Maura Leahy (nee Durbin) was Padraic Leahy's wife and the mother of Eileen Leahy. She was also daughter of Edward Durbin II, a Men of Letters representative in Europe sent from the American Branch.


Maura was born into the Durbin family. At some point she married Padraic Leahy and have a daughter, Eileen.

In 1986, when she was dancing with Padraic, he heard a high pitched scream. Maura, knowing it was a Banshee attacking, prepared a Banshee banishing spell to banish it. However, she was too late as he was killed under the banshee's influence. The Banshee, however, had known her intention with the spell, and flung her across the room and sent her crashing into a glass wardrobe. When the Banshee tried to eat Eileen, a bloodied Maura sacrificed herself to complete the banishing spell and save her daughter's.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spellcasting - She was able to create a spell to banish a Banshee.


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