Max Miller was one of the Archangels. He is the very first angel child encountered by Sam and Dean.


Season 1

After experiencing premonitions of a man being killed, Sam and a skeptical Dean are drawn towards the Miller family. Max, who developed his powers approximately six months before the Winchesters meet him, has a strong control of his ability - telekinesis. He is using the ability to murder the people who abused him as a child. After killing his father and uncle, he turned on his step-mother, only to be stopped by Dean and Sam. After Max sees the gun Dean carries, he attempts to use it to kill his step-mother.

Max eventually turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.[1]


Powers and Abilities

Despite being the youngest Archangel created by God, Max has nigh-omnipotent power, and is one of the most powerful beings in existence. He originally appeared to the Winchester brothers as a Trickster. Before they knew he was an Archangel, Sam called him "one of the most powerful creatures we've ever met." Both Castiel and Sam have said that Max is much more powerful than a Trickster, too powerful to be one in fact. Despite this impressive power, Max is still younger and weaker than Michael and Lucifer and possibly Raphael, but there is no evidence to substantiate this. He has been in the same vessel for at least three years, likely thousands of years owing to the Pagan Deities familiarity with this vessel, and has not yet begun to decay like Lucifer did, so it is assumed that he found his one and only 'true vessel'. As an archangel, Max has nigh-omnipotent powers. All of the powers he has demonstrated on the show are listed below.

  • Immortality - Max has an indefinitely long lifespan, and is unaffected by disease, toxins or time. He does not require food, water, oxygen, or sleep. His vessel has not aged, as evidenced in "Hammer of the Gods", when the pagan deities recognized his vessel as "Loki," who had presumably been around for millennia. 
  • Angelic Possession - Max requires a vessel while on Earth. He needs the vessel's consent. Bloodline requirements, if any, for Max's vessels are unknown.
  • Invulnerability - Max can not be killed by conventional weapons, however certain weapons (such as an Archangel Blade and Death's Scythe) can kill him. He can also be killed by God, Death and his elder brethren too.
  • Super Strength - Although the youngest archangel, Max endows his vessel with dramatically increased superior strength and can exert tremendous amounts of physical force. He can overpower and kill any human, lesser angel, seraph, demon, monster, and spirit. When Dean confronted Max by grabbing him against a wall, he almost broke Dean's arm with one hand, even though he was restraining himself. He overpowered and almost choked Dean unconscious on one occasion, still restraining himself. The only confirmed exceptions to his overwhelming strength were his Archangel brothers.
  • Shapeshifting - Max can change his vessel's appearance at will.
  • Teleportation - Max can travel from one place to another, instantaneously, without occupying the space in between and even take others with him.
  • Telepathy - Max is able to read the thoughts and memories of humans and monsters.
  • Empathy - Max is able to read the emotions of humans and monsters.
  • Advanced Telekinesis - Max can impart kinetic energy on matter with his mind. Castiel, although being a powerful celestial, was no MATCH for his much older "bro". Max slammed him into walls, duct taped his mouth and played around with Cas like he was nothing using telekinesis. This further proved that the power of ordinary angels could not even compare with the immense powers of the four Archangels. He even managed to use his telekinesis to throw his older brother Lucifer across a room with considerable force, although Lucifer was caught off guard at the time and quickly RECOVERED.
  • Cosmic Awareness - Max possesses an immense amount of knowledge of the universe. He even possesses knowledge on his older brother's Cage, and how to open it.
  • Chronokinesis - Max can travel forwards or backwards through time. He can also put others in time loops. He was able to send Sam back to the day Dean died "permanently" with just a snap of his fingers, apparently rewinding time to do so.
  • Reality Warping - Max is remarkably talented with this power and can accomplish just about anything with it, making him virtually omnipotent, and it is his trademark as well as his most utilized ability. He can warp reality, whether it be by making objects or living beings appear out of thin air, or by reshaping objects into something else entirely, or by creating unreal dimensions, wormholes and large time loops. He also once turned Sam Winchester into the Impala. He easily fooled the Winchesters by killing himself. None of them knew it was a trick and believed Max was in fact, dead after committing suicide. He was later killed by Lucifer, which everyone thought he died permanently this time. But then he returned after a very long time although details of his return are unknown he stated he was hiding in the safest place in the universe but was knocked out of Heaven by Metatron's spell. His amazing skill in reality warping was attributed to his elder brother Lucifer, as he taught Gabriel everything he knows.
    • Conjuration - Max can create anything out of thin air, whether it be people, creatures, beings, or objects.
    • Self-Duplication - Max can create another duplicate of himself to deceive others, as he did a few times with the Winchesters, once with a group Pagan Gods, and again with his older brother Lucifer.
  • Apporting - Max was able to casually send Castiel away, and brought him back again just as easy. Max also sent Sam and Dean back to their room with a snap of his fingers. Also, with A SINGLE snap of his fingers, he sent a small army of angels away which may have been an illusion.
  • Pyrokinesis - Max was able to light two candles with just a thought.
  • Super senses - Max was able to hear Sam and Dean "fighting" down below from a closed WINDOW many floors up, and on another occasion, while he was walking away from the restaurant, he heard that Sam had found him out and threw him back to Tuesday again.


Although he is remarkably strong and very powerful, as a celestial being, Max was still susceptible to the angelic weaknesses that even archangels possess.

    • Archangels - While lower classes of angels can't physically hurt Max, with their own strength, archangels can hurt each other. Max closest and older brothers can harm him. Michael and Lucifer in particular are said to be much more powerful than him and likely could easily overpower if not kill him, and so can Raphael. Whilst Max is also powerful enough to harm them as well, like he did with Lucifer, he was bested by Lucifer.
    • Holy fire - Max can be trapped in a loop of holy fire and passing through the flames will kill him and his vessel.
    • Lucifer's Cage - This cell can hold any angel, therefore including Max, without any internal means of escape.
    • Archangel blades - Archangel blades can harm and kill Max.
    • Enochian Sigils - Max cannot locate someone if they are warded by enochian sigils.
    • Death - As literally the bringer of Death, he can kill any being, including Max.
    • God - As the creator of Max, and one of the most powerful being in existence, God can kill anything or anyone.
    • The Darkness - As a primordial force that predates God and Death, It can kill Max.
    • Souls - When Castiel was empowered by 50,000 hell-bound souls, it was enough to hurt Raphael and the consumption of millions souls and Leviathan from Purgatory gave Castiel so much power that he could snap his fingers and obliterate Raphael. It is possible that it would WORK against Max as well.
    • Heaven's Weapons - Lot's Salt could irreparably dissolve even Raphael's vessel, but didn't kill Raphael himself. All of Heaven's weapons acting together could possibly enough to cause Gabriel to flee for his life.
    • Blood spell - Kali controlled Max with blood spell.
    • Leviathans (possibly) - Leviathans can overpower celestials so it is possible Leviathans can harm, if not kill Max.



  • His mother died, pinned to the ceiling above his crib, presumably in the same manner that Mary died above Sam's crib. He had an abusive childhood.
  • Max had the power of telekinesis, which he used to kill his father and uncle.
  • His response to Sam suggests Max's powers started at the same time as Sam's - 'six, seven months ago'.

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