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I want a family. I want to be safe. You know the worst thing I can think of, the very worst thing? Is for my children to be raised into this like I was.
— Mary to Dean
in In The Beginning

Mary Sandra Winchester (née Campbell) (born December 5, 1954 - November 2, 1983, 2016 – 2019) was a hunter, the daughter of Samuel and Deanna Campbell, the wife of John Winchester, and the mother of Dean and Sam Winchester. After retiring from hunting to be with her family, Mary was killed by the Demon Azazel exactly six months after Sam was born, which spurred John into becoming a hunter to kill Azazel in revenge and raising their sons as hunters as well. 33 years later, after Dean reunited God and The Darkness, she was resurrected by the latter as a gift for Dean. The Darkness later revealed that she brought Mary back to help Dean see that the real Mary is better than the dream of his mother that Dean had held onto for so long in an attempt to get Dean to accept his life and let go of his anger.

After her resurrection, Mary struggled with her new surroundings that have changed in the last three decades which caused her to briefly leave her sons. She became aligned with the British Men of Letters who helped her sharpen her skill as a hunter and better adapt to the new world though alienated her from her sons. Mary soon formed a relationship with Arthur Ketch but she became aware of that he and his superiors had ulterior motives for other hunters. She tried to protest but was subdued and put under their control, making her a pawn to their whims. With help from her son Dean, she broke free and aided her fellow hunters in taking down the British Men of Letters in America.

Mary then returned to her children, though she was soon separated from them again after protecting them from Lucifer and was sent to an alternate reality with him. In the other world, Mary was imprisoned by the Archangel Michael who rules over that world and wanted to invade her world. Mary is liberated from Michael's clutches by Lucifer's son who was sent to that world while trying to find her.

Afterwards, Mary and Jack would go onto form a resistance against Michael. In the months that followed, the two saw many victories before they were reunited with Sam, Dean, and Castiel who journeyed to the world to save them. Mary did not want to abandon the fight but was persuaded after they promised to evacuate the civilians as well.

Following her return to the Main Universe, Mary continued hunting though she began living in Donna Hanscum's cabin with Bobby instead of the bunker. After a soulless Jack kills Nick for trying to resurrect Lucifer, he accidentally kills Mary in a brief fit of rage. Mary is reunited with her husband in Heaven and is now at peace in a shared Heaven with John.



Mary was born December 5, 1954 to a hunter couple Samuel and Deanna, who had not planned for her birth but regarded her as a "blessing" regardless. Mary had a brother, but he is never named. His last known location was Greenville, Illinois, but his status is unknown. The family lived in Lawrence, Kansas.

Mary hated hunting; she sought to have a normal life so that she could be safe and raise a family. This caused tension between her and her father. When she fell in love with John Winchester, Samuel did not approve of their relationship because he believed John to be a naive civilian. Though Mary loved John, she did not tell him about the hunting life.


Mary winchester.JPG

Unbeknownst to her, Mary met the future version of her firstborn son, Dean, in "In The Beginning". She noticed him following her and John on a date, and violently confronted him before he revealed that he was also a hunter. She then took him back to her house, where he had dinner with her family despite Samuel's distrust of him.

A reluctant Mary worked a case with her father and Dean. They learned that Charlie Whitshire had unwittingly made a deal with a demon in order to protect his father from abusing his mother. From Charlie's description, Dean realized that the demon in question was Azazel, who had killed Mary in the future. Dean made her promise not to leave her bed on November 2, 1983, the night she was supposed to die. However, when she learned that Azazel was targeting a friend of hers named Liddy Walsh, Mary and Samuel intervened, in the process inadvertently drawing Azazel's attention to Mary due to her skills and courage.

Azazel makes a deal with Mary after killing John.

Mary was terrified by the demon's interest in her. She spent time with John to try to clear her head. While he was in the middle of proposing to her, her father Samuel, who was possessed by Azazel, interrupted. He killed John then revealed that he had also killed her parents, devastating Mary. He then pressured her into making a deal for John's resurrection and her having a normal life; in exchange, she granted permission for him to enter her house in ten years. Dean arrived too late to stop her, and was returned to his own time by the angel Castiel.

Mary later married John and retired from hunting. The couple lived together at 485 Robintree.


Mary became pregnant with Dean.


In "The Song Remains the Same", Mary's future sons arrived to prevent Anna Milton from killing John, thus preventing the birth of her youngest child, Sam, and the onset of the Apocalypse. Mary was vehemently against their presence because the last time she'd seen Dean, her parents were murdered. She also didn't want them getting her involved with hunting again.

Mary fended Anna off to protect John and distract Anna while Sam banished the angel with a sigil. During this fight, Mary exposed her hunting background to John, and was forced to reveal the truth about herself to him. John was upset that she hadn't told him earlier as well as being angry at her parents for endangering her life by raising her like that.


Mary led the rest of the Winchesters to a house her family had owned and kept stocked with weapons and measures against the for years. Sam taught her how to use holy oil to trap angels.

While preparing to fight Anna, Mary demanded an explanation as to why an angel wanted to kill her from Dean, who eventually revealed that the truth about himself and Sam to her. She was stricken with guilt and horror at the thought of raising them as hunters, but Dean revealed that she had been killed by Azazel and John trained them as hunters instead while seeking vengeance. Dean suggested that she try to flee with Sam before the demon came for them, but Sam himself stated that she should just leave John. While shocked by her sons' words, Mary remained steadfast that she could not leave John because she was pregnant with Dean.

Anna and fellow angel Uriel attacked after removing all the defenses the Winchesters had set up against them. Mary witnessed Sam's death at Anna's hands; however, when Anna turned to her, Michael possessed John, killed Anna, and sent Uriel back to Heaven. Michael also modified Mary's memories to remove her memory of meeting her sons as well as of the warning they gave her to ensure she would die as intended.

A family of her own[]

John and MAry in nursery.jpg

Mary gave birth to Dean on January 24, 1979.

A memory of Dean's from Dark Side of the Moon revealed that Mary and John's marriage was not as perfect as John later portrayed it as; at one point, they fought until John had to temporarily move out. She was upset by this, but a toddler Dean comforted her. 

In 1980, Mary resumed hunting briefly to "tie up some loose ends." While in Emerson, Manitoba, Canada, Mary killed a werewolf she had history with and saved the life of a young boy named Asa Fox. As a result of the encounter with Mary, Asa was inspired to become a hunter himself.

Mary gave birth to Sam on May 2, 1983.


Season1John and MAry.jpg

As seen in the teaser of "Pilot", Mary awoke on November 2, 1983, due to the sounds of Sam crying over the baby monitor. She entered his nursery to find Azazel leaning over the infant's crib. She mistook him for John and decided to let him soothe Sam so she could return to bed.

However, Mary noticed a light flickering in the hallway and a television still on downstairs. She discovered John asleep in the living room. Much to her horror, she realized that the person upstairs was an intruder and rushed back to Sam's nursery, interrupting Azazel as he fed her son his blood—this is what Mary had given him permission for in 1973 without realizing it.

Mary's death at the hands of Azazel.

Azazel used telekinesis to drag Mary up the wall and pin her to the ceiling, at which point he slit her stomach. She screamed briefly, alerting John, who ran into the nursery. She could not speak to warn him and stared helplessly at her husband and her youngest son before John noticed her blood dripping onto his hand while he was caressing Sam and looked up; Azazel then set her aflame, burning her alive.


In lieu of her body, Mary's uncle put up a headstone to commemorate her in Greenville, Illinois, where he presumably lived. Sam and Dean never met her uncle. They visited her headstone in "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" and later in "Alpha and Omega."

After Mary's death, Azazel killed all of her remaining family, friends, and even acquaintances, such as her doctor, to hide his deal with her. Because her family and anyone associated with them died, Sam and Dean did not learn that their mother used to be a hunter until early in Season 4.

The memory of Mary and her death drove the remaining Winchester family to become hunters in order to track down and kill Azazel to avenge her. John continued to grieve for her even decades later, confessing in "Salvation" that he wanted her back. Dean's wish in "What Is And What Should Never Be" is for Mary to have never died, but he chooses to wake himself up from his dream when he realizes that a djinn has poisoned him in order to feed off of him until he dies. Dean avenged her at the end of the second season when he killed Azazel with the Colt. When undergoing demon blood detox in "When the Levee Breaks", a feverish Sam hallucinates her reassuring him that he is doing the right thing in drinking blood to kill Lilith.

Enemies of the Winchesters have been known to use the family's love and grief for Mary against them: besides the example of the djinn above, Zachariah used an illusion of Mary to make her sons suffer by manipulating their emotions in "Dark Side of the Moon", and in "Mommy Dearest" Eve assumed her shape to make a point about her love for her monstrous children.

For years after Mary's death, her ghost haunted the house she'd died in. Her death and Azazel's temporary presence drew a powerful, violent poltergeist to the house.

Mary's ghost sacrifices herself to save her sons.

Mary's last chronological appearance as herself was in the Season 1 episode Home, in which Sam's premonition led her sons back to their childhood home to hunt the poltergeist terrorizing the family currently living in the home. When the poltergeist tried to kill Sam, her ghost manifested, first as a flaming humanoid figure that walked out of the closet of the room that used to be Sam's nursery. She apologized to him for allowing Azazel to feed him blood. She confronted the poltergeist, telling it to leave her house and let go of her son, before she sacrificed herself to banish the poltergeist from the house. What became of her soul afterward is unknown: the psychic Missouri Moseley believed that she ceased to exist and Ash later tells Sam and Dean that he had not found her in Heaven. However it has been revealed that destroyed ghosts do in fact still move on to their destined resting places and perhaps Mary and John simply do not want to be found.  


Mary returns

In Alpha and Omega, Sam and Dean visit Mary's grave before Dean goes to sacrifice himself to destroy the Darkness. After Dean helps the Darkness reconcile with God, the Darkness tells him that he gave her what she truly wanted so she will do the same for him. Shortly afterwards, Dean finds a resurrected and confused Mary in a nearby park.

Season 12[]

Mary meets Castiel

In Keep Calm and Carry On, Dean is shocked by Mary's resurrection. Mary, not remembering her death or anything that came after it, is confused by Dean's presence and claim that he is her son. Dean tells Mary that he's not four anymore since she has been dead. Mary suddenly remembers her death at the hands of Azazel and lets up Dean who tells her that she has been dead for 33 years. Dean convinces Mary of his identity by reciting her family history and her history with John. Convinced, Mary hugs Dean and they sit on a bench in the park and Dean fills her in on all that she's missed over the last 33 years. Mary is stunned by the news that she met Dean through time travel twice and was resurrected by God's sister and met Dean while she was a ghost which she is unable to remember either.

After catching Mary up, Dean takes her to the Men of Letters bunker to meet Sam. Mary is shocked to find out that the Men of Letters are real as she'd only known them as a hunter's myth. Noticing blood on the ground, Dean hands Mary a gun and tells her to stay behind as he searches the bunker. Instead, Mary explores and hides when she hears someone enter. Emerging from hiding, Mary threatens Castiel at gunpoint until Dean defuses the situation. Dean explains to a shocked Castiel who Mary is and to the shocked Mary that Castiel is in fact an angel. After Castiel explains what happened before Lady Toni Bevell banished him, Dean searches through traffic cameras on the Winchester's laptop for the kidnapper's car. Mary is confused by the size of the computer before Dean locates the vehicle. Joining Dean and Castiel in the hunt for Sam, Mary goes with them to the bunker's garage where she recognizes the Impala as John's car and comments on how beautiful the car still is, treating the car in a similar manner to how Dean does.

Tracking the kidnapper's vehicle to the airport, the three question a man there about the kidnappers and Mary is surprised by Castiel acting violent when he's an angel. The man gives up the tail number of Toni's plane and Mary sits in a café and watches the changed world as Dean searches for information on the plane. When Castiel joins her, Mary tells him about how strange everything is to her, from the fact that she was resurrected at all to the world around her. Dean rejoins them and explains that the plane has a diplomatic registry, meaning that they can't access the flight plan. After Castiel spots a nearby veterinary clinic, the three realize Sam could've been treated there and kidnap the doctor for answers. After the man admits he treated Sam's leg wound for $100,000 but clearly holds something back, Mary orders Castiel to beat the answers out of him. The doctor finally tells them that he has Toni's phone number as she called to ask about the sedative he used on Sam and Mary watches with Castiel as Dean calls Toni.

Having failed to get anything from the phone call, the three make their way back to the bunker when the Impala is rammed by Ms. Watt in an SUV, knocking Mary unconscious. Castiel is able to determine that Mary is not seriously hurt before he and Dean are forced to fight Ms. Watt who has the upper hand due to a set of enchanted brass knuckles. As Ms. Watt prepares to kill Dean with his own gun, Mary regains consciousness and stabs Ms. Watt through the back with Castiel's dropped angel blade, killing her and saving Dean. As Dean and Castiel push Ms. Watt's SUV off the road, Mary sits inside the Impala door and stares at her hands before Dean tells her that they have a lead from Ms. Watt's cellphone. Mary tells him that she's not alright as she never wanted her children to become hunters, but Dean tells her that he and Sam have done a lot of good and the world is a better place with them in it as hunters. The three then set out for Aldrich, Missouri where Ms. Watt's cellphone points to Sam being.

In Mamma Mia, Mary arrives at the location Sam is being held, and finds both her sons being held captive by Lady Toni Bevell. Mary surprises Sam by her appearance before she gets into a fight with Toni. They are interrupted by the arrival of Toni's colleague, Mick Davies, who accuses Toni of misbehaving and apologizes to the gang for her behavior. Mick takes Toni away, allowing the trio, plus Castiel, to return to the Bunker.

Mary decides to get some alone time

In The Foundry, Mary begins to struggle with life 33 years after her death. Her sons, who had been raised with false memories of her, struggle as well with re-learning who their mother truly is. Mary decides to bury herself in hunting, and with her sons' help, she manages to solve a ghost problem. However, it is after the case if solve does she finally admit that she needs time alone. Sam and Dean are unhappy about this, but Mary leaves them regardless in order to find herself.

In Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox, Mary travels to Canada after learning of the death of Asa Fox, a hunter whom she had saved as a boy from a werewolf in 1980. Mary learns that she was the inspiration for Asa's hunting, Asa having become a legendary hunter after meeting her. Mary continues to experience awkwardness with her sons as the Crossroad Demon Jael attacks the funeral. After Jael possesses Jody Mills he attempts to convince the Winchesters that Mary is possessed, but fails. Mary attempts to kill Jael with Asa's angel blade, only to be stopped by Sam as he's possessing Jody. Mary helps exorcise Jael, finishing the exorcism started by her sons and later talks with Jody about being a mother. She later meets Billie who offers Mary the peace of Heaven, she refuses and while not ready to return home with her sons yet, agrees to get breakfast with them.

In First Blood, Mary learns from Castiel that he had lost her sons and she heavily blames him for this. Six weeks go by with no sign of Sam nor Dean, Mary helps deal with a werewolf hunt that Castiel failed. Later on, she apologizes to him about her actions though he agrees with her point. She is then shocked that he decided work with the British Men of Letters in order to find Sam and Dean even though they once kidnapped them. With the help of Mick and Arthur Ketch, Mary and Castiel manage to locate Sam and Dean and travel to their location. The brothers reunite with them tearfully. On their way back, Billie confronts them over a deal Dean made about sacrificing one of them in order to escape the prison he and Sam had been kept in. Mary decides to offer herself in Sam and Dean's stead, only for Castiel to kill Billie to prevent either Winchester from doing so. He explains that the world, as well as himself, cannot risk losing them ever again. Sometime later, Mick Davies approaches Mary with an offer to work for him, by promising her a world without monsters which intrigues her.

Mary and Wally stake out Ramiel's house

In Stuck in the Middle (With You), the British Men of Letters gives Mary an assignment: retrieve The Colt from Ramiel's house. Mary enlists a hunter named Wally to join her, as part of a trick to convince Sam and Dean and Castiel to help them. Mary does not explain the full story, lying that she wishes to simply kill a dangerous demon. The trio buy her story and they infiltrate Ramiel's house. While there, two demons ambush them and one of them kills Wally, while Sam and Dean manage to kill one demon each. Ramiel however, also attacks and stuns Mary with his yellow-eyes, which remind her of Azazel. When Ramiel goes after Castiel, Mary knocks him out by ramming him with a jeep. She then takes her sons and Castiel and flees. The four arrive at a barn, where they are met by Crowley who Mary is shocked to meet but threatens to kill if he touches her.

Through Crowley and Castiel, Mary learns Ramiel is a Princes of Hell, who were Hell's most powerful generals. Mary realizes Azazel was one of those demons, which Crowley confirms by stating they even have the same yellow eyes. He also tells them that the Lance that Castiel got stabbed with was a weapon for Michael to kill Lucifer and the latter will die soon. Crowley then leaves as the Winchesters set a trap for Ramiel. Crowley is soon thrown the barn by Ramiel and is knocked unconscious while the Winchesters successfully trap Ramiel. Unfortunately, his weapon, the Lance of Michael, enables him to break free and he proceeds to brutally attack each Winchester. When Mary stabs him with an angel blade, Ramiel is distracted long enough for Sam to kill him with the Lance. However, the Lance's effects are slowly killing Castiel, much to Mary's horror. Fortunately, Crowley awakes in time and destroys the Lance, which restores Castiel to full health. Later on, Mary complains to Arthur Ketch what the mission nearly cost her, but she hands him The Colt anyway, which she stole from Ramiel.

In Family Feud, Mary demonstrates her skills to Arthur who is thoroughly impressed. By the time she returns home, she is forced to confess that she is working for the British Men of Letters. Sam and Dean are not happy.

Mary and Sam fight off the vampires

In The Raid, Dean dismisses Mary due to her choosing the British Men of Letters over her sons and Sam follows suit. Mary begins working with Arthur as part of the operation to kill all of the vampires in America and convinces Sam to tour the British Men of Letters compound. As Mick and Mary attempt to get Sam to sign on, the compound comes under attack by vampires and they learn from one that they capture that the Alpha Vampire is coming.

After Mary executes the captured vampire, the surviving hunters and Mick attempt to come up with a plan with only Sam, Mary and Pierce Moncrieff having actually killed something before. Mary suggests using the AVD as a bug bomb in the ventilation system, but Sam is aware that it won't work against the Alpha Vampire and asks for something stronger. Mary has Mick unveil the Colt, the strongest weapon they have and Mary finally admits to stealing it from Ramiel. While the British Men of Letters have no bullets for the gun, Sam knows how to make more thanks to Bobby Singer and gives Mick the ritual while Mary and Pierce go to get the AVD and Sam fights off attacking vampires.

Mary is betrayed by Pierce who is working for the Alpha Vampire and he knocks her unconscious and destroys the AVD before alerting the Alpha Vampire that its safe. Mary is found by Sam and they race to the control room where they discover the Alpha Vampire threatening Mick. Mary knocks out Pierce and as Sam arms himself with the Colt, is shown by Mick that he is holding one of the new bullets. Mary watches the confrontation between Sam and the Alpha Vampire and after Mick attacks Sam to slip him the bullet, Mary attacks the Alpha Vampire from behind as a further distraction so Sam can load the gun. Thanks to Mick and Mary's efforts, Sam is able to kill the Alpha Vampire with the Colt, causing the remaining vampires to retreat.

Afterwards, Dean, having learned of the situation from a vampire he and Arthur captured, reconciles with Mary. Pierce is taken for punishment by Arthur to the pleasure of both Mary and Sam while the death of the Alpha Vampire convinces Sam to sign on with the British operation.

Mary gazing at her reflection after sleeping with Arthur.

In The British Invasion, Mary and Arthur take out eight shapeshifters and share a toast which leads to unexpected love making. Arthur expresses a desire to bond with Mary further but she declines, although he is genuinely intrigued by Mary's desire to have both a family and a job. Mary learns from Arthur that when they first met, Arthur had been expecting to kill her. When Arthur returns to his headquarters, he realizes he is going to have to when Doctor Hess makes the order.

In The Memory Remains, Arthur tells Sam and Dean that Mary is busy hunting a chupacabra.

Arthur attacks Mary

In Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes, Mary begins discovering secrets kept by the British Men of Letters. When Mick fails to answer any of her calls, Mary goes in search of him and to her discomfort, she finds his body inside a black coffin inside the weapons storage room. She also discovers that the Brits have been monitoring many American hunters, including Dean. When she confronts Arthur about Mick, Arthur claims a werewolf killed him, but Mary is unconvinced since Mick has a bullet wound in his head.

The two get into a fight and start beating on each other. When Mary tries to flee to warn her sons, Arthur knocks her out using a stunt gun. Mary finds herself tied up to a chair and faced with a familiar face, Lady Toni Bevell.

In There's Something About Mary, Mary is interrogated and tortured by Toni, who uses her past against her to try and convince Mary that what she thinks she wants is nothing but a fairy tale. Mary is initially defiant, but eventually succumbs to the manipulation. When Sam and Dean Winchester successfully capture Toni and bring her back to their bunker, Mary joins Arthur Ketch to the location and obediently points her gun at her sons, treating them as enemies and any American hunter as such too. Mary escapes the bunker with Arthur when Arthur turns it into a death trap for the Winchesters and Toni. Sam and Dean are horrified by this turn of events.

In Who We Are, a brainwashed Mary continues to kill hunters and is eventually directed by Arthur to kill Jody Mills. However, while Mary is able to ambush Jody, Alex returns home in time to help Jody subdue her. Jody alerts Mary's sons who have managed to escape the bunker and they arrive with Toni who had claimed that she could reverse Mary's brainwashing. Mary and Toni reveal this to be a lie and Toni tells Sam and Dean that their real mother is hidden behind impenetrable psychic walls Toni can't break. When Arthur calls, Mary gleefully offers to take the call before Sam ignores it. Dean ultimately decides to take Mary back to the bunker with Toni in an effort to break her brainwashing while Sam leads the American hunters in an attack on the British Men of Letters compound.

Dean speaking to Mary in her mind.

At the bunker, Toni cobbles together a rig that allows Dean to enter Mary's mind where he finds her in a memory from 1983 with a four-year old Dean and a six month old Sam. As Mary ignores his presence but Dean can grab onto her, Dean realizes that Mary is willingly allowing herself to remain trapped there. Enraged, Dean tells Mary he hates her and fills her in on everything that happened due to her deal with Azazel and how it ruined their lives. Dean then tells Mary he hates and loves her and that he forgives her, understanding what she did due to his own deal. Dean is finally able to get Mary's attention, but is pulled from her mind by Arthur before he can do more.

Mary awakens, free of her brainwashing in time to find Arthur about to kill Dean. Mary shoots Arthur in the arm, saving Dean's life. Arthur is shocked to find that the real Mary has returned and tells mother and son he knew they were both killers. After Dean agrees, Mary executes Arthur with a shot to the head. She and Dean cover up his and Toni's bodies and Mary expresses her fear that Sam will hate her. Sam, having returned from destroying the British operation in time to hear her fears, assures his mother he doesn't hate her. The Winchesters then share a group hug, finally united as a family.

All right then. I kinda always wanted to punch the Devil in the face.
— Mary, about confronting Lucifer

Mary and her sons discussing a plan

In All Along the Watchtower, Mary joins Sam and Dean in defeating Lucifer. She tags along when the brothers journey to a lakeside house currently being occupied by Castiel and Kelly Kline, the latter who is about to give birth. The trio arrive to find Kelly already in labor and Mary offers to be there for Kelly during the process.

As Sam, Dean, Castiel and Crowley face off against Lucifer outside, Mary holds Kelly's hands as she attempts to deliver her child, but Kelly suddenly begins glowing a golden hue and in her final words, she tells her son she loves him. The baby's born in a burst of light that knocks both women back, with Mary unconscious on the floor.

Mary and Lucifer are trapped within the alternate universe.

When Mary wakes up, she immediately heads outside and finds Sam and Dean alone, confronting Lucifer. Armed with the Enochian brass knuckles, she punches Lucifer in the face. She keeps going, until both of them tumble into a portal directly behind Lucifer. The portal closes once they've passed through, trapping them inside a wasteland. Lucifer screams in anger, and directs his attention towards Mary, who is to blame for his predicament.

Season 13[]

In Lost & Found, Dean believes Mary to be dead and lists her as one of the people he wants Chuck to bring back. In the alternate universe, Mary is still alive and is trying to escape from Lucifer. Lucifer easily catches up to her by flying to her location. Seeing as she can't escape, Mary challenges Lucifer to kill her. Lucifer considers it and tosses Mary over to a sword sticking out of the ground. Lucifer changes his mind at the last minute and Mary is held up an inch from the blade. Lucifer declares that he may need her alive after all.

Mary and Lucifer meet Michael.

In The Rising Son, Mary follows Lucifer as he searches for a way back home. They take a break for a while and discuss Mary's disbelief that Lucifer even cares about his own son. Their conversation is disrupted by an energy blast that lands nearby and causes a massive smoke. Mary uses this as an opportunity to flee again. A hunter sees her and holds her at gunpoint. Confirming that she is human, the hunter decides to rape Mary for his own amusement. Mary tries to fight back but the hunter knocks her down and prepares to shoot her. Mary is saved when Lucifer arrives and punches a hole through the hunter's chest, killing him.

Lucifer complains that Mary is still running from him, despite the two needing to work together to get out of this reality and go save their sons. Mary doesn't want to help Lucifer so Lucifer causes her internal agony until she falls over. Realizing she can't resist his demands, Mary continues to follow Lucifer around until she grows tired. Lucifer calls her "wimpy" and refuses to give her a chance to rest. A group of angels led by an Angel Commander arrive at their location, claiming to be searching for a creature from Hell and believe Lucifer is this creature, whom they intend to smite. Mary ducks down until she realizes Lucifer had killed the angels first.

Another angel arrives at the scene and Lucifer identifies him as "Michael". Surprised to see Lucifer alive, Michael asks how is it possible before Lucifer tells him they come from another world and blames Mary for their presence in a universe not their own. Michael then talks about the fate of his own Lucifer and threatens to do the same to this Lucifer. Lucifer retaliates by punching Michael, but he is soon overwhelmed with his arm being twisted violently. Mary watches the entire scene in shock, and appears tempted to make another run for it.

In War of the Worlds, Lucifer suggests that Michael stop torture him and torture Mary instead, suggesting that Mary has also been taken prisoner.

In The Bad Place, Jack reveals that in an attempt to prove that he's good, he has been attempting to rescue Mary for her sons. However, he needs the help of a dreamwalker in order to be able to see her and open a portal. With the help of Derek Swan, Jack is able to locate Mary in a cage similar to Lucifer's in Michael's fortress. He later shares this vision with Sam and Dean who realize their mother is still alive.

Working together with Kaia Nieves, Jack and the Winchesters attempt to locate Mary and open a rift to her. Jack and Kaia succeed in locating Mary, but Kaia keeps flashing between Mary and the Bad Place before they succeed in opening a rift, causing everyone to disappear in a flash of light that disintegrates six nearby angels.

Due to Kaia flashing between Mary and the Bad Place, she ends up on the side of the road while Sam and Dean end up in the Bad Place. Jack awakens in the alternate reality at Mary's feet and she stares at him in confusion while Jack looks at her predicament in worry.

Mary and Jack held captive

In Good Intentions, Michael threw a battered Jack in Mary's cell. After learning his name, she realizes he is the Nephilim that Kelly Kline was carrying who rapidly aged himself. He tells her that her sons sent him to find her. Mary asks if they are in the world but is told Jack came alone, to her relief. Mary soon tells Jack of Michael's intentions to kill her in front of Jack if he refuses to comply with opening a rift to their world so he can invade their world. She tells Jack to let Michael kill her as they can't let him succeed, he refuses and wants to get her to safety but his powers are negated as a result of a headache. Hearing this, Mary reveals to him her head hurts as well but there is a spot where it doesn't hurt. She deduces Michael has heavily warded his fortress that even humans can feel it but Jack can get them out at the spot where its weakened, her theory is correct and they escape.

Bobby Singer helps Jack and Mary escape

While escaping in this world, Mary and Jack discover that the angels are waging a war of extermination upon the remaining human population. They see two figures approach and hide but they are found anyway before assuring their captors they are human. One of the men reveals himself to be Bobby Singer whose appearance surprises Mary. Bobby initially confuses her with the Mary of his world before she reveals she is from another world and her sons told her of him. He recalls her sons and states he owes her counterpart a favor and gets her and Jack to safety. At Bobby Singer's colony, Mary watches Jack bond with the children before she talks with Bobby and asks him of her counterpart and learns of the latter refusing to make a deal with Azazel to resurrect John Winchester. As such, Sam and Dean never existed to stop the Apocalypse in that world. Mary is shocked that while her choice to accept the deal resulted in her death and that her possible refusal would have destroyed everything. Bobby tells her that she made the right choice to accept as by mentioning what good men her sons are and he refused their offer to go to their world stating his world just has him.

After Bobby notices Jack has powers, Mary tells him that Jack is a Nephilim and Bobby gets angry as he states when Lucifer and his demons rose from Hell and the Apocalypse began, the humans thought that the angels were there to save them but the angels turned on them one by one. He tells Mary to get Jack away from the camp as she states if he goes then she'll go which Bobby understands. The next morning, Mary tells Jack they have to leave which he knows is due to him. As they move, angels led by Zachariah arrive to attack the colony. Mary and Jack are found by Bobby who blames Jack's use of his powers for how the angels found them. Bobby gives Mary a gun, presumably loaded with angel-killing bullets and orders to help evacuate as many kids as she can find through the colony's escape tunnels. Bobby angrily rejects Jack's offer of help and leaves to fight the attacking angels as Mary goes to evacuate the children and tells Jack to hide.

Mary later helps a child as she is found by Zachariah, who she tries to attack but is easily overpowered by the angel. Zachariah demands she give up Jack but she refuses to comply as he prepares to kill her until Jack intervenes, Mary watches as Zachariah advances on him and Jack uses his power to lift and destroy him. However, Bobby who witnessed this sight soon spotted three more angels flying in, as Mary watches Jack combusts the angels in mid-air, saving everyone.

In the aftermath, Mary sees Jack being praised by Bobby for his actions, as he tells her to truly save this world he has to kill Michael, to her great shock.

During Bring 'em Back Alive, Dean and Arthur attempt to locate Mary and Jack, but find an alternate reality version of Charlie Bradbury instead.

After being rescued, Charlie reveals that Mary and Jack now lead a resistance movement against Michael and the angels and last she heard, were fighting in Dayton, Ohio. Out of time before the rift closes, Dean returns to the Main Universe while Arthur remains behind in Apocalypse World to find Mary and Jack and help the resistance coordinate for Dean's inevitable return with reinforcements.

Mary and Jack find Michael's base deserted

In Unfinished Business, Mary is shown at the colony as Jack tells her of a victory over angels led by Balthazar and that Bobby is taking them to their base. Mary tells Jack that she is worried about their dwindling supplies and space for the survivors.

When Jacob appears to talk to Jack about Michael, he reveals the angels are leaving their fortress as Jack wants to confront the archangel immediately. Mary stops him from making a rash decision, as she states that she can't lose "another one of her boys". Jack is deeply touched by her words and hugs her. That night, Jack sees the fortress is deserted and tells everyone they are going there.

When they arrive, the men bring out Kevin Tran who reveals Michael and his forces are elsewhere trying to make use of the spell he perfected. As Kevin reveals he is a living bomb, Mary tries to talk him down as she tells him being in Heaven will be nothing but memories. However, Kevin is too unhinged to listen and attacks, as Jack shields Mary, saving her life and cradles her unconscious form afterwards. Jack and Mary then talk and she consoles him as they look upon the bodies.

During Beat the Devil, Sam, Dean, Castiel and Gabriel travel to Apocalypse World to locate Mary and Jack. They find two survivors who tell them where the camp is and begin traveling there. The group face a problem when Sam is taken away and killed by vampires but continue the journey.

They soon arrive at an area with warding which halts Castiel until Gabriel gets rid of it before they are found by armed humans led by Mary. She is shocked to see Castiel and Dean who soon embraces her, as she returns the sentiment being happy to see him again. Mary asked where Sam was and was stunned to learn his fate when talking to Dean who shed tears at his death.

Mary then took the group to the camp where she and Dean mourned Sam, she watched as Dean decided to retrieve Sam's body. However, Sam soon arrived alive and smiled at his mother who was happy to see but became surprised to see Lucifer arrived as well.

Mary and Dean ready to fight.

During Exodus, Mary was shocked to see Lucifer again but happy to see Sam and hugged her son before watching the argument between Dean and Lucifer which causes Jack to teleport away. Mary watches as Castiel places Supernatural Handcuffs on Lucifer after he offers them help.

While working, Lucifer approached Mary and asked if she missed him before she replies by punching him in the face as Castiel takes him away. Dean and Sam appear soon and compliment her action before asking her to come back with them. Mary thanked her sons for coming but she tells them that she wants to defend the world after fighting with the humans. She is surprised when Sam supports this and says they will take the survivors to their world, which pleases Mary.

Afterwards, Dean and Sam went to the resistance's leaders for his proposal and they are skeptical until Mary vouches for them.

On the road, Mary noticed Dean was uncomfortable with Jack approaching Lucifer but state it was alright since he was his father though told him he'll see Lucifer's true colors.

Mary takes part in helping Sam and Dean evacuate everyone to Earth. She also takes part in liberation of Arthur and Charlie and kills an angel in the attack.

Mary soon helps the survivors in evacuating on a bus that Dean had repaired and they are able to transport everyone to the location of the rift. Mary is one of the first to make it back to earth and is happy to be back home. Mary then celebrates the victory over Michael and returning home and is proud to hear Bobby congratulate her sons.

In Let the Good Times Roll, as the people of Apocalypse World settle in, Mary takes a walk with Bobby, joking about what everyone else is up to. Mary and Bobby are shocked to find the body of Maggie who has been brutally murdered. Mary joins the investigation into Maggie's murder and is shocked when Jack shows up with Lucifer to resurrect Maggie. When her sons return, Mary informs them that Jack is gone.

When Michael suddenly attacks the bunker, Sam and Dean order Mary and Bobby to flee through the garage. Though reluctant, they eventually comply. The two later return after Lucifer's death to find Castiel alone. With Dean having become the vessel of Michael in order to fight Lucifer, Castiel simply shakes his head sadly at them, worrying and saddening Mary.

Season 14[]

In Stranger in a Strange Land, in the weeks after Lucifer's demise she had taken to training the new network of hunters and makes sure they get the cases solved. Mary notices Sam's return and tries to comfort on the loss of Dean by telling him they will find him as Ketch is looking into but Sam isn't convinced. She also tells him Nick is awake and she can't look at him without remembering Lucifer.

Mary later joins Sam's team to rescue Castiel from the demon Kipling. After Jack and Maggie are captured by Kipling's demons and held hostage during the meeting. She and Bobby burst in, Mary has Maggie take cover behind the bar and hands her an angel blade to defend herself with which Maggie nervously guesses is used by stabbing the pointy end into the bad guys. Mary is soon strangled by a female demon, when Maggie suddenly kills the demon from behind with her angel blade, saving Mary's life. She is then overpowered by another demon and struggles with him briefly until Sam kills Kipling and orders the other demons to stop. Mary watches in shock as Sam forcefully abolishes the position of Ruler of Hell and the demons flee their vessels in their smoke forms. She and Bobby are shown drinking together and laughing with each other over the case.

Mary and Sam on a case

In Gods and Monsters, she follows a lead in the search for Dean and joins Sam and Bobby. On the case, she amused by Bobby's outdated use of speech when on a case. The trio soon find that the recent victims are monsters and that Michael is near. When the group head to a location, they are attacked by Michael's enhanced werewolves and Mary finds they are now immune to silver but not decapitation and is able to kill one before she saved Bobby from being attacked by one. The group locate a weakened Dean who was freed of possession, though relieved to find him she questions where Michael is and Dean doesn't know.

In Nightmare Logic, she and Bobby are on a case to find Maggie. They soon see Sam and Dean are present too, they decide to work together. She is not pleased by Bobby insulting Sam's leadership before they split up. Mary tries to comfort Sam though acknowledged Bobby's point and brought up the attraction that the pair obviously had and Mary confirmed she does have feelings for him though is unsure since he is keeping her at arms length. Sam also told her that Bobby may have experienced a loss like the original Bobby and she hoped that he'd tell her.

She and Sam soon inform the funeral house owner's daughter of monsters, after she is attacked before Dean appears and relates a similar attack. Much later, Mary saves Bobby from a manifestation of his son Daniel Singer, that was conjured by the enhanced djinn Neil. Mary is overpowered and nearly strangled to death until Bobby stepped in to save her. Once Dean killed Neil and Sam found Maggie, the group returned to the bunker where Bobby had his injuries treated. Bobby relayed to Mary of his hardships with losing his family and the stress of fighting for a decade. After he stated that he saw no other way, Mary told Bobby there is another way. Bobby decided to spend recovery time with Mary Donna Hanscum's cabin.

In Jack in the Box, Sam and Dean hold a hunter's memorial for Mary attended by several hunters including Jules and Bobby. Also in attendance is a Wraith from a nest Mary and Bobby recently hunted. Bobby kills the Wraith which he thinks was present to gloat over Mary's death. Castiel comments that Mary would've enjoyed having a memorial complete with a monster which Bobby agrees with. As Arthur Ketch couldn't make it, he sends a bottle of scotch and Bobby states an intention to seek out and kill Jack who shows understanding over Mary's death which he calls an accident, but feels no real remorse in his soulless state. Later, Duma threatens to end John and Mary's peaceful shared Heaven in an attempt to get Castiel to stand down. Instead, Castiel instantly kills Duma to protect his friends.

In Moriah, God offers to resurrect Mary again as incentive for Dean to kill Jack. Dean refuses however, knowing that Mary would never want that.

Season 15[]

In Galaxy Brain, a resurrected Jack spots Mary's initials carved into the table of the bunker alongside Sam and Dean's and touches them briefly.

In Destiny's Child, while talking with Castiel about being soulless, Jack states that he understands the pain he caused Sam and Dean by killing Mary, but he can't feel anything himself. Later, when Jack's soul is restored by the Occultum, he remembers accidentally killing Mary and the aftermath of his failed attempt to resurrect her, causing him to collapse into tears. At the bunker, a crying Jack expresses remorse and horror over Mary's death and his inability to feel it before and begs for forgiveness from Sam and Dean.

In Last Holiday, Jack tells Mrs. Butters that the only real family he's ever had are Sam, Dean, Castiel and Mary. Still upset over his role in Mary's death, Jack calls her a good friend, his voice breaking as he speaks of Mary. Jack agrees that Mary was lovely before confessing that he killed her though he didn't mean to. Mrs. Butters tells Jack that they all do things that they're not proud of, but life gives them second chances and it is their obligation to hold onto them.

In Gimme Shelter, Dean confronts Amara over Mary's resurrection as Amara had told him that she had wanted to teach him something and Mary is dead. Amara admits that she had two reasons for bringing Mary back: first, she wanted Dean to see that Mary was just a person and that the myth he'd held onto for so long of a better life if Mary had survived was just that, a myth. Amara had wanted Dean to see that the real complicated Mary was better than the dream Dean had held onto his mother of his mother because she was real. Amara wanted him to realize that the present is better than the past and to finally accept his life. The second reason was that Amara thought that having his mother back would help Dean to finally let go of his anger, but she admits that she failed. As a result, Dean calls Amara no better than Chuck though Amara insists that Mary's resurrection was a gift, not a trial.

In Drag Me Away (From You), Billie reveals that Jack is desperate for Dean's forgiveness for killing Mary and that Billie had surmised that Jack would only get it if he killed God and freed Dean from God's "hamster wheel." Billie had told Jack this which is Jack's motivation to sacrifice himself to kill God and Amara.

In Inherit the Earth, its revealed that Jack and Castiel's names have been added to the initials of Sam, Dean and Mary carved into the bunker table.

Mary also appears in the flashback sequence at the end including one of the family dinner the Winchesters got when John was pulled forward in time.

In Carry On, after Dean dies and goes to Heaven, Bobby Singer tells him that in the newly-restructured Heaven, Mary and John have a place close to Harvelle's Roadhouse and points him in that direction.

Pictures of Mary and John are amongst the collection that Sam keeps during his long life, including a large picture of the entire family together from when John was pulled to 2019.

Skills and Abilities[]

As a Human[]

  • Master Hunting Skills - Mary's skills were noted by her father, Samuel Campbell, himself an exceptional hunter, to be impressive, and she later admits that though she didn't enjoy it, she was confident that her skills were "very good" when Dean asked her whether she was good at hunting. After her resurrection, Mary's skills continued to grow as she adapted to present time, proving herself to be an incredibly accomplished hunter, capable of effectively hunting all sorts of supernatural creatures, even including the likes of Angels, and slaughtering her fellow hunters while brainwashed by the British Men of Letters.
    • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant and Swordsman - Mary was a very accomplished combatant, both hand-to-hand and armed with bladed weapons, her prowess impressing her father greatly as she easily handled a werewolf by herself without getting a scratch. Even after quitting hunting, Mary fully remained a formidable fighter, as shown when she fought a time-travelling Dean to 1973, where she put up a strong fight against her younger and fully-active hunter son even after his initial shock wore off, throwing him into a wall and landing multiple blows on him before eventually being restrained, and even stood up against a weakened Anna Milton in their one-on-one fight in 1978, skillfully wielding an angel blade against her and managing to cut her hand, as well as squarely impale her with a crowbar, with Anna having to teleport around to overwhelm her. After being resurrected, despite being disoriented, Mary was able to easily catch Dean off-guard and subdue and restrain him, with Dean seemingly being unable to break out of it while surprised and opting to reason with her to get out of it, and could pressure the much fitter Lady Toni Bevell in a hand-to-hand fight, forcing her to use a spell to overpower her. After training with the British Men of Letters, Mary's skills only improved, to where she could successfully take down vampires by herself with a single blade to decapitate them and was able to overpower a reluctant Arthur Ketch, breaking out of his grip and pummeling and injuring his arm during their fight despite being briefly overwhelmed and tossed to a table and soon beating him down with the Enochian Brass Knuckles, forcing him to taser her unconscious. She was also able to take down angels in Apocalypse World by herself, swiftly stabbing one with an angel blade, and, with the Enochian Brass Knuckles, even give Lucifer a sound beating, though Lucifer initially did not resist, instead taunting her, giving her a chance to continue until they both fell through the rift to the Apocalypse World. She even took down a grace-enhanced werewolf with multiple blows from an axe and decapitated him with a machete with ease.
    • Master Marksman - Although seemingly preferring melee combat more, Mary was also shown to be an accomplished marksman, capable of easily wielding firearms as basic as guns to more advanced ones like shotguns proficiently, as shown when she was able to easily shoot down 3 Rugaru with the Rugaru Killing Gun and accurately shot Ketch in the arm to force him to drop his gun before swiftly executing him with a precise shot to the head. She later on easily decapitated a werewolf attacking Asa with a single blast of silver buckshot.
  • Indomitable Willpower - Although apparently not quite as much as her husband or her children, Mary was still an individual of great mental strength and willpower. Despite the horrors she had faced throughout her life as a hunter, Mary was able to remain optimistic that she could eventually live a normal life. While possessed by the ghost of Hugo Moriarty, Mary displayed a strong enough will to briefly overpower the possession, similar to what her husband and son have been able to do in the past. It took Toni several attempts in order to successfully brainwash Mary and despite her initial succumbing to the idea of living a dream where she was a normal housewife and mother, Mary was eventually able to overcome the brainwashing and temptation once Dean reached out to her and finally make peace with her inner demons and reluctance to hunt, resolving to continue hunting alongside her children. Mary also fearlessly attacked Lucifer in order to protect her sons and even when trapped and at the mercy of the furious Lucifer in the Apocalypse World, Mary was able to maintain a brave demeanor. She later withstood torture from the Alternate Michael for several weeks without being broken, despite Lucifer expecting her to have long been broken by Michael's torture.
  • High-level Intellect - Due to her time as an accomplished hunter, Mary proved to be a very good observer, and immediately recognized when she and John were being followed by Dean. She also appeared to be a fast learner, being able to create angel banishing sigils and setting them up on the same day she learned about the existence of angels and their weaknesses. After her resurrection, Mary kept her sharp eye for details, noticing little clues such as the fact that Lucas Kellinger, while leaving a frostbite handprint on her arm similar to other victims of a malevolent spirit, meant her no harm and was instead scared and trying to warn her. Though her understanding of technology was behind the times as she previously lacked the ability to use a computer or a modern-day cell phone and expects to have to physically go door to door and search through archives for information, her time with Arthur Ketch and the Men of Letters eventually improved her capabilities in technology enough to be able to use cell phones regularly and also handle computers adequately. She was also shown to be an excellent strategist and deceiver, coming up with an effective plan in order to rescue Sam Winchester by distracting Toni so Dean could free her younger son, with an impressed Dean complimenting her good tactical judgement, and able to keep her alliance with the British Men of Letters a secret from her sons, even lying to another hunter when tasked to retrieve the Colt that she was simply after a dangerous demon and able to steal it in secret with no traces left for Crowley to tie it to her, before confessing herself.

As a Spirit[]

Mary's Spirit lingered in their house in Kansas, where she cancelled out a particularly nasty poltergeist that not only proved difficult to purge, but also attempted to kill Sam. Her spirit appeared to be able to summon flames, reminiscent of her manner of death.


Killed By[]

After Mary interrupted him feeding Sam demon blood, Azazel telekintically pinned Mary to the celling, sliced open her stomach and burned Mary to ash. She was later resurrected by the Darkness as a thank you gift to Dean for reuniting her and God.

After seeing Jack killing Nick, Mary confronts Jack about it, who gets stressed and accidentally pulverizes her with a thought.


Mary was originally depicted as a loving, gentle mother. Her spirit showed great devotion to her children and was willing to sacrifice herself to save them. She was also playful and took pride in her sons' successes, as shown in "What Is And What Should Never Be". Mary also deeply cared about her husband, John, and vice versa. Mary was a fan of The Beatles, and believed that angels were watching over Dean.

In her younger years, Mary was a brave woman who fought monsters without hesitation. She fought against Anna Milton despite not being strong enough. She was also very protective of her friends, as despite wanting to leave the hunting world and be with John, she chose to rescue a friend under demon attack. Mary's devotion to the people she cared about would lead her to make a deal with Azazel for John's life, thus inadvertently sealing her own fate, John's, and that of her sons; a choice that would haunt her for the rest of her life.

Born and raised as a hunter, Mary was proficient in dealing with ghosts, demons and other monsters. She did not take pride in her abilities to defend herself and used her skills solely to protect others. She had long dreamed of a peaceful life surrounded by a happy family, going so far as to argue with her father, who wanted her to continue hunting. Mary indeed loved her children, and died trying to protect Sam from Azazel.

Upon resurrection, Mary was horrified to learn that her sons, now adults, had been raised as hunters by John because of her death, and that John himself was dead. Despite being in an unfamiliar world surrounded by people she did not know, Mary was quick to adapt if not simply to deal with more confronting situations. She acknowledged Castiel was an angel and accepted Dean's story that he was her son. Mary also fought against Toni Bevell to rescue Sam, showing that she still cared deeply for her sons.

However, Mary began to struggle with living in a world 33 years after her death. Many things had changed, but most prominently her sons, who were no longer the little boys she remembered. She opted to bury these problems through hunting, and focused more on saving lives on her own than with a team. Eventually, Mary was forced to confess about her discomfort, how out-of-place she felt despite the warm welcoming. Much to Sam and Dean's misery, Mary left the bunker to try and figure things out.

As with every hunter, Mary continued hunting, but stayed in contact with Dean through phone calls. As shown recently, Mary enjoyed eating bacon and shared a lot in common with Dean. Mary's love for her children was so strong, that when Billie's deal with Sam and Dean required a Winchester to die permanently, Mary was willing to kill herself so her sons could live, though Castiel's intervention meant she didn't need to.

Unfortunately, Mary's love for her sons was somewhat contorted, as she still wanted to give them a hunter-free life and rid them of the burden of being hunters. Mary assumed this was the correct course of action and the best way to prove her motherly affection without even consulting the boys. When offered a chance to rid the world of monsters, Mary accepted and joined the British Men of Letters, her dedication to this new mission drove her to keep secrets from her children in a very unapologetic manner, preferring instead that they believed in her without her doing the same.

Mary's love for her children was further contorted by her desire to bring in a father figure through Arthur Ketch, her new lover, even though both her sons expressed distaste in this particular operative. Mary's behavior could easily have been a product of having lost the unthinkable, three decades of life and everyone she once knew, and in her desperate attempt to make a life for herself, Mary became the hunter Samuel raised her to be; cold and calculating, while simultaneously choosing to ignore the changes around her, decide for herself what her sons need and ignore the dangers of working with Ketch.

Mary's alliance with the British Men of Letters backfired when she realized they had begun hunting her sons, and opposed to what she originally believed, they were not a means to achieve a monster-free world that she was hoping to give to her sons. Mary was angered by this betrayal of trust but was captured before she could warn anyone. During interrogation, Mary experienced the loss of her free will. After being convinced that her own desire for a family had been nothing more than a fairy tale, Mary reverted to a truly cold-hearted hunter and left her sons for dead, highly reminiscent of her own father, who had done the same years ago.

In order to rescue her, Dean entered Mary's psyche and found that she was living in an actual fairy tale that consisted of younger versions of Sam and Dean and herself as a simple housewife. Dean brought her out of this state by letting her know just how hard life was for him, blaming her as well as forgiving her for his and Sam's hardships that resulted from Mary's deal with Azazel. Mary finally acknowledged her adult son, and in time she rescued him from Arthur Ketch, whom she shot twice.

No longer in denial about her current life and no longer left in the dark about her sons' pasts, Mary chose to stick with them and confront their old enemy Lucifer. She assisted Kelly in delivering her son before beating up Lucifer personally to protect Sam and Dean. Just as her love had misguided her into working with the Brits, Mary's protectiveness caused her to fall through a rift that sealed shut behind her, trapping her with Lucifer.

She has shown a trusting side to those that have aided her sons such as Castiel, who she was initially hostile to until she saw his devotion to her family with him even protecting her from Billie. Mary later came to regard Cass as family and showed sadness that she nearly caused his death at Ramiel's hands and called him "one of her boys". When she met Jack, upon realizing who he was, she was a bit wary of him until he proved himself by freeing her from Michael and she defended him from Bobby and Zachariah. She also came to see Jack as family after their time together in Apocalypse World, she acted as motherly figure to him by guiding him and cautioning him in his fight against Michael.

Physical Appearance[]

Mary has blonde hair, often kept in slight curls and undone. In her youth, she wore short-sleeved shirts topped with a jacket and jeans. During most of her adult appearances, Mary is shown wearing her white nightgown, the dress she died in. In The Foundry, after her resurrection, Mary cuts her hair short for hunting so that monsters can't use it against her. She also wears John's wedding ring around her neck. Additionally, following her resurrection, she started wearing clothes authentic to the 21st century.



  • "Get away from my boys." [2]
  • "You think I want you to win?" [3]
  • "I started all of this." [2]



  • Her actress, Samantha Smith, shares her name with fellow actress Samantha Ferris as well as with her character Mary's youngest son.
  • In the earliest drafts of the episode script for "Pilot", her and John's last name is Harrison. They both were first written as being in a car crash caused by a demon, where she doesn't survive, but John does.[4]
  • She shared her year of birth with John.
  • She is the most recurring female character in Supernatural.
  • When she got sick, her mother used to make her tomato-rice soup. Mary later made the same soup for Dean when he would get sick.
  • She was a fan of the Beatles. Her favorite song was "Hey Jude", which she sang instead of a lullaby.
  • She and John initially hated one another, requiring a cupid to intervene and manipulate their emotions in order to get them together and give birth to Michael and Lucifer's vessels.
  • Her desire to lead a normal life was later inherited by Sam, who also fought with his father concerning the matter, though Mary's relationship with her father appeared more amicable. Mother and son also shared the same style of wielding and fighting using blades.
  • Her biggest fear was for her children to be forced to become hunters like she was. Ironically, it happened as a direct result of her death.
  • She did not believe angels existed until The Song Remains the Same; afterward, although Michael had wiped her memory, she bought an angel figurine to place in Dean's nursery and told him "angels are watching over you" every night when she put him to sleep—these were in fact her last words to Dean. Upon meeting Castiel in Keep Calm and Carry On, Mary is shocked to learn that he is an angel and to learn what angels are really like.
  • Mary was 28 years old when Azazel killed her in 1983. Being resurrected 33 years later by The Darkness and having not aged between her death and resurrection, she was chronologically 61 years old as of Alpha and Omega but physically the same age she was the night she died, making her biologically younger than her sons. At her second death she was physically 30 years old and chronlogically 64 years old.
  • Dean's fondness for pie might stem from her; in one of his memories in Dark Side of the Moon, she offered him pie.

Mary donning the Men of Letters Crest on her bracelet.

  • In Keep Calm and Carry On, Mary reveals that she has heard of the Men of Letters but always believed them to be a hunter's myth.
    • It is unknown if she was told her father-in-law was a member of the society.
  • It is unknown if Sam or Dean told her of her father's brief resurrection and meeting her other relatives as well as their actions.
  • She loved the song 'Someday Soon, by Judy Collins'. Her husband John, would play it to her.
  • With Mary's resurrection in Alpha and Omega, all members of the immediate Winchester family have been resurrected: Dean was resurrected after going to hell by Castiel and by the Mark of Cain, Sam was resurrected by a crossroads demon and Michael, and John was resurrected by Azazel.
  • Mary is the first of the Winchesters to wield an angel blade, doing so against Anna Milton in The Song Remains the Same. However, Mary is unsuccessful in the attempt. She later wields Castiel's angel blade successfully against Ms. Watt in Keep Calm and Carry On, killing her with it.
  • Dean implies that she likes (or liked, back in her youth) Led Zeppelin, as her interest towards John grew when she found out that he was a big fan of the British legendary band.
  • Mary is shown to have similar taste in music to Dean: in the Foundry, when the song Born To Be Wild comes on the radio, Mary turns up the volume rather than changing the channel.
  • As noted by both Sam and Mary herself in the Foundry, Mary has the same tendency to bury herself in hunting to avoid dealing with things she's struggling with as her sons. Sam puts it as "like mother, like sons."
  • In Mamma Mia, Dean got a pie he was actually able to eat for one of the few times in the show from Mary.
  • In Family Feud, Arthur Ketch calls Mary one of the best hunters he's ever seen.
  • As of Exodus, Mary has killed an angel on-screen.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Mary and John weren’t real soulmates and didn't share a piece of heaven together. This was seen in Absence when Castiel visits Mary and only her info is on the door, but not John's. Soulmates share their paradise, as stated by Ash in Dark Side of the Moon, and confirmed in Angel Heart when Jimmy and Amelia Novak are reunited after she dies. Mary and John had to wait until the very end of the show, when the borders in Heaven are taken down.

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