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Max is a student and newcomer in Lebanon, Kansas.


According to Eliot, Max just recently moved in to the town.

Her mother ran a small restaurant, in which she and her friends occasionally hang out. Along with other teenagers in the town, she was aware about the Winchesters and friends' activities, but didn't pay them too much attention only describing them as "weirdos" while making jokes on it. She had a crush on Stacy and was quite rebellious, as she skipped school and even dared to steal the Impala as well as took the dangerous stuff outside to impress Stacy.

She took the Impala and went to an abandoned house in Lebanon outskirt for partying with her friends. At the abandoned house, a group of partying teenagers unlatched the box, allowing Gacy's spirit to be released. The Winchesters arrived as Gacy terrorized the kids and quickly realized that the box was what the ghost was tied to.

Sam and Dean, pretended as FBI agents, ask every people to get out from the house. When Eliot decided to figure out what the brothers really did, he ran back to the house while Max and Stacy ran to stop him.

Max, along with Stacy and Eliot, was present when the brothers destroyed Gacy's cigar box and ghost being dispatched. Quite shocked and confused, they were sat down as Sam and Dean briefly explained about their jobs in hunting ghosts and monsters, something that is actually real and if the public knew about it, it will cause a panic. Max felt guilt about her theft of the Impala letting the threat loose and now understood the Winchester's activities and with her friends promised to keep everything seen as secret.

When Dean summoned John with Baozhu, the timeline altered as Max's memories about her encounter with Sam and Dean was also erased and replaced, as Max couldn't recognize Sam and called him a "weirdo".

Alternate Castiel and Zachariah came to the town, investigating the timeline mess, Max and her friends have a hangout in her mother restaurant and have a dinner with them. Castiel and Zachariah asked to everyone who played with timeline. They even threatened to kill everyone, including Max, if nobody answered their question.

Sam and Dean come and again asked Max and everybody in restaurant to get out. A brief fight ensued, in which Zachariah was killed and Castiel banished.

When the Baozhu was destroyed by Sam, John returned to his timeline. Everything in town is restored to normal, including Max's memories about Sam and Dean. Apparently, the experiences in encountering Sam and Dean and the supernatural things around her, made them quite excited. Now the teens admired them and giving them more positive view about the Winchesters and their work. Max is also shown to have furthered her status with Stacy, as the latter held her hand while they walked.

She hangs out with her friends and is annoyed by Eliot's rants about monsters. They notice Jack and recall his status with Sam and Dean. The trio tell him that they of the brothers' activities and ask him to hang. They invite him to their hangout. While studying Max flirts with Stacy, with them almost having a moment but Eliot breaks it off. Jack appears and talk to them about monsters and they are amazing details. Soon he shows from the angel played as well as his powers but he accidentally stab Stacy in the stomach and Max comes to her side as Stacy is in pain. Max nearly calls an ambulance but Jack uses powers to heal her but the teens are now scared of him and his powers. They tell him to stay away from them and leave the area.



  • Max is one of many LGBT characters featured in Supernatural. She apparently has some degree of affection to Stacy, as seen at the end of their appearance.
  • In a deleted scene for Lebanon, Sam confronts Max about stealing the Impala. Max explains that she's an Army brat who moves around a lot with her father currently stationed at Fort Riley and her aunt living in Lebanon. Sam, due to his own experiences, is shown to sympathize with Max's inability to make lasting friends or a girlfriend because of her moving around so much. Dean on the other hand is less understanding and threatens to break Max's thumbs if she ever touches the Impala again.
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