Maura Leahy (née Durbin) was Padraic Leahy's wife and the mother of Eileen Leahy. She was also the daughter of Edward Durbin II, a Men of Letters representative in Europe sent from the American Branch.


Maura was born into the Durbin family. As her father was one of the Men of Letters, he taught her some basic spells, but she never joined the order herself. At some point she married Padraic Leahy and had a daughter, Eileen.

In 1986, while she was dancing with Padraic, he heard a high pitched scream. Maura, knowing it was a Banshee attacking, prepared a Banshee banishing spell to banish it. However, she was too late as he was killed under the Banshee's influence. The Banshee, however, had known her intention with the spell, and flung her across the room and sent her crashing into a glass wardrobe. When the Banshee tried to eat Eileen, Maura cut her wrist to get the blood needed to complete the spell. Maura banished the Banshee and saved her daughter, but died of blood loss from her slashed wrist.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Spell Casting - The daughter of one of the Men of Letters, Maura had the ability to cast some basic spells. She was able to cast one to banish a Banshee.
  • Basic Supernatural Awareness - Due to being the daughter of one of the Men of Letters, Maura had a basic awareness of what really exists in the world, enough to know that a Banshee was attacking her husband.


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