Matty Cuevas is brother of Jesse Cuevas and brother-in-law of Cesar Cuevas.


At some point, he became bored because of the town's unpopularity and wanted to move. He planned to take his brother Jesse with him since Jesse's homosexuality made him a target.

In 1989, when Matty and Jesse went fishing on a creek, a Bisaan abducted him. Jesse attempted to find Matty and ultimately did. However, by that time, Matty was possessed by a Bisaan himself and Jesse ran off, terrified.

For many years, Jesse told people about his sighting of the strange creature that abducted Matty. However, Sheriff Cochran who investigated the story, hid it in order to cover up his daughter's actions and involvement with it. This caused the case to be abandoned for 27 years.

Eventually all of the living Bisaan died, taking their vessels with them. This included Matty.

Season 11

In 2016, Jesse, now a hunter, returned with his husband Cesar to get revenge upon the Bisaan. After Cesar and Dean Winchester killed all of the Bisaan, Jesse searched the mine and found his brother's body. The Winchesters promised to deal with the other Bisaan victims properly while Jesse and Cesar gave Matty a Hunter's Funeral. Having gotten his revenge for Matty's death, Jesse chose to retire from hunting and live a normal life.



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