Dr. McElroy is the curator at the National Institute of Antiquities, who acquired the First Blade for the Institute. When authentication proved to be difficult, Dr. McElroy sold the First Blade to Cuthbert Sinclair.


Season 9Edit

After learning the possible location of the First Blade, Sam and Dean arrive at the National Institute of Antiquities, only to arrive to a crime scene involving the murder of a young research assistant and two guards. Realizing that the First Blade was not in the vault and the guards were possessed by demons, Sam and Dean begin to question Dr. McElroy about the First Blade. Dr. McElroy, while engaging in a flirtatious barter with Dean, admitted to acquiring the First Blade, however the authentication process proved to be unverifiable, out of fear that the First Blade could not be authenticated she decided to sell the First Blade after an offer was made by a buyer calling himself "Magnus". She leaves card with Dean, telling him to contact her if he "needs anything else".[1]



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