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Max Miller was one of the special children, and could move things with his mind. He is the very first special child encountered by Sam and Dean.


Season 1

After experiencing premonitions of a man being killed, Sam and a skeptical Dean are drawn towards the Miller family. Max, who developed his powers approximately six months before the Winchesters meet him, has a strong control of his ability - telekinesis. He is using the ability to murder the people who abused him as a child. After killing his father and uncle, he turned on his step-mother, only to be stopped by Dean and Sam. After Max sees the gun Dean carries, he attempts to use it to kill his step-mother.

Max eventually turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.[1]


Powers and Abilities

  • Telekinesis: Max is a special child, like Sam, thus he gained his powers from being fed the demon Azazel's blood. Max used his powers to kill his father and uncle. he later telekinetically levitated a gun & shot himself in the head.



  • His mother died, pinned to the ceiling above his crib, presumably in the same manner that Mary died above Sam's crib. He had an abusive childhood.
  • Max had the power of telekinesis, which he used to kill his father and uncle.
  • His response to Sam suggests Max's powers started at the same time as Sam's - 'six, seven months ago'.

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