Death doesn't negotiate with witches
Martin a few seconds before his death by the Incinerating Spell
in Funeralia

Martin was the respective reaper of James Melford. When James was stabbed outside his house by a man named Bernard under the orders of Rowena MacLeod Martin had appeared, as Rowena had expected. When Martin refused to sent a message to Billie, the new Death Rowena had cast an Incinerating Spell, killing James and Martin.

Biography Edit

When James Mitford was stabbed by Bernard, Rowena waits for Martin and, as Rowena planned Martin shows up as James if dying. Rowena tells Martin to send Billie, the new Death a message. However Martin refuses saying that Death does not speak to witches. In anger Rowena uses an incinerating spell on James, killing James and Martin. Rowena and Bernard watch as James and Martin are burned alive.

Later, it is revealed that Rowena had wanted to contact Billie and reapers so that Billie would resurrect Rowena's son.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a seemingly regular reaper Martin had possessed the powers of one.

  • Teleportation - As a reaper Martin could enter many realms in order to deliver the souls to their respective afterlife.
  • Astral Perception - As a reaper Martin had the ability to see ghosts, demons and angels within The Veil.
  • Soul Control - As a reaper, Martin had this ability to deliver souls to their respective afterlife.
  • Invisibility - Martin was become invisible to the physical universe and can only be seen if they are dealing with the deceased or if they choose to. However Rowena MacLeod and Bernard were able see her and the only time normal humans could see her is when she was she on fire by a spell cast by Rowena.

Weaknesses Edit

As a seemingly regular low-level reaper Martin had possessed the weaknesses of one.

Appearances Edit

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