Matthew Pike is the 16 year old son of Larry Pike who helps Sam and Dean.


The son of Larry and Joanie, Matt has a keen interest in science and insects specifically. He doesn't get along too much with his father. This is shown when he calls his dad "Larry".

He is first seen at his father's party for future residents, and he lets a spider go after one of the real estate agents, Lynda Bloome. Sam picks up the spider and talks to him. Later on, Sam and Dean think that Matt is the one killing people with insects, but they are proven wrong when they see Matt near the edge of the forest where he shows them a clearing that all of the bugs have seemed to congregate to. After seeing a mysterious lump of raised ground they discover bones that seem to be left over from when the Native Americans inhabited the land. During their hike towards the forest, Sam begins to bond with the boy; understanding his rocky relationship with his father.

Later in the evening, Matt notices bugs near his house and calls Sam. They tell him to try to get him family out (Sam suggests truth, Dean tells him to lie). Matt is unable to lie and thus not able to get his family out of the house as his father doesn't believe the truth. Sam and Dean arrive just before the bugs come. They do survive the night though, and Matt and his father are on better terms now. In addition, Matt seems to have gained a dislike of bugs.

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