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Max is a student and newcomer in Lebanon, Kansas.


According to Eliot, Max just recently moved into the town.

Her mother ran a small restaurant, in which she and her friends occasionally hang out. Along with other teenagers in the town, she was aware of the Winchesters' and friends' activities thanks to her friend Eliot, but expressed disbelief toward his stories. Max is quite rebellious, as she skips school and even stole the Impala to impress her friend Stacy, whom she had a crush on.

She took the Impala and drove to an abandoned house in Lebanon outskirt to party with her friends. She removed the box of cursed items from the back of the Impala and brought them into the abandoned house. The group of partying teenagers unlatched the box, allowing Gacy's spirit to be released.

Sam and Dean, posing as FBI agents, asked everyone to leave the house. They quickly realize that the box was what the ghost was tied to. Eliot, deciding that he wanted to see what was going on, ran back into the house. Max and Stacy stormed after him in an attempt to stop him and they arrived inside the house just in time to witness the spirit disintegrating.

Quite shocked and confused, Max, Eliot, and Stacy sat down as Sam and Dean briefly explained their job of hunting ghosts and monsters. Max, who felt guilty about her theft of the Impala as well as letting the vengeful spirit loose and now with a new understanding of the Winchesters' activities, promised, along with her friends, to keep everything they witnessed a secret.

When Dean summoned John with Baozhu, the timeline was altered and Max's memories about her encounter with Sam and Dean are erased and replaced, evident by the fact that Max couldn't recognize Sam and called him a "weirdo" when he greeted her.

Alternate Castiel and Zachariah arrived at the town to investigate the timeline mess. They entered Max's mother's restaurant where Max and her friends were hanging out and having dinner. Castiel and Zachariah asked them to reveal who played with the timeline. They even threatened to kill everyone, including Max, if nobody answered their question.

Sam and Dean arrived before any harm could be inflicted on the group. They asked Max, her mother, and her friends to leave the restaurant. A brief fight ensued, in which Zachariah is killed and Castiel banished.

When the Baozhu was destroyed by Sam, John returned to his timeline. Everything in town was restored to normal, including Max's memories about Sam and Dean. The experiences in encountering Sam and Dean obviously excited the three teens, Eliot especially, who enthusiastically expressed his admiration for the Winchesters to Max and Stacy, who looked at each other and laugh lightheartedly. Max is also shown to have furthered her status with Stacy, who grabbed Max's hand while they were walking. An expression of surprise and happiness was shown on Max's face when she realized the feelings she had for her friend were reciprocated.

in Don't Go In The Woods, Max was hanging out with her friends when she noticed Jack and recalled his status with Sam and Dean. The trio told him that they were aware of Sam and Dean's job as hunters and Max invited him to hang out at the abandoned farmhouse.

While they studied at the farmhouse, Max flirted with Stacy, telling her she looked cute when she was angry. They are about to kiss when they are interrupted by Eliot, who asked them to go to the other room if they were going to kiss. Max reacted by playfully sticking her tongue out at him. Jack arrived with a pile of books about monsters, much to Eliot's appreciation, and answered his questions about demons. Jack told them that he had killed a demon and Max asked him how. So, naturally, Jack showed them an Angel blade. Max appeared very interested and asked how it was used. Jack tried to demonstrate how to throw the blade but failed, which Max found very amusing.

Later, Jack used his powers to throw the blade successfully and the trio watched in amazement. Max and Eliot appeared impressed, but Stacy looked worried, and when Max realized this she asked Jack to stop. He refused, telling them that they were safe. Stacy bolted in fear but ran straight into the path of the Angel blade. Stacy fell to the ground, the blade embedded in her stomach. Max rushed to her girlfriend's side and told Eliot to call 911. She tried to reassure Stacy that she was going to be okay and demanded that Jack stay away, but Jack knelt down beside Stacy to heal her. When Max realized that Stacy was okay, she embraced her, sobbing. The trio, now scared of Jack, demanded that he leave.



  • Max is one of many LGBT characters featured in Supernatural. Her romantic relationship with Stacy is clear during Don't Go In The Woods.
  • In a deleted scene for Lebanon, Sam confronted Max about stealing the Impala. Max explained that she's an "Army brat", so she moved around a lot with her father, who was stationed at Fort Riley. Sam, due to his experience with itinerancy as a child, sympathized with Max and related to her struggle with making lasting friendships or romances. Dean, on the other hand, was less understanding and threatened to break Max's thumbs if she ever touched the Impala again.
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