Martin Hayward is a demon who once worked for Crowley.


As a demon, he served the King of Hell Crowley. Crowley didn't think much of Martin, calling him an underperformer whose death would be doing him a favor.

After capturing Crowley, the Winchesters demanded the names of demons from him which Crowley refused to give them. Following Kevin Tran's attack on Crowley, Crowley was amused enough by the incident to give the Winchesters the names of Martin and Brandon Favors. Crowley stated that the two demons were underperformers who the Winchesters would be doing him a favor by killing and offered a deal for more demon names.

It is unknown if the Winchesters hunted down and killed Martin and Brandon, but its likely as soon after they were looking for more demon names from Crowley to hunt.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He possessed all the abilities of a regular low-level demon.


He possessed all the weaknesses of a regular low-level demon.

  • Higher-Tier Demons - He was weaker than and subservient to higher demons such as Crowley.


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