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Masque was a god of illusion created during the Apotheosis in Corinth, Illinois.


Masque was created along with dozens of other gods during the Apotheosis in Corinth, Illinois. He was able to get over two dozen followers for himself which included men, women and children and claimed the town's TechEdge store as his temple.

During the Apotheosis, Adamantine showed up at TechEdge with her own followers to claim the store as her own temple. As soon as Adamantine and her followers entered the store, Masque plunged them into an illusion based on the movie Sand Quake which he'd found in the store and liked. Masque created the illusion of a massive desert with a giant sand beast attacking the followers using tentacles. In reality, Masque had his own followers attack Adamantine's followers with products from the TechEdge store's shelves such as laptops and a speaker tower.

However, the illusion didn't fool Adamantine for long and she quickly saw through it, either because Masque's powers didn't work so well on another god or the illusion became too big and complicated for Masque to properly maintain. Detecting Masque's location, Adamantine impaled him through the abdomen with Wyld's spear before Masque could defend himself, dissipating the illusion and stunning his followers. Masque desperately attempted to pull the spear out, but Adamantine proved to be too strong for him to overpower despite his own strength. After Geoffrey Ramsey found the copy of Sand Quake that Masque had dropped, Masque asked the man if he had seen the movie, calling it fun.

Stating that what she was about to do was fun, Adamantine yanked the spear from Masque's body and smashed him in the head with the butt of it, knocking his mask off and stunning him further. Several of Masque's worshippers were left moaning in despair over his defeat, but one tried to attack Adamantine with a speaker tower, only to be stopped by Geoffrey. As Adamantine electrocuted Masque with her glove, causing Masque to writhe in great pain, she ordered Geoffrey to retrieve his mask for her. After taking the mask, Adamantine pointed out that Masque didn't issue the challenge required of the Apotheosis, but he admitted that he had, she just couldn't hear it due to the illusion. After explaining how Masque was able to communicate without a mouth, Adamantine declared that "in the end there shall be One." Masque started to reply defiantly, but was cut off when Adamantine used his own mask to slit his throat, killing Masque.

Following his death, Adamantine placed Masque's mask back onto his face and shortly afterwards, he turned into a sphere of white energy that entered Adamantine, giving her his power. Adamantine gaining Masque's power caused a vision of Adamantine's creation by the Mythmaker Renee Mendez to be played on the screens of the TechEdge store.

With Masque dead, Adamantine claimed TechEdge as her own temple. Adamantine offered Masque's followers the choice to join her or die and they chose to join her after seeing how easily she'd defeated their god. The attack of Masque's worshippers during the illusion left three of Adamantine's seven original worshippers dead and another unconscious while the other three, including Geoffrey, were left relatively uninjured.

Physical Appearance

Masque was described as a man dressed all in black, including his pants, socks, shoes, shirt, jacket and gloves. The only thing different about his attire was the white mask he wore covering his face. Masque's face was completely featureless with no eyes, nose or mouth or even the hint of them and his only way of communicating was by projecting an illusion of his voice. He had muscles and was noted to have an obvious strength to him.

Masque's mask appeared to be made out of white plastic, but it was warm and gave slightly under the pressure of fingers as if it were covered with a thin layer of flesh.

Powers and Abilities

Masque was a mildly powerful god.

  • Illusion - Masque could create very realistic illusions augmented by his followers playing a role in them. When Masque created the illusion of a desert and a sand beast, he was holding onto the movie Sand Quake, the inspiration for the illusion, but its unclear if it was because he needed to hold onto his inspiration to maintain the illusion. However, Adamantine was eventually able to see through the illusion, either because the power didn't work well on another god or because he had trouble maintaining it when the illusion got too big and complicated. Due to having no face, Masque projected an illusion of his voice to communicate.
  • Super Strength - Masque was noted to obviously be very strong, but not as strong as Adamantine who could overpower him.
  • Invulnerability - As a god, Masque was invulnerable to most forms of harm. The weapons of other gods could harm him, but only a fatal injury from his own mask could kill him.


  • Stronger Deities - Masque was no match for stronger deities such as Adamantine.
  • Divine Weapons - Masque was vulnerable to harm from divine weapons.
    • Wyld's spear - Being stabbed with Wyld's spear severely injured Masque.
    • His Own Mask - Masque could only be killed with an injury from his own mask.
  • Electrocution - Masque suffered considerable pain when Adamantine electrocuted him.


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