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Mary Campbell is a main character in The Winchesters portrayed by Meg Donnelly. "Mary is 19 years old and has been fighting the forces of darkness since she was a child. After losing someone close to her, the hardened hunter considers quitting the family business — until her father’s disappearance and the arrival of newcomer John forces her to lead a new team."[1]

Mary Campbell is a younger alternate version of Mary Winchester from the Supernatural series.


Early life[]

Mary was raised as a hunter and has been "fighting the forces of darkness since she was a child."

Mary's cousin Maggie was killed by a vampire in 1971. Her death deeply affected Mary, and is a driving force for why Mary wants to get out of hunting.[2]

The Winchesters[]

A demon taunts Mary about Maggie's death.

Following her father's instructions, Mary visits the Men of Letters Clubhouse with the help of John Winchester, where she finds a file containing a schematic of the Monster Box showing how to open it. At Ada Monroe's shop, Mary, John, Latika and Carlos find an old book with information about the box in it and a piece of paper containing numbers written in Samuel's handwriting which John determines are coordinates to the box's location in New Orleans. Latika later tells Mary that Maggie's death wasn't Mary's fault. While searching the cemetery, John asks Mary about Maggie, and she tells him about her.

In the tomb, the group finds the open entrance to the tunnels, but no sign of Samuel. In the tunnels, Mary and John find a large stone chest containing the Monster Box, but they are attacked by the Loup-Garou watchdog. While John stays behind to hold the monster off, Mary returns to the surface with the box where a demon possessing Ada demands the box. Using her earlier study of the schematic, Lata manages to activate the Monster Box which exorcises the demon from Ada, draws the demon inside of itself and destroys it.

Returning to the clubhouse, Ada reveals the threat of the Akrida and that Samuel had sought the box as it is the only thing that can stop them, intending to use records in Savannah Men of Letters office to find where the monsters will cross over and then use the box to stop them. With Samuel still missing, Mary, John, Ada, Lata and Carlos depart for Savannah to try to find Samuel and continue his work.[2]


Due to growing up raised by hunters and to be a hunter, Mary is rather rough around the edges. She’s headstrong, stubborn, a natural-born leader and doesn’t take no for an answer. Even though Mary takes her work as a hunter very seriously, she is capable of putting it on hold to have a relationship with someone, as revealed by Lata that Mary has had boyfriends in the past and maybe even has had sex. When she met John Winchester she showed a partial attraction to him, but didn’t think it would last. When the two of them teamed up, her affection for the young man returned, and she got jealous when they met John’s ex-fiancée Betty. As the two are married in the Supernatural series, they continue to grow closer and fall more and more for one another; even separately talking to the others about falling in love. She is extremely protective of those closest to her, and will do anything to keep them safe. She also has a soft motherly/older sister side for children such as Carrie and her older brother Ford.

Physical appearance[]

Mary is a pretty young woman with fair skin and long blonde hair. She has an average height of around 5’7 and a fair amount of muscle on her for a woman her age.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Mary is a very skilled fighter, having received extensive training from her parents. She was capable of fighting on par with various monsters including demons despite their superior strength.




  • John Winchester: John and Mary are close friends and love interests. They met when John returned from the war, but Mary tried to stay away from John for his safety. When John refused to walk away, the two became close and Mary took John under her wing in the art of hunting. Their connection continues to grow stronger with every hunt they go on, and they are on the brink of telling each other how they feel. After John got free of his possession, Mary hinted to John that she’s in love with him by holding his hand and telling him how much he means to her. When Mary fought the Akrida alongside John, she fell on top of him and the moment turned intimate, which made Mary smile at John when she got off of him. When the Akrida cornered the two, they kissed each other, finally admitting their feelings for one another. After rescuing Mary’s dad Samuel and defeating Loki, Mary told John she wants to be with him and the two of them start officially dating.



  • Mary drives a light blue 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner.
  • In Teach Your Children Well, it's revealed Mary has the same classic rock fake I.D.s that her eldest son, Dean, did.
  • In You're Lost, Little Girl, Mary says her dad taught her to use a C.B. radio and listen for hunter code words in the trucker chatter when she was a kid. Some nights, she'd fall asleep listening to the truckers; it always made her wonder what it would be like to have a normal life.
  • In Art of Dying, it's revealed that the pet name Mary's pseudo-aunt, Tracy Gellar, gave her is "Cricket."
  • In the Supernatural series, a Cupid mentioned that when Mary and John first met, they couldn’t stand each other, which is different from this version of Mary who fell for John right away. This is cleared up at the end of the season when it is revealed that this isn’t the true John and Mary, but alternate versions of them.