Maurice was a vampire who lived in Chicago and he was also a waiter that worked in the upmarket restaurant "Il Secundo".


Ennis Ross speaks with Maurice, the maitre d', about hiding his engagement ring in a glass of champagne, when they are interrupted by Sal Lassiter. Maurice ignores Ennis to accompany Sal to the private club in the back, and as they leave Ennis catches a glimpse of the bodyguard Marv's face in the mirror where his reflection is grotesque.

Maurice later appears when he attempts to clean up the mess made in the private club after it was attacked by Irv Sokolowski. Maurice later found Ennis hiding in the club. Ennis confronts him and tells him to surrender, but instead of surrendering to him, Maurice tried to feed on him.

Ennis shot at him repeatedly with silver bullets but it did not work. Sam and Dean Winchester arrive at the right moment and Dean cuts off Maurice's head with a machete.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Immortality - Vampires can potentially live forever. They can't grow old and don't acquire conventional diseases that affect humans.
  • Invulnerability - Vampires can not be killed by conventional methods, such as stab wounds or gunshots.
  • Regeneration - As long as they have enough human blood, vampires can quickly heal any wound that does not include amputation.
  • Fangs - Vampires possess a set of retractable fangs. Their teeth are superhumanly strong and can rip open a human's neck and leave huge bite marks on the corpse of the victim it has fed on.
  • Super Strength - Vampires possess strength that is greater than humans. Maurice was able grab Ennis, lift him up, and pin him against a wall with little effort.
  • Super Senses - Vampires have enhanced senses. Maurice was able to tell that Ennis was hiding in the club by smelling his scent from a few feet away.

Weaknesses Edit

  • The Colt - It can kill vampires.
  • Vamptonite - Human blood with DNA altered by Leviathan corn syrup. This altered blood kills vampires quickly as though they have ingested a powerful acid.
  • Decapitation - Chopping off a vampire's head will kill it.
  • Dead Man's Blood - The use of blood from the recently deceased can also be used as a method to incapacitate vampires briefly but it cannot kill them.


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