalecki is facing the camera for most of Jensen's takes. This is because he was making Jensen laugh so much he couldn't say his lines.
  • The episode title references the final lyrics of The Who's classic 1971 song, Won't Get Fooled Again
  • In the recap, there's another scene from The Man Who Knew Too Much of the conversation between Cass, Dean and Bobby.
  • Although Mark Pellegrino is credited at the beginning of the episode, Lucifer only has a cameo at the end.
  • The white note on the ritual for binding Death from Crowley reads:
    • "Bye forever, you fools. Kisses C."
  • The binding spell used on Death (written in red ink) reads:
    • "Te nunc invoco Mortem. Te in mea potestate defixi. Nunc et in aeternum.
      Note from C

      The binding Spell from Crowley

      ", which translates to: "Now I summon you, Death. To my power I bind you. Now and for eternity."
  • This episode confirmed singer Lady Gaga exists within Supernatural Universe.


  • Several unnamed angels
  • Several unnamed persons (mentioned only)
  • Unnamed Reverend
  • Michelle Walker
  • Several unnamed in office
  • Castiel (mentioned only)

Featured Music[]

  • "These Boots Are Made For Walking" by Nancy Sinatra (During Crowley's first scene)
  • "Renegade" by Styx (Referenced by Crowley while talking to Castiel)
  • "Slow Ride" by Foghat (During 'The Road So Far' montage)


  • Dean: I'm gonna stuff my pie hole, I'm gonna drink and I'm gonna watch some Asian Cartoon Porn and act like the world is going to explode, because it is!

  • Castiel: I can't hold them back
  • Dean: Hold who back?
  • Castiel: Leviathan!

  • Dean: Hello? Death?
  • Death: You're joking.

  • Castiel: Hello Crowley, you look stressed.
  • Crowley: Bollocks.

  • Lucifer: Hey Sam, long time no spooning.
  • Sam: You're not real.
  • Lucifer: Now that, you're right on.

  • Dean: Excuse me, you got any Grey Poupon?
  • Sam: Grey Poupon? Seriously?

  • Lucifer: Sam, this isn't you going guano.
  • Lucifer: Everything else is.
  • Sam: What?
  • Lucifer: Everything, since the moment you jumped out of that locked box.
  • Sam: That's impossible.
  • Lucifer: No, escaping was impossible.

  • Dean: Death is our bitch!

  • Bobby: But that door only opens on the eclipse and that's over.
  • Death: I'll make another.

  • Castiel: I am utterly indifferent to sexual orientation.

  • Sam: What new boss?
  • Crowley: Castiel, you giraffe.

International Titles[]

  • French: Les Léviathans (The Leviathans)
  • German: Der Zorn Gottes (God's Wrath)
  • Hungarian: A főnök (The Boss)

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