It's not about a body or a casket. It's about her memory, okay?
Sam discussing Mary's Grave with Dean
in Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
Mary's Grave was a tomb for the deceased Mary Winchester in Greenville, Illinois.

History Edit

Season 2 Edit

In Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, Dean reveals that Mary's uncle put up a grave for Mary shortly after her death. There is no body buried underneath.


Sam buries John's dogtags at Mary's gravesite.

Sam initially wants to pay his respects, but Dean is reluctant to allow him.

Season 11 Edit

In Alpha and Omega, Dean and Sam visit Mary's grave, presumably the same one, to pay their respects in case the world ends, and Dean's mission fails. Dean had hoped to be interred next to her.

The purpose of this grave ends when Mary herself is resurrected by Amara.



  • Mary's unnamed uncle is only mentioned once. He was presumably killed by Azazel, as many close relatives were targeted after Mary's death.
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