Martin Robinson was Cassie's father.


Season 1Edit

At some point in the 1960's Martin started dating and eventually marry Audrey Robinson however Audrey's ex-boyfriend, Cyrus Dorian was enraged. Cyrus attempted to stop their wedding by setting the church they were planning to be married in on fire, killing a children's choir. Cyrus attacked Martin with a baseball bat but Martin got the upper hand and hit Cyrus in the head with the baseball bat, killing him. Martin, with the help of his friends Jimmy Anderson and Clayton Solmes managed to hide Cyrus' body and his truck, Harold Todd, who was a police deputy at the time heard of the death but didn't say anything. Martin co-owned a car dealership with Clayton.

In 2006 Martin was killed by the spirit of Cyrus and his truck on Route 6. His only crime was that he had fallen in love with and married Audrey.[1]



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