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Matt Cohen (b. September 28, 1982) is an American actor who portrayed a young John Winchester on Supernatural. In "The Song Remains the Same" he portrayed the Archangel Michael who was possessing John Winchester. He later portrayed a young John Winchester again in a vision to Sam Winchester in the Season 11 episode "Baby". He also directed the Season 15 episode "Gimme Shelter".

Cohen was born in Miami, Florida. He has starred in several films such as Boogeyman 2, Dark House, Chain Letter and played the lead character Aiden Dennison on The N's South of Nowhere. In 2009, he co-produced The Outside, which starred Nia Peeples, Michael Graziadei, Dante Basco and South of Nowhere's Rob Moran. He has also had several guest roles including 90210 as Jeremy, and Syd on Rockville CA, a WB web series created by The O.C 's Josh Schwartz. In 2016, Cohen joined the soap opera General Hospital. In 2017, he and Kim Rhodes appeared in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

He is married to his "South of Nowhere" co-star, Mandy Musgrave. The two married on May 18, 2011. They have a son, who was born in early 2015.


  • To portray the Archangel Michael, Matt Cohen relied on Jared's portrayal of Lucifer in "The End" for guidance.
  • Matt, Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict are known collectively as R2M.
  • Matt once cosplayed as Negan, the Walking Dead character portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
  • Matt is the only actor to portray two Archangels.
  • He holds a special place in his heart for Michael, and openly desires to play him again.
  • He is one of many Supernatural actors to play a role on ABC's General Hospital, the others being Dominic Zamprogna who starred as the vampire Beau, now Det. Dante Falconeri on GH, and Sebastian Roché who starred as Balthazar, who was Jerry Jacks on GH. Matt Cohen now stars as Dr. Griffin Munro on GH.

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