This unnamed Medical Examiner appeared in Heart.


The Medical Examiner was responsible for the body of Nate Mulligan. When a detective came to visit, she showed him Nate's corpse. They examined a bite mark, which the Medical Examiner admitted she was unable to determine the cause of.

When the detective insisted that she spoke to him off the record, the Medical Examiner suggested Nate had been attacked by a wolf. She added that unless a zoo confessed to losing a wolf, the Medical Examiner was going to blame a pit bull. She then eyed the detective and confessed that she would rather not lose her job because she liked it.

Amused, the detective then asked if Nate was missing his heart, surprising the Medical Examiner, who hadn't finished her report on Nate. She asked how the detective knew, and he answered, "Lucky guess."


Actress Teryl Rothery also portrays the witch Olivette in the season 10 episode Paint it Black.

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